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Mom Facial Pics takes a mundane married couple’s relationship to the next level and then some as they turn her masturbation obsession into a MILF Date Night! Suzie was having another boring date night with her hubby in their family room, late at night, when they were the only two people awake in the home. It started mentally as a joke, but she was convinced to “go for it,” so she brought up the idea of porn movies. Calling her bluff, her husband Dan flipped through the cable menu to the adult channels.

Mom Facial Pics

Mature Facial Pictures MILF Facial Porn Pics

They landed on a scene of a group of men jerking off in a woman’s face. Suzie sat up.

“What the heck?” she asked.

“They are giving her a facial,” Dan laughed softly as his hands roamed her. At the same time, Suzie was introduced to her new favorite pastime; searching and imitating Mature Facial Pictures and MILF Facial Porn Pics!

Dan placed Suzie’s hand on his cock that was poking into the small of her back. He pulled down his pants and her pants and fucked her while they watched porn. Flashing images of hard cocks shooting in the face of the pretty woman, who smiled as her face became the receptacle of buckets of hot cum while Suzie’s sweet twat was being pounded by her husband’s stiff rod.

Then there was another movie about a pretty mature MILF getting screwed. Suzie had another question.

“These are all about moms,” said Suzie while Dan rammed it home into her twat.

“MILF pics, baby,” he explained.

She started to ask another question, but her husband turned her face to his and shut her up with a kiss. He stuck his tongue in her mouth and swirled it around, tasting every bit of her as her cunt swelled around his cock.

MILF Facial Porn Pics

Mom Facial Pics

Her husband reached between her legs and masturbated her clit. The next movie showed an isolated shot of pussy being fucked. Suzie didn’t really have a thing one way or the other – so she thought – about porn, but she learned that watching porn made her cum so much easier.

Her orgasm was intense. Blood rushed through her sweet cunt and throbbed as Dan fucked her through it. Her cumming made his cock harder. Suzie was limp with pleasure as her snatch spasmed. Her cunt milked his cock as he was now cumming.

The next night Suzie lay in bed, and she could not get the images of the men squirting in the woman’s face. She snuck down to the TV room and scrolled through the directory of porn. Suzie read Mom Facial Pics, Mature Pics, MILF Pics. . . She just picked one and decided she could watch parts from all of them.

As a result, Suzie played with herself. The familiar yummy feeling of the orgasm about to hit. Her body was gripped with powerful, electric spasms. Suzie’s pussy was electric as it clenched and hammered onto itself. It was cumming so hard. Her nipples were like rock-hard needles pointing out into the air. She had one hand on her twat and one hand roaming her titties. Suzie had nearly mastered the art of self-pleasure.

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Suzie’s husband came down in the middle of her sugar ecstasy. He took hold of her hips and stuck her dick into his wet, hot, tight body. He fucked her hard. The sight of her masturbating to porn made him act fast. With this in mind, he hammered into her cumming shape and very quickly was cumming. Dan pulled out and squirted Suzie with face-covering jizz.

Dan was giving Suzie her very own mom facial. He worked with his hand until he milked his cum from his body onto her face until he could not move anymore. They quietly showered beside the family room to clean up before bed.

In the morning, Dan made jokes with his hot cute wife, “Want some cream, your coffee?”

Her coffee was not piping hot since she had sipped it for a while. It was nicely warm. She dropped to her knees and pulled Dan’s boxer shorts down. She grabbed her coffee and stuck Dan’s cock in it.

Mature Facial Pictures

MILF Facial Porn Pics

The warmth and the weirdness made him hard. As soon as he was hard, she took his cock into her mouth. Suzie was going to get the cream. She sucked the coffee off of his dick. In no time, his cock was pulsing in her mouth. He was cumming. Her husband clutched her head. Dan moaned helplessly as he came.

Finally, he let go. He backed away with a smile on his face.

“Best part of waking up,” he said. “I should have had you watch porn sooner. This is going to be hot. Maybe I should come home for lunch. Who knew that milf pics made my honey so horny.

The suggestion that he come home for lunch inspired Suzie. She texted him before noon and told him she was bringing him lunch. Suzie slutted it up and wore a short skirt and no panties. She pulled up in the parking lot and called him down to her.

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Dan was all grins knowing that there was something special about to happen. Suzie handed him a lunch that she had made. She drove him to a remote part of the parking lot so that they were in public but had privacy. Consequently, Suzie spread her legs and showed him her upskirt pussy. It was the best. Dan was enjoying his delicious lunch and watching his wife play with her naked milf pussy.

Suzie eagerly masturbated in front of him. The windows of the car were rolled down, and she could actually feel the air on her twat. If she cried out right now, anyone around them just casually walking by could hear her.

Suzie was so practiced now and so into it that she believed she could cum under any conditions. The pressures of being in public were thrilling, and to cum, before an audience which was something before the discovery of porn was new to her, didn’t keep her from orgasming whenever or wherever. Her cunt was so sensitive from cumming so much that it didn’t take much. Her much-played-with cunt was pulsing, clutching in front of him.

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Dan eagerly poked his finger inside Suzie’s cute cumming cunt. He was proud to be finger fucking her through her crazy powerful orgasm. He ate his lunch in one hand and fingered her simultaneously. When all was said and done, she jerked him off with pleasure. She jerked him but good and then sent him back to the office happy and relaxed.

Suzie and Dan made it a weekly date night that included porn. Every once in a while, she would take a break wherever she was, pulling over, watching mature pics on her phone, and letting the movie excite her. For that reason, it was all she needed to get herself going and to be the start of sweet masturbation that leads to the very best orgasms.

She had to limit herself to a date night with her hubby and the occasional movie on the sly. She liked the specialness and the excitement of stealing a moment and watching a dirty movie. When the cunt in the video clip came, so did Suzie, whether she was in a parking lot, in the ladies’ room at work, or all alone in the house. Suzie liked watching cumshots, Mom Facial Pics, and cumming.



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