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Milfy Pics gave this divorced woman the sexual energy needed to keep her libido fully charged at all times. Her love of sex in public places gave this “work when she wanted” mom the perfect opportunity to fuel her passion. Taking milf pics, mature pics, and fucking younger men, quite simply, got her off! The convention had adjourned, and Janice planned on going about the rest of her day. The attendees were of varying ages, some of them young enough to be her grown children. The fact was even though Janice was well-kept financially; she was bored and researching potential work-at-home careers. Janice had been a young mother, so she was still hot and vibrant. It definitely what some referred to as a hot MILF

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Janice was getting into her car and buckled up when she realized that she didn’t have her phone. She felt around the passenger seat and looked around. Janice could have sworn she had it with her. She always had it.

Just then, a handsome twenty-ish-year-old man roamed through the parking lot with something in his hand.

He was so cute, she thought. If I were ten years younger, what I consider wouldn’t be classed as inappropriate.

He handed her the phone through the window she lowered. They exchanged glances, longing looks. In addition, Janice felt her insides melt. She definitely thought he was cute, especially with that devilish smirk.

“You forgot something,” he said with mischief sparking his eye. “Nice, um, MILF Pics. In fact, very nice Mature Pics.”

Janice thought her face would dissolve. She was overcome with (supposed) embarrassment. In addition, her face was aflame with a fierce blush.

“You looked?” she barely managed to ask.

“You should really lock that thing,” he said with a wink. “When you leave it lying around, someone will go through to find the owner. Therefore, I am lucky it was me.”

She grinned.

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“Now, why do I agree with you?” she flirted.

“You do?” he leaned into the window.

“Careful, junior,” she warned. “Someone will see us and know what we are talking about.”

“What are we talking about, and how will they know?” he asked.

“Because look at you for one, and two, we are talking about what we are talking about,” she said in her sultriest tone.

“Fucking?” he asked.

Janice thought her breath was going to get stuck in her throat.

“Yes,” she said.

“Shall I get in the car with you, and we can discuss it more? With this in mind, let’s give them something to talk about,” he said.

Before she could say yes or no, he was in the car next to her.

“How do you know I don’t have to go to work now,” she said.

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“You don’t work,” he smiled. “You are pampered. Your husband takes care of you.”

“He did,” she nodded. “He left me. Thus, I get great alimony. So you’re right, I don’t really work.”

“That’s about to change,” he said as he put his hand on her knee. “I am about to put you to work.”

“Goodness,” she said, batting her eyelids.

The young man nearly made her faint. He made her blush and almost passed out, two things she didn’t think were possible. Janice drove off out of the parking lot and down the country road while the handsome buck rode shotgun. He skimmed up the skirt of her dress and bared her thigh. He was about to get a shock, he thought. She had on no panties.

He snapped pictures of her with the camera on his phone, not hers. He pressed the soft flesh of her thighs to show her tan downed kitten nestled between her legs.

“Pull over down this road,” he said.

She drove down a road that was no more than a worn path, just enough so they would have privacy. He pulled the lever and laid back almost entirely flat. She mounted him. His rod protruded straight up from his belly. Her dress fluttered all around.

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He fussed with the buttons so that she was half-dressed and half nude. Her big tits threatened to slip from behind the silk. He pinched them through the fabric. He held his shaft so she could fit herself on him. Just as she did, he lifted her dress and took a shot of her slipping down to the base of his cock. It was amazing. Something so wicked about capturing it all in MILFY pics.

She gripped the side of the door and pushed off the dashboard to lift herself up and down off of his monster rod. He was so young and virile, and though Janice was in fantastic shape, he was prepared for extended intercourse. They bucked and pumped, rocking the car for sure.

Janice undulated like the most skilled belly dancer, serpenting and shaking it. Then, she lifted up just enough to give him room to do his thing. He pistoned into her with extreme agility and stamina. He framed the neckline of her dress to either side of her breasts.

The air was not cold but chill enough to make the tips of her nipples pebble. He flicked them with his fingertips, teasing her, causing her to draw up around his rock-hard cock.

“Squeeze it,” he murmured.

He gripped her thighs and drove into her. At the same time, she sucked in her breath, put her face towards the ceiling of the car, and squealed. He pressed his thumb to her clit, not letting up until her MILF Pussy permanently tightened. She felt the sweet shift, and then tiny tremors rolled through her body, milking his cock involuntarily as she came hard on him.

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Janice made his shaft so hot with her wetness, for she was drenched. Janice went limp, crumpling against his broad, chiseled shoulder as she was consumed with a major orgasm. To explain, it was pure sex sugar. He was able to hold off until her moment passed before he let go.

Janice slipped off his cock and tightened her hand around him. In particular, she was shocked at how slick he was. Janice was wetter than she ever knew possible. She worked his cock up and down, squeezing and jerking until he threw his head back and closed his eyes.

He had a smile on his face as he started to spew. On the contrary, Janice did not let up, watching as he spewed jizz everywhere. She was going to have to have the car detailed for sure. Janice then took MILF Pictures of her latest sexual conquest with the phone of his cum and then of his face as she did.

Janice got out of the car and fetched from the trunk some wipes. She cleaned him up afterward. Simultaneously, they zipped up and dressed up, and she drove him back to the parking lot. He almost walked off with her phone.

“No, that’s mine, remember?” she asked with a wicked smile.

In conclusion, her freshly fucked cell phone savior winked as he confided, “I’m not ever going to forget those MILFY Pics!” Janice laughed internally as she planned on uploading the latest exploits to her favorite MILF porn website as soon as she returned home!

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