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It all began in the seventh grade. The school district decided that us country folk needed to be educated (and play sports) in the big city. As we exited the middle school bus, our collective mouths dropped. There she was “hands on hips,” ready to teach. Mrs. Roberts was her name and three hour home bloc teacher. For three hours we would sit at or desks smitten with the beauty of this older mature woman. Therefore, this was our first ever experience with “city women” as we all grew up in a rural farming area. Never before had we witnessed black-lined stockings clinging to shapely legs. We were hooked from that point forward.

About Us

Fast forward to our teenage years when it all started to make sense. For example, how did we ever survive adolescence? Those bitchy high school chicks playing their bullshit games could save it. Consequently, we all went on the pursuit (or were pursued) of much older women. One by one we lost our man cherry to a woman sometimes twice our age. At any rate, several of the real-life stories are included (inspired) amongst the titillating mature erotica located within Top Rated MILFS. After two graduate degrees, our primary webmaster traveled the world savoring several continents of MILF Pussy buffet.

Our Name Says it ALL!

Given our name it’s obvious we focus on the adult XXX MILF niche. The Top Rated MILFS team is spearheaded by a longtime world traveler along with a group of individuals who love writing and reviewing all things MILF! This website is designed to be extremely fluid where we the goal is to educate and entertain our loyal fans. We also plan on being very active social media-wise. Always feel free to reach out via our Twitter page @topratedmilfs and keep an eye out for #PAYFORYOURPORN exclusive specials. Finally, our promise is to bring you the very best in MILF Porn, MILF Pussy and our new favorite Roku Porn!