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MILFY Pic sessions were never planned but gave the old saying, “You Oughta Be in Pictures” an entirely different and dirty meaning. Honestly, it really wasn’t her idea but ever since Carmen went on a diet and started doing the video series of working out, her husband Rob couldn’t keep his hands off of her. He wanted to fuck her all the time. He sent her naughty texts, and he wanted her to send him naked pictures too.


Mature Pics MILF Pics

Carmen was shy at first but then what was the point of all that hard work if she couldn’t have fun with her husband? Or anyone else’s husband for that matter? Carmen took timid pictures at first but the more she got into it, the more her husband praise her creativity, the better at the image taking she became.

Carmen slipped on her bathing suit took a selfie. It was sexy enough because she had a rocking body, but it was a very mom pic and not a sexy mature pic pose. Rob tried to explain to his hot wife what the difference was.

“Baby have you ever hear of the expression, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom?” he asked.

“I think so,” said Carmen.

Rob took hold of her hand and put it on his knob while he was talking.

“Well this bathing suit picture is cute, and all and I would fuck her no problem, but let’s do something like this,” he began, and he undressed her just enough so that she was hot for him.

Rob tightened up the straps of Carmen’s bra so that the underwires pushed up the bottoms of her breasts until her nipples were peeking over the cups of her bra. He pinched her nipples until they pointed at him. Rob messed his wife’s hair up a little until she had “just fucked” hair.

Rob picked up his phone and took snaps of her. He was delighted with the outcome.

“These are hh-hot MILF pics, ” he said.

MILFY Pic Practice


Rob picked her up and tossed her onto the mattress lightly. Carmen giggled and laughed, and her legs fell open. She landed in the perfect position. She left her legs open to offer her cunt to Rob. He stroked her through her bathing suit bottoms.

She liked the way her touch felt through the fabric. He slipped his finger underneath her bathing suit bottoms and finger fucked her, slowly and lasciviously. Rob’s fingers lazily fucked her – in and out, in and out – while he gazed into her eyes.

“I wanna take some nice mature pics of you after you cum,” he said

Carmen masturbated slowly at first while Rob took pics. He took shots from all angles, every so often he reached out and touched her.

“Tell me when you are cumming,” he said.

Carmen pumped her hips, bucking and air humping while she worked her fingers. She was going to town, wagging back and forth over her sloppy wet, slick MILF pussy.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I am going to cum.”

Rob held the camera carefully. He slipped her bathing suit to the side so he could watch her twat convulse with pleasure. Her snatch hammered so hard that she could hear as well as feel her cunt muscles smacking as it clenched.
Carmen’s nipples were like rock hard needles pointing outward with the sexual excitement. Her cunt flowed with hot wetness. Her wetness was like warm, ooey gooey lava, making her snatch perfectly for fucking.

MILFY Pic Perfection

Mature Pics MILF Shayla LaVeaux

Rob pulled out his throbbing cock. Carmen’s mouth watered at the sight of it. She lowered her mouth onto the solid shaft and tightened her lips around it. She flicked her tongue up and down, tickling it while holding it hostage in her mouth.

Carmen was not the most practiced at sucking cock, but she let her imagination be her guide. She gripped it with her hand which was jerking up and down on the slickness she created. She worked up a lot of spit, so his shaft was lubed and slick. Having her hand tightly work him up and down was like the feeling of a tight pussy. Rob braced himself as he tended to want to thrash, his orgasm imminent.

He shot his load in her mouth. Carmen had an inspiration that drove Rob wild. She left the jizz dribble out her mouth and motioned him to take pictures quickly. Rob was half-drunk on his orgasm, but he was happy to comply. He managed to balance, hold the phone camera just so, and snap a picture.

“That is the money shot, baby,” he said.

As soon as he took the shots he wanted, she swallowed her husband’s cum. He turned her over on her tummy and took some shots of her backside.

“You have the best ass,” he said.

So, this was how Carmen got the right idea about taking the proper milf pics of herself. She invested in a color printer and printed nude photos, cut them out and surprised her husband with them. Carmen made his lunch and loaded his lunch box with them. She put them on his steering wheel.

MILFY Pic Surprise

Shayla LaVeaux MILF Pics

One day she decided she would surprise her husband with a piping hot coffee. She dressed super sexy and showed up. The entire crew looked at her with unusual interest. She assumed it had to do with her sexy outfit, but she had a sinking feeling that Rob had shared her pictures with the other guys.

Carmen felt naked in front of a bunch of men. She set the coffee down and quickly left the office. Rob followed her out to her car.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“You didn’t show my pictures to the guys, did you?” she asked.

“No sweetheart,” he promised.

But later that night while she was in the middle of taking more pictures – she had a dildo in her ass and in her twat and was trying to take pictures. She put the camera on a tripod and set the camera on a timer, so she had time to pose – Rob knocked and walked in.

He took hold of the dildo in her pussy and gently worked it in and out.

“So, I figured out why it felt like the guys saw your pictures. Turns out one of the guys used my phone and saw them. I swear I did not and would not share them. But yes, all the guys have seen your naked pussy and titties photos.”

MILFY Pic Closing Shot

Shayla LaVeaux Spread MILF Pussy Fucking

Something about the rush of the embarrassment while she had toys in her sweet tight asshole and her twat, triggered an orgasm. Rob decided to capitalize on the moment and took some really great, detailed picture of Carmen’s twitching, glistening twat. The camera captured a special glint on her twat as sexual excitement made her so wet.
At least Carmen got an orgasm out of it, she thought. She didn’t care if someone besides her husband saw her naked. Though, she wasn’t sure if she could ever go to the office again.

If Carmen was going to keep taking her MILF pics for Rob, she had to stay in shape. Carmen kept up her jogging, which helped her lose weight in the first place, which started the whole fun and games with her husband.
She switched from her treadmill to the street. Carmen got a much better workout. Her titties jiggled as she jogged.

Another jogger passed her, a man who she only knew as a neighbor.

“MILF,” he said under his breath as he whistled.

She was attracting all kinds of attention – from her husband, the guys at work and now the neighbors. All because of some MILFY Pic shots! Carmen didn’t know whether to be flattered or pissed. Either resulted in a passion that made her feel so horny. As she got excited her pace quickened and her pussy moistened. She even contemplated stepping up her game in the future to include naked Mature MILF Porn videos. Carmen got back from her run, her nipples rubbed against her T-shirt, her cunt aching and fucked Rob. Being a MILF has its perks!

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