Big Ass MILFS forever changed my eyes to what beauty was all about! I was riding the metro when I spotted a group of women. They were loud, and they were large. All the hours in the gym were trying to remain a size 2, came flooding back to me, as I contemplated why? Multiple stereotypes come to mind but, to say they were “comfortable in their own skin,” would have been an understatement. These women fancied themselves attractive and beautiful, and in their way, they were.



The metro stopped, and one actually twerked. She gripped the metro bench and shook it. I was fixated as her massive flesh rocked on her back end. It was thunderous. I couldn’t do what she did. I had zero coordination but she shook it, and it was a sight behold.

These big ass women who despite their size had spent a lot of time on adoring themselves. Their nails were just so, their outfits were put together. Some of them showed off their bodies – their plunging necklines revealing massive titties.

I took a video and sent it to a guy friend and asked him if he would hit any of that? He replied, “Of course. Those are Big Ass MILFS.”

“They’re Bad MILFs too. They are hanging out,” I said.

I asked him how he knew they were MILFs? He said it was a safe bet, but if they weren’t now, they were going to be. Lotta guys like big booties.

Where had I been? As soon as my kids were born, I wanted to drop the weight and get as fit as I could. I was now obsessed with the topic, and on the rest of my ride home, I actually fantasized about watching any one of them having sex.

There was one, I’ll call Tonya, who had a giant-ass ass. She had long braids that went to her hips. She had on grey sweats which made her buttocks look gargantuan. When I eavesdropped on their conversation, I heard she was indeed a mother.

Big Ass MILFS Fantasy


I imagined Tonya bent over and looked back over her shoulder at an imaginary lover. It wasn’t far-fetched to believe her lover would have to be slim or he couldn’t sink into the ultra-pink pussy that she offered as she bent over to show off that giant ass.

I guess that Tonya’s thighs were as wide as my hips. As I picture her naked, I see her thighs folding gently down her legs. She is a big girl and yet between the muscular cleft created by her giant moons of asses, there is her glistening pussy waiting to be taken.

The metro shook, and a collective group of women’s bodies shook. Some of them had massive tits with cleavage that went on for miles. Each boob had to weigh fifty pounds apiece. The flesh of the gigantic mounds shook, but they did not lift.

Finally, a couple of benches cleared as people departed on the next stop. One woman sat down. Her knees parted, and it was evident, she had no underwear on. I saw her surprisingly flat tummy, her shaved bush and then the reveal of her dark lips. They were so colorful and beautiful.

I found myself entranced and a little bit turned on and I wasn’t into women, especially borderline (BBW) women, that I knew of. I could not stop staring at their “junk in the trunk!” Covertly, I lowered my sunglasses so I wouldn’t be seen. I was now an official MILF voyeur. It was my stop, and I had to get off.

And that was what I was going to do. I flew home, my walking seemed in slow motion. I only lived a half a mile from the metro station, and yet I could not get to the front door soon enough.

Big Ass MILFS Masturbation

Olivia Austin Alexis Monroe Bad MILFS Lesbian

I ran into my bedroom, locked the door and grabbed my vibrator before plopping on the bed. Slowly pulling my panties off, I touched my clit with the toy. Edging, I would not let myself cum right away. I closed my eyes and pictured that MILF goddess straddling me, her tiny waist but her big giant tits and her full big ass and enormous thighs on either side of me.

In the fantasy, I could reach up and touch her twat and tickle it. We were both soaking wet. If I stuck my toy inside of my body, it would likely slip right out. Fuck, I was that wet.

I wanted to cum, but I wanted the moment to last. I ran the imaginary Big Ass MILF Porn Video in my brain, taking turns with each big-ass woman on the metro, imagining they were sitting on my face and I licking them. It was tremendous. Finally, I let myself cum.

I came hard. It was a delicious orgasm, one in which my cunt hammered onto itself with pure delight. But when it passed, I was empty. I needed sex, and I didn’t want to take care of it by sticking a toy inside of me. Fucks sake, I wanted the real thing.

I called my friend the one who explained to me what these women were. It aroused me when I told him I was in a bad way and nearly begged for him to please come to me; I was in a bad way. He was reluctant, but I knew the way I felt I was going to rock his world. If I could strap on a big ass suit of some kind and make believe I would.

Big Ass MILFS Booty Call

Big Ass MILF Oliva Austin Fucked Doggy Style

I met him at the door, breathless and in total need. He laughed.

“You are in a bad way.”

His hands were all over me, and soon his hard dick was poking at me, knocking to come in. I told him about the twerking.

“Her ass was so huge, and she could shake it in a way that I couldn’t even begin.”

“And please don’t try,” he said. “You will hurt yourself.”

“How do you know about all this?” I asked. “Have you fucked a big ass woman before?”

“I have,” he said. “And I liked it. I loved it.”

Since I couldn’t re-enact any of the things I saw or thought about, I just had to tell him in graphic detail. My mature pussy was so sensitive from cumming. I was impatient and shoved his dick back into my hungry twat. He growled with pleasure.

Big Ass MILFS Threesome Planning

Alexis Monroe and Olivia Austin MILF Facial

The more I talked about imagining the large ass woman’s nether lips, bright pink against dark skin, his body transformed. His dick was hard as a steel rod. Hardened steel rod, my snatch was swollen and well lubed. Gripping him so tightly.

It didn’t take long before we were both riding and panting and sweating. My twat was so wet that moisture beaded down and I think I actually wet the bed a little bit.

“I think we need to get you a big girl to let her eat your MILF Pussy,” he rasped. “Actually, I’ve been thinking about being part of a Bad MILFS threesome the whole time we’ve been fucking,” was my reply. That was all either of us needed to say. Finally, the combination of his jackhammering into my twat and talking dirty in my ear was all I needed to set off.

My cunt convulsed powerfully. My whole body seized with unbelievable sweetness. To be sure, all of this started with the Big Ass MILFS on the metro each proud of their beautiful, big-tits and huge asses. Moreover, these voluptuous babes forever changed my eyes to what beauty was all about!

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