MILFY was her nickname and persona, and she wore it with a badge of honor. One look at this gorgeous mature woman gave every man hope that their spouse might somehow share this MILF specimen’s zest for life. Darla was a beautiful woman. Though she was in her late 30s, she was tremendously fit. She took great pride in appearance. Darla managed her children gracefully and maintained the home; she was a great partner to her husband. She brought her husband lunch one day at his job, and she got a lot of hot gaze from her husband’s co-workers.


“Someone is a total MILFY MILF,” her husband’s co-worker growled.

Darla’s husband grinned mischievously to his co-worker and left it at that. He kissed his wife chastely, and they retreated to an empty office to have their lunch. She locked the door so that they could have privacy. Darla was going to surprise her husband with a special “dessert.”

After they ate their fill, Darla encouraged her husband to lay back in the reclining office chair. She slipped off her sweater, which was cute enough but hid the delightful number she wore beneath. She had on a satin bustier that showcased her fantastic body. Its underwires pushed up her big tits until they could go no higher. In addition, she slipped down the cups and revealed her nipples.

“Like that?” she asked.

He could hardly speak. She set his phone up to record because every sexual act – and there were lots – that she could remember to record, she recorded. She had a great collection of them. This way, after she visited, he could review it in private.

“I guess since I am a milf,” she said. “These are my milf vids.”



The fact that she videoed whatever they did, made her husband hornier for her. Darla could hardly manipulate his hard rod in her mouth. She needed some flexibility and pliancy, but he was rock hard. Darla pointed his head to the walls of her wet, spongy cheeks and let him bang against those. She made her lips, which she painted a pale pink and re-glossed after lunch, tight around his marbled shaft.

They had to be quiet because the guys were listening on the other side of the door. Her husband gripped his desk and threw his face ceilingward as he braced himself against the wave of pleasure. Darla’s silky hair cascaded all around his lap. Darla knew it felt good on his bare thighs. Thus, she looked up at him the way he liked, with big, saucer-round eyes.

Darla had put on her makeup, complete with false eyelashes that enhanced her eyelids so that when she batted them, it was dramatic. Her husband wrenched his face up with pleasure. He gripped her skull, tangling his fingers in her silky strands as though he were holding on for dear life.

MILFY Blowjob

MILF Blowjob

Darla had come prepared. She had a roll of paper towels ready to clean up any mess she had not swallowed. She tasted that little frontrunner drop of cum, signaling her husband was about to blow. And then he did. He shot his hot load into her perfectly made-up mouth, and Darla sucked and sucked and swallowed.

She had a thermos of warm water, which she spilled onto the paper towels and bathed her husband’s spent cock, cleaning it of her lip color. Plus, she knew it felt terrific to be soaked with warm water after cumming.

When she masturbated, she often did so in a tub of warm water. Sometimes the running warm water was what she used to pleasure herself, but usually, after she came, she bathed her tremendously sensitive twat with a warm washcloth. The textured pressure, coupled with the heat, sent aftershocks through her.

She freshened her own face, rinsed her mouth, and popped some gum.

“Don’t want to smell like Von Penis Breath,” she teased.


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And she packed everything up and left. She felt the admiring eyes of the other guys on her as she went. When her husband came home, he looked miserable instead of intensely satisfied as he often did. Darla wondered what happened.

“Sit down,” he said dramatically. “I don’t know how else to tell you this but to come out and tell you. The video we made – well.”

“Yes,” she said curiously.

What could be so sorry about the video they made?

“Well, the guys saw it,” he said, looking down. “They all saw my beautiful MILF Porn wife sucking my cock at lunchtime.”

Darla was stunned. The excitement swept through her from head to toe and gathered at her core. She clenched up her channel, drawing it up tight as though she were going to cum. It was a weird exhilaration.


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“What?” she stuttered. “I licked your balls in that video. How did they see it?”

“Well, one of the guys grabbed my phone, thinking it was his, and he saw the video. Unfortunately, he didn’t know it was you at first, and he shared it with some other guys,” he confessed.

He touched her.

“I am so sorry for letting that happen,” he said. “Well, I didn’t let that happen. I mean, I don’t know how our phones got mixed up. I must have left it at our conference after you and I had lunch.”

Darla looked down, not knowing how to process it. It wasn’t as though they saw her. She wasn’t naked. Darla, in a sense, had dodged a bullet. In addition, she couldn’t imagine if she had been naked and they had seen her pussy.

Yes, she had a gorgeous pussy, she thought. Darla was very disciplined in the care and grooming of her nether region. Some people stared at their faces in the mirror. She liked to break out the mirror and check out her MILF pussy.

MILF Pics Facial

MILFY Facial

Darla liked to re-create centerfold shots to see how her pussy stacked up with those in pictures. She splayed her lips, shaving and waving and lotioning them. Darla decided she was spectacular-looking. To begin with, it was good that the guys, as admiring as they were of her, didn’t see her pussy. But now, they had seen her performing oral on her husband.

“Do they know it was me?” she asked.

“Well, sweetheart,” he said with a soft smile. “They knew it was me. And they know I would never be with anyone but my beautiful sweet MILF. So yeah,” he said. “They know it is you.”

She blushed profusely. Her twat ran with wetness and was swollen and hot. It was something about excitement, whether fear-based or sexual or thrill, that made her react as though she wanted to be fucked. And that was how her husband made it all better.

“Take me to the bedroom,” she said. “I need to cum.”


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It didn’t take long because she was so instantly horny and had not gotten off at lunch – it was all for him. As soon as her husband stuck his dick inside of her, and she pressed her clit and wagged her fingers back and forth, she was there. In fact, Darla had to let up and tease herself a little to make it last a little longer.

Darla’s cunt clutched around her husband’s hard dick. In her mind, she imagined all of his co-workers in the bedroom and watching them fuck. Hence, she couldn’t put it out of her mind. She came hard. Her twat smacked as it spasmed. She was that wet. Something about the mix of excitement, embarrassment, and the thought of being watched combined to be a powerful, unforgettable orgasm.

Darla didn’t know what she would do about the fact that the guys at the office saw her suck her husband’s dick. Consequently, it would just mean she would have to get more creative about delivering treats to her husband in the middle of the day. If it meant getting this horny, this MILFY surely wouldn’t let a little-unexpected audience stop her.

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