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Tara was the MILFE Mom of three. She was a widow, and without her husband, she had no way to make enough money to support her kids. She had to rack her brain to think of a way to earn extra cash without being out of the house at night. Then it hit her, making money with Roku porn. The only drawback is that every desired website or screen name with MILF or MILFY was already taken. Tara settled on the last obvious choice and was ready to conquer the amateur mature porn world!

best real life MILF fucking videos

Tara’s mom helped her and sometimes took the kids on the weekend. Then, Tara made her amateur mom videos and created a pay-per-view Roku channel. She focused on the best real-life MILF fucking videos that she could produce so that she would get great business.

Since she had no partner and wasn’t ready to have sex with a new partner, she engaged her best friends, a dear married couple, and asked if they could please fuck for her channel. They agreed but had no real names as they wished to remain somewhat anonymous.

So she worked the camera and watched as her friends had sex. Tara was enthralled. First, her friend had a smokin’ hot body. She wasn’t aware that she was attracted to women before. Even so, she was kind of drawn to her friend.

After she finished watching her friends fuck like crazy. The fact that they were on camera really fueled their creativity – she asked if her friend was interested in fucking her. It wasn’t the same in her mind as fucking a man. Moreover, it wasn’t betraying her husband’s memory if she let a woman eat her pussy.

Her friend’s husband thought Tara’s suggestion was a great idea. He volunteered to work the camera while the women performed. By fucking her friend, Tara expanded her amateur mom’s video library.

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She was a little nervous. She laid back and spread her knees and offered up her cunt to her. Her friend was a lot more confident. She dove down on Tara’s twat, and her tongue fucked her hard. In fact, she extended her tongue inside Tara as deeply as she could. Her lips hit Tara’s clit, so it was a sweet combination.

Tara wasn’t going to cum with this action alone. She was semi-nervous, so that might have been why she needed extra help. She touched herself. Her friend’s husband praised her for this. She wagged her fingers back and forth.

“Mmm,” said her friend. “Your pussy tastes delicious as you make yourself wetter.”

Tara’s spine arched as her orgasm was about to burst on her. She bucked her hips up against her friend’s lips. Tara calmed her mind, took a deep breath, and let her pleasure hit. Her body rippled with spasms. Wave after warming wave consumed her.

Her friend hummed, mimicking a vibrator as she ate Tara’s pussy. Her husband coached her.

“Finger fuck her,” he said.

Her friend’s fingers worked her wet channel in and out, stroking her through her orgasm. Finally, Tara sat up, dazed pleasantly with a sweet erotic high.

“That was amazing,” said Tara.

Her married friends looked at one another.

“We’ll say,” they said.

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They had foolish grins on their faces waiting for Tara to catch on to what they were thinking. Tara was pretty sure that they were thinking threesomes. It had to be her idea. She knew that. She laid back down and signaled her eagerness,

Her friend’s husband canopied Tara. Tara was nervous but hot to receive her friend’s husband’s giant dick. He slipped inside of her. It was nice to have a hot cock fill her. It had been a while. Her orgasm sensitized her channel, so his stroking released bursts of purse pleasure throughout her body.

Tara moaned helplessly. It was more delicious than she had ever imagined it could be. She loved fucking her husband, but because she was being videoed, she was engaging in a three-way. It was almost like she was participating in stranger sex. Consequently, it took her to a plane of erotic vignette excitement that she never thought was possible.

The only thing that she felt she was missing was anal sex. She thought a MILF ass-to-mouth fucking video would be a best seller. She maneuvered her body, bending over the bed and offering her ass to him.

Her face was in her friend’s lap as her husband got behind her. She tasted pussy for the first time. Subsequently, her body was rushed with unnamable excitement. She licked her friend’s clit and battered it with the tip of her tongue. Her friend’s husband was gentle and patient. She felt the warmth of his spit on her asshole as he penetrated her.

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Just a few thrusts and Tara’s orgasms were revived. Something about being fucked in the ass, tightness, and forbidden nature made her cum hard. She was crying out against her friend’s twat. Her friend’s husband did not last long either. He shot his load in her tight asshole.

Tara dashed off to the bathroom to freshen up. Unfortunately, the camera malfunctioned, and they had to start from scratch. Some of the stuff was posted, but some had to be re-shot. Tara took it up the ass one more time.

Her videos did very well. She wore a disguise in them so that no one connected her as a mom to her MILF day-to-day life. But one day at a PTA meeting, she was recognized not by a dad but by a fellow mom.

“I know you,” said the mom.

Tara knew precisely what she was talking about. She smiled.

“I really think it’s neat what you do,” said the mom. “You’re unbelievably fit. I watch you and get inspiration to work out, she said.”

Tara never thought of that. But she could see how that would work.

“Do you take requests?” asked the mom. “Or phone numbers? She quipped, only half-kidding.”

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But just for her fan, Tara shot a couple of workouts in the nude. She did really intense close-ups of her asshole and twat and then of her tits as they hung while she bent over. Her ass was intensely flexed in this position and was one of Tara’s favorites. She especially likes the way her MILF pussy looked in a close-up – she would sometimes Vaseline it just to make it look even more glistening when she aroused.

“This goes out to the hot lucky fan who said I inspired her to work out,” said Tara. “You inspire me to play with myself.”

She touched herself as she licked her lips sensually, invitingly. As she replayed the video, she had to admit she was indeed a hot MILF.

The one real-life MILF Porn fucking video she wished she could make was of her late husband. They would have had a super good time in bed, especially now that she genuinely unleashed her inner sexual beast. She was so hot for it. She missed him now and again. Tara replayed the video of her neighbors and her fucking. She masturbated to it, filming all of it, of course.

Tara was so fucking satisfied because with her little cottage industry. She was both sexually and financially satisfied. And for some reason found herself as one of the leading nominees for president of the local PTA. Vote for MILFE Mom Tara!



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