the most beautiful and sexy mature women

MILFSLIST compiled by quick-thinking husband convinces his aging and depressed wife that she’s still got it! I was feeling sorry for myself because it was my birthday and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be sexy for my husband anymore. My great husband knew this, and he very sweetly had a talk with me. I was getting ready for my bath. So to talk to him, I put on my satin robe. So I was butt naked but for a shiny maroon satin robe. It rolled over my tits making them look fat and big with giant pointy nipples. And it was so slippery that even when I tied it, it flapped open so my snatch was revealed.


the most beautiful and sexy mature women

He sat me on his lap, and most of my rob slipped open, and my breasts slipped out.

“You are a beautiful woman,” he said. “The most beautiful and sexy woman that I have ever known. I think that you and I should look at some other women who are mature and still sexy. Let’s called it the Best MILFS List.”

He pulled out his phone and flipped through to the first woman. She was older than me, but she was gorgeous.

“How about her?” he asked. ” Look at those eyes. Do you believe that a man would want to fuck her?”

“Yes,” I said shyly.

“She’s older than you,” he said. “Look at those lovely firm breasts. I would like to put my lips on her fake tits.”

“You don’t have to go to that far,” I smiled.

“Okay next one,” he said. “This one is an anchor lady. Her hair is perfect. She always looks good, and she wants to suck my cock.”

I laughed, reached for his hand and made him touch my twat. I made him finger fuck me as we reviewed the next of the Best MILFs. This one was a petite, beautiful dirty blond. Even I liked her. She was spread eagle and had the most lovely tawny twat. Surprisingly, I wanted to stick my tongue in her MILF Pussy.

“You like her don’t you?” he asked nuzzling me.

He knew that every once in a while I craved a woman’s touch. I liked to masturbate and finger fuck myself when I thought about a woman’s mouth on my snatch. After each sexy mature women on the MILF List, I felt a lot better and more confident in myself.

MILFSLIST Comparison


I believed that my husband wanted me and was so aroused. So horny that I had to have his cock. I turned myself around so that I could straddle him. I raised up and lowered on to his rock hard rod. Slowly, I sank down as far as I could go, taking him in as deeply as he could go.

I bounced. I planted my foot square on the floor and pushed off rigorously until I was like machine fucking on my husband. My tits jiggled like crazy. At the same time, I had to cup my breasts holding them in place with my hand as I fucked and bucked.

I was getting a little tired. He lifted me and laid me back on the couch. He sank into me again, and all the images of the list of milfs flashed through my mind. I was inspired that I still looked good and encouraged me to keep feeling sexy.

Feeling a little more wicked. I put my feet on the lower rung of the chair, flaring out my knees. It was a nasty position to be in, and it drew the eye down to my twat. He pressed on my slippery clit and slowly pushed it back and forth. It wasn’t going to get me off, but it felt so naughty.

MILFSLIST Conclusion


I slipped back and forth and not up and down. Bucking forward and again, and each time I did that, my cunt squeezed his cock with each movement. I squeezed his cock in short little pulses. For this reason, my husband’s eyes were glued to my midsection.

“Do you consider yourself a MILF?” he asked. “A mom I love to fuck, hmm?”

“Do you like to fuck me?” I asked.

I just wanted to talk dirty, but I knew for sure he liked to fuck me. Straightaway, I masturbated, rubbing my slippery clit very quickly. I felt like just a few strokes, and I was going to be cumming.

“Cum for your honey,” my husband said.

I did not let up until I pulsed around his cock. I came so hard. Finally, I was so limp with pleasure I had to rest my forehead on his shoulder. I love my husband more than ever and glad to be on his MILFSLIST. He always makes me feel like one of the most beautiful and sexy mature women in the world!

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