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MILFRiders Wanted, Inquire Below” read the well-used muscle shirt worn by hot staff member Pat at this trendy metropolitan workout facility. The gym was packed. Carla and her huge, beefy personal trainer had to find the space to work together. Carla liked her trainer because he pushed hard, but he was soft spoken. He praised her as she rolled down against the gym floor for another sit up.

“One more, super MILF,” he smiled.

“MILF?” Carla asked. “What is that?”

Pat smiled a broad, bright smile.

“Look it up,” he said. “One more and we’re done.”


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Carla lifted as Pat held her feet. As she came up towards his face, Carla watched as the muscles in his arm bulged with approval. Pat was so big, she liked that. In contrast, she was petite. Carla fantasized about straddling him, riding him, with his big giant dick in her twat as finished her last sit up.

Their faces accidentally came a little too close, like if they turned just a little, their mouths would press together. She could stick her tongue in his mouth. Her cunt clenched at the thought of it. Carla felt wetness spill from her sweaty twat. She was afraid that when she walked through the gym that her tight spandex short would have a wet spot. Carla needed to move quickly, for, from his position, Pat could probably smell her dripping honey hole.

Carla dashed to the showers, unable to get the idea of fucking Pat out of her mind. One of the shower stalls had a bench in it. Amid the steam, the shower head could be lifted off and extended on a hose. Carla drew the curtain and lifted the shower head off. She pressed it between her aching pussy that needed to cum so badly.

Carla finger fucked herself specifically to make her orgasm quick. Meanwhile, she had to get back to her office. Carla had to swallow her cries as they climbed her throat. At this instant, her orgasm surged through her pushing out the top of her head and out the body. It was so delicious.

MILFRiders Workout

Cock Riding MILF

Carla dressed and walked through the gym, drowsy from her orgasm. Pat laughed at her appearance.

“Are you okay?” he flirted. “Did I work you too hard?”

“Pat,” she moaned with a whisper.

He put his giant arm around her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She looked at him with big cow eyes.

“You need something don’t you?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Come,” he said.

“That’s what I want to do,” she said.

He guided her to his office. It actually had a small futon bed in it in case of an advanced workout session. Luckily, there were no windows. It didn’t take Carla long to notice several amateur mom pics prominently displayed. It appeared that Paul was a mature mom hardcore aficionado!

“Now Carla,” he began sensually. “We can incorporate this as part of your training. Fucking is a healthy activity.”

“Tell me what MILF means,” she said randomly.

He laughed warmly.

“Mom I’d Like to Fuck,” he said. “And you are ready for your Cock Riding MILF Porn routine. More importantly, are you would you like to earn your MILFRiders shirt like the women in these amateur mom photos?”

MILF Riders In Action


Pat sat on the bed and slipped her panties to the side. In addition, he lowered Carla carefully onto his cock. Pat’s big giant dick slid into her sopping wet womanhood with ease. Correspondingly, Carla took his shaft balls deep just as she fantasized as she straddled him. Unlike many women, Carla actually enjoyed Reverse Cowgirl and being the Woman on Top during vaginal sex.

Carla’s cunt was still extremely sensitive from cumming in the shower. Now Pat’s fuck stick had complete control of her body. He rocked her hips on him with his giant paws bracing her spinner-like frame. Pat’s filled her so that she felt a sweet tightness. The weight of her body sank on to him. He played with her butt cheeks. His finger slipped between them and toyed with her other tight hole.

“You are giving me a MILF ride?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she whispered.

Her tits bounced rigorously as he fucked her hard. Under those circumstances, taut nipples rubbed her blouse. They pebbled and her nipples poked through the silkiness in little points. Pat saw them and pinched them in the hope it would send Carl over the edge again. Whenever he pinched them hard, the pain corded and wired to her cunt.

“I am going to cum,” she announced.

Pat brought Carla’s orgasm to life again. The second orgasm in a row was more powerful and sweeter as it involved another human. The rush of the climax was incredibly delicious. Carla’s cunt was flooded with heat and clenched hard. Then, it gripped Pat’s dick furiously.

“Oh baby,” said the strapping trainer.

Monster Cock MILFRiders

Woman on Top

Carla could feel Pat’s hot load deep into her cunt. He wore a condom, so no messy creampie for her. However, she could feel the bulging heat nonetheless. She could just imagine the “ooey and gooey” tip as it expanded under the pressure of Pat’s Cum shot. Pat spanked Carla’s bottom as he came. Consequently, the mild force of the spanks sent pulses through her body and lit up her twat as it spazzed on his dick.

They were a writhing tangle, grappling mess. As their orgasm passed, they had a clear mind again. Pat looked at his phone to check the time.

“That was quick Carla. Can you be a few minutes late?” he asked with a wicked grin.

“Yes,” she said.

Muscle-bound Pat lifted her and positioned her over his desk. He beat his cock against her butt all of a sudden. As a result, he made himself hard quickly. Pat said it was a trick he learned. His dick glistened with the spermicidal juices of safe sex fucking. He slipped another condom on. It was now twice lubed.

Pat played with the cleft of her buttocks with his hardening dick. He glided with between her cheeks and toyed with the wet opening of her body. Her pussy lips were swollen in anticipation of receiving his monster cock again.

MILFRiders Club

Reverse Cowgirl

Pat took Carla from behind. Not anally, but Carla would request that next time. Occasionally, she liked to take it up her ass. Pat thrust his giant trainer dick into her cunt and rode her straightaway. Without delay, Carla began playing with herself. Eventually, she would cum multiple times in a row. She pressed her wet lips and worked her clit until she burst with an orgasm.

Eventually, they both had to swallow their cries as they jerked with a powerful, massive orgasm. Carla saw stars. Pat pumped her until he couldn’t move anymore. Afterward, he guided her to a private shower. He washed her thoroughly. By the time he was finished rinsing her pussy Carla was totally clean.

“Back to work my little MILF,” he said.

Carla went back across to the main gym floor as she exited for her vehicle. Once inside her car, she found it tough to sit still without bothering her pleasured pussy. Carla will always fondly recall how she gained entrance to the MILFRiders club owing to Pat’s extra special and proven MILF Porn training techniques!

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