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BLACKMILFVIDEOS cause yet another domestic dispute which ends in nasty divorce. LaTonya did her best to keep his interest but, her soon to be ex-husband preferred watching videos of horny mature sluts taking it in every orifice. She sought refuge in working out as a way to keep her mind off losing her high school sweetheart. “Sure, use me for all I’m worth, then discard me for another black bitch,” she thought. LaTonya sweated in the Zumba class. She taught three classes a day during the week and two-morning courses on the weekend. It was her passion and her sanity.

She was going through a nasty divorce, not her idea. Her man had become addicted to blackmilfvideos watching hotties such as Ana Foxx Diamond Jackson and Osa Lovely. At first, it provided extra sauce to their love life. However, her man recently developed a taste for nubile black pussy like Ana Foxx and Cassidy Banks. After watching the young sluts taking BBC, he decided he wanted a younger model and that he was trading her in. They would split the custody of their children.



“How do you split motherhood?” she asked him.

“You figure that one out,” he said. “I am leaving.”

“Go on then to your younger version of me. In a few years you will still be jacking off to Black MILF Pussy, and Black MILF Porn Videos,” she cursed. “You’re gonna miss this Black Mom Pussy!”

“What did you say?” her husband asked with shock that such words came out of her mouth.

But LaTonya meant it. She was not a washed up mother. Some people found her very attractive and would appreciate a woman who keeps herself in such amazing shape. To be honest, the ex-hubby could lose a few.

The lovely thing about LaTonya’s Zumba schedule was that she wove it into her day job schedule. LaTonya held down a full-time job. So she taught in the morning after dropping the kids off at school, at lunch and then a quickie after work. She was home by dinner with her kids.

The one bonus about getting a divorce was that LaTonya who was a very fit woman dropped all kinds of married weight. That married ten pounds vanished and she was super cut in her Zumba costume which mimicked belly dancing if she wanted.

She noted one day in the gym mirror that she looked particularly smoking in her spandex so she started to be very thoughtful in her attire when she danced. It was a very effective band-aid on her broken heart. Truth be told, LaTonya could probably star in her very own milf movies!


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Usually, she wore lose jerseys and baggy shorts because she was so big busted. Despite all the strapping in that she did, she jiggled like crazy. But she slipped on her new spandex outfit and stunned herself. She was smokin’.

From that point forward, not only did she noticed the transformation in her physique post-divorce, but once she started dressing up a little, so did others.

Working and working out in the financial district, she led a lot of ivy leaguers through Zumba moves. It was the great equalizer because she moved better than any of them ever would but they also earned way more than she would.

So she was an exquisite Black woman doing her thang when this one man, had to be ten years younger than her, showed up for class – like every class. His name was Tony and he worked for an Energy firm.

“Is there something I can help you with?” she asked him finally when he was hanging around.

“Yes,” he said and he took her hand and placed it on a ridiculous erection.
LaTonya was both shocked and flattered; blushing and aroused. She wanted Tony’s cock in her black Zumba pussy.

It was so urgent that she was willing to fuck him in the gym. She had a little office that the gym let her use even though she wasn’t an official employee. It locked, and it was private. That was all she needed.

BLACKMILFVIDEOS Advance Training Techniques

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“Tony do you have ten minutes that you can talk to me about this?” she asked.

LaTonya took him by the hand and led him to her office. She locked the door and made sure that the few windows that were there were covered. If someone wanted to, they could peek in. They were about to get an eyeful.

“You are so beautiful, so hot,” he whined. “I know I am younger but –”

“Shhh,” she said pressing her fingers to his lips before she kissed him.

Her lips were full, like her tits and her butt. She pressed them against his and kissed him with everything she had.

While at the same time she shed just enough clothing to give him access. She popped her booty up on her desk and spread her knees.

Young Tony’s eyes were fixed, staring at the fully exposed flower between her legs.

“You want to kiss it?” she whispered.

He did. Tony dropped to his knees and ate her out. He did a strange but wonderful thing, spitting into her a little bit making her sloppy wet. Young Tony lost his trousers and released a mega cock, hard as a rock for her.

Tony fucked LaTonya his Black MILF with all that he had. He grabbed hold of her and rammed it home. Her giant titties, all natural, like bouncing globes pummeled his face as he fucked her.

BLACKMILFVIDEOS Personal Training Class

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LaTonya didn’t even mind when Tony misfired his schlong into her ass for a few pumps. She scolded Tony and forced him back into her dripping pussy. She kept her ass clean and always showered before and after class. Tony proceeded to get back into MILF pussy fucking rhythm.

LaTonya knew she wasn’t going to cum just by his fucking but she definitely liked it a whole lot better than when her ex-husband fucked her. If she could remember that far back comparatively. She touched her slippery clit and rubbed it till it hummed. Her cunt hammered on his big black cock as she came.

LaTonya had to choke back the squeals she wanted to cry out. It wouldn’t do if the gym thought she was having sex in her office. She just happened to gaze up in the corner and saw a camera. Maybe the gym already knew.

She tapped Tony on the shoulder. He turned around to look. He saw the camera, smiled and waved.
“Black MILF video,” he rasped as he made a face like he was going to cum.

LaTonya could not have Tony shoot inside of her, so she quickly grabbed tissues from her desk and had him pull out. She jerked Tony off into the tissues working his BBC until entirely spent. She tossed the tissues in her trash can and the two of them fixed their clothes.

“This was delicious, beautiful,” he said.

“This can be considered personal Zumba training,” she said.

“Would you like a little payment for this MILF Porn Zumba training,” he asked like he was willing.

“I don’t think I would mind,” she replied honestly.

“I’ll pay for it,” he said. “With pleasure. I am going to show up for blackmilfvideos class tomorrow, you can count on it.”

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