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Amateur Mom Photos save the day could have been the newspaper headline! MILF Haley was in a bind. Her husband left her high and dry with three children. She let him deal with the house since he had wanted it so fucking badly and was upside down on mortgage payments anyway. Haley moved the kids closer to work in a house that a friend graciously rented under market value. While Haley found herself in near desperation, she would never let any sorry ex-husband keep her from starting a new successful life.

Amateur Mom Photos

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She thought at first that she could handle the rent, but it was tight. Who could have possibly imagined that Milf Pics and Mom Pics would help save the day?! One of the things that were so great about going through a breakup was that Haley’s appetite was lacking.  Haley already had a smokin’ breakup bod but dropped an additional twenty pounds she didn’t really have to lose.

Haley also jumped rope to ease her anxiety. While the kids enjoyed playing in the front yard, she jumped rope until she couldn’t move. She was in the best shape of her life. That’s when Haley started posting selfies on social media. She got quite an encouraging response.

Suddenly she was being direct messaged by men asking for other kinds of pictures. Some offered to pay. That got her attention. One guy told her she should do a MILF Live Cam and Live Chat site. She posed in front of the mirror, wondering if she really had what it took to earn money with amateur mom photos. Could Haley really get horny men (and some women even) interested in MILF pics or Mom Pics, as one guy called them?

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“You are one hot MILF,” he explained.

“A what?” she asked, guessing she had been out of circulation too long.

“A mom I would love to fuck,” he said in a tone that made her want to fuck.

“How about you call me and talk to me while I take pictures?” she suggested.

“I can’t, sweetheart,” he said. “The wife wouldn’t understand.”

“Well, rats,” she wrote. “I am taking pictures.”

“Can I have one?” he wrote back.

“No, but you can buy one,” she said.

Haley waited until the kids were asleep and purchased her domain name. In no time at all, she set up an amateur mom photos shop in her bedroom. She got an array of things she thought would be interesting and dirty milf pics material and went to it. Haley then oiled her body up with baby oil because she thought it would make her look more pornographic.

She even put oil on her pussy to make it glisten. Haley took up-close shots of her twat that came out really good. They were isolated shots of her ass with her knees drawn up to her chest. The position flexed her buttocks muscles, so they looked super taut and smooth.

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Amateur Mom Photos

Haley took another picture of herself doing a full forward bend, a yoga position she particularly liked. She knew all the yoga would come in handy. Haley did the Chinese splits, where she was almost fully lowered. She planned on lowering her MILF pussy on a fucking carrot. Haley thought that would look interesting and certainly make her some cash!

Haley had to cut the carrot, which was flat on the bottom. She held it in place with window putty that she found in her landlord’s basement. The tapered end of the carrot pointed up as she spread her thighs and lowered her twat downward.

She next put the carrot actually inside of her pussy. The sheen created by the oil made it look like this vegetarian dildo super turned on her honey hole. The giant carrot inside of her was a deliciously – literally – naughty pic.

Haley played the role of MILF to a “T.” She took some pictures of herself in an apron and nothing else. She made sure she was the only one awake in the house and took some snaps of her at the stove, preparing her kid’s lunches.

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Haley wiped peanut butter on her tits and jelly on her flat stomach. She dribbled milk like it was jizz. Haley then puts a slice of bread between her butt cheeks like her ass was a toaster. She issued announcements on social media in code and watched the guys flock to her new website. They had to pay to download it. Haley mopped up.

The idea to put a PB & J picture of herself gave her the idea of doing a weekly menu featuring Pizza night, taco night, and like that where she smeared the meal du jour on herself. She had favorites. She loved the shot of her pussy sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

The foodstuff sold, but she needed to come up with a new MILF Pics theme. She thought of mature mom hardcore chores. There were ones of her vacuuming and dusting. She really hit a home run when she took a shot of herself with clothespins on her nipples and on her labia. It hurt, but after the camera stopped rolling, she enjoyed the pain a little.

She loaded her perfect body up with clothespins to see if it got her off any quicker with the props than without – trying to see what people saw in that aspect of sex. It wasn’t really for her, but she liked the idea of it.

Haley then got somewhat carried away when she decided to clip her throbbing clit. But she photographed everything and put a price tag on it. Everything went for sale. The last series of pictures she did was of her inserting various bottles of cleaners into her ass or her pussy. ”

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She had a great shot of herself on her knees, straddling a giant laundry detergent bottle. The pussy shot was cropped to absolute perfection. So it was just her muscled thighs and her snatch. Haley was making money hand over fist, but then the guys got a little competitive.

She wasn’t interested in seeing anyone steadily just yet. In fact, masturbation suited her well. It wasn’t odd for Haley to cum multiple times per day. Haley rewarded her online fans by taking mature pics throughout the self-love sexual satisfaction. One day when her ex-husband appeared to pick up the kids, he had an odd look on his face.

Every time he glanced at her, he looked weird, like he was trying to tell him something, but she couldn’t figure out what, so finally she asked him.


“Nothing,” he said in a smart-ass tone. “Just wondered if you had something to make a PB&J.”

Haley knew precisely what he was talking about. He had found her website.

“Do you have $50 bucks?” she asked, very business-like.

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