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MMILF Movies were the brainchild of two “besties” who proudly proclaimed their adult videos to be worth a million bucks! The Mom Group power walking club met in the parking lot of the school. Patsy stretched. As she touched her toes she wondered if her running bra was going to do the trick. She had big tits and when she walked, she jiggled. Therefore, she was self-conscious about it. Sometimes the jiggling made her nipples sore.

She couldn’t remember if she put her nipple cream on, so she turned away from the other walkers and shoved her hand in her shirt to feel her nipples. Just to be on the safe side, she reached into her fanny pack and took out the tube of cream. She lubed her nipples thoroughly. Men love big tits but if they only knew what it’s like to carry them around 24/7!

MMILF Movies

MMILF Movies

The moms who power-walked were of all ages. From young to mature. She was on the mature end of the scale. Still, she was as fit as anyone there. She bent over and touched her toes, lunging. She had on a new pair of Spandex that she had to break in. They were a little tight in the crotch so that when she bent over the seam that ran from back to forth, cut slightly into her pussy. If she moved this way or that, she could manipulate that seam, making it rub her pussy. Moreover, under the right circumstances, that might make her cum.

Patsy’s walking buddy Terri appeared.

“Sorry I am late,” she said.

Terri was really cute. Patsy envied her. She was what she heard a radio show call a MILF. Patsy guessed she was a Mature MILF because she knew she had a smokin’ bod. Likewise, Terri had an amazing body. They had showered together at the pool because the showers were communal and open. They were very candid about their bodies.

“Sorry I am late,” she said with a mischievous look.

“What?” asked Patsy.

“I just did something,” said Terri.

“What?” asked Patsy.

Terri took her aside.

“I made a movie,” she whispered. “A nasty movie.”

“Why?” asked Patsy.

“I am going to surprise my husband with it,” she said.

Patsy must have had an obvious look of curiosity.

“You wanna see, don’t you?” asked Terri.

“Yeah,” said Patsy.

“We have a few minutes. Do you want to see it now or after?” asked Terri.

“What’s the difference?” asked Patsy.

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MILF Movies

“Well, the difference is that you might not be able to speed walk after you see it. It’s hot. I got so horny when I made it, I almost couldn’t get here,” she said.

“OMG,” said Patsy. “I have to see it now.”

Terri pulled up some MILF movies on her phone. There her beautiful snatch was, trimmed and perfect. She had her legs stretched and her manicured nails were playing with herself, making it hot. Then she put a dildo inside of herself.

“I made this to turn my husband on. He always tells me my tight mature pussy is worth a million bucks! So a lot of this stuff I am doing for him. It’s not the way I usually masturbate,” explained Terri.

Patsy’s cunt throbbed.

“How do you usually, then?” asked Patsy.

“I like running warm water over my MILF pussy until I cum,” said Terri.

Patsy was a fan of that too except that she got filled with water. When she stood up afterward, it ran down her legs. But always made for a very satisfying orgasm.

The group started to walk. Patsy and Terri powerwalked, side by side. Patsy was lost to the movie. She was so hot, and as Terri said, she could hardly walk. As a result, Patsy needed to cum. Consequently, she wanted a copy of that MILF movie. She would have to make herself.

They hit the halfway mark, and Patsy quit.

“I have to go home,” she said.

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Summer Brielle MILF Porn

Patsy raced back to her place, blew through the door, and went straight to the bathroom. She locked the door, turned on the fan so that no one could hear her. Patsy ran the water to warm it up. She was nuts with need. She stripped off her clothes until she was naked.

Her nipples were greasy and shiny. They got hard with the action of briskly tearing off her clothes. She stepped into the tub and planted her butt onto the tub bottom. She perched her phone just so and hit the record. Terri made a MILF video? Well, she was going to make a mature MILF video.

She slipped her butt to the end of the tub, spread her legs under the running water and let the stream hit her where she needed it most. Furthermore, she directed the stream inside her hole and allow it to penetrate her.

Patsy pumped her hips back and forth under the stream. She touched her nipples which were supple because she had put cream on them. Patsy ended up forgetting the fact that she was videoing herself and just go into it.

She scanned the tub area for anything nearby to add to her pleasure. Patsy wedged a bottle of shampoo between the tub and nestled the edge so that it pressed against her pussy. It changed the splatter of the water so that the pressure and the way it landed turned her on more.

Million Dollar MMILF Bestseller Movies

Summer Brielle Masturbating MILF Pussy

It was like an erotic bath on steroids. The water sprayed her swollen clit, warmed by the water. She pumped the shampoo bottle not letting up until she was cumming. She quickly grabbed the phone and filmed her pussy as it spasmed. Patsy let the orgasm pass. She soaked in the water and warmed her relaxed body. Patsy waited the right amount of time when she knew she could cum again. She played back the video she just made and watched her own movie while she masturbated a second time.

First, she released the water to a point because if the water was too full, it changed the pressure of the streaming water. She made sure everything was just right. Consequently, she made herself cum again. The second orgasm was always the best, and this time was no exception. It was delicious. Something about being in a movie cumming made it so that Patsy wanted to memorialized all self-pleasure.

Finally, she ended up with a million-dollar (MM) collection of mature milf videos. Patsy was super proud of this naughty self-produced video library above all. Even more titillating, the next time she showed Terri one of her videos, they actually masturbated together. Hence, these mutual masturbation sessions became a regular part of their workout routine. Stay tuned for more MMILF Movies, MILF Porn and MILF Pussy!

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