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My hot stepmom was almost too good to be true. Every single time I looked at her I found my cock growing hard. It was a fucking effort to be in the same room as her without reaching forward and just touching her. My stepmom was beyond fucking gorgeous. My dad had been married to Holly for exactly two months. Ever since Holly had been in my life I had found myself locked in my room with my hand on my cock. I couldn’t help but wonder what her lips would feel like wrapped around me. It was like all of my time was spent going online and watching hot step mom x videos. As much as I loved them, they still weren’t enough to satisfy my urges. My cock still ached for my stepmom.

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The worst part was how fucking nice she was. At dinner time she would always go around the table, giving my dad his food before taking care of my plate. She’d lean in nice and close as she placed the food on my plate, asking me if I wanted more if I needed anything else… All the while her big tits were right in my face. Then there were the days where she’d press her fingers into my shoulders, giving me a massage as she pressed her tits into my back.

The worst part was that I could feel her nipples some days. And whenever it was hot she would make some homemade lemonade, and when she called me into the kitchen to have a sip, she would always wipe at my lips, running her finger along my mouth and collecting the remaining juice before sucking her thumb into my mouth with a filthy moan.

Fuck. It was too much for me. She was too nice and too hot and my cock needed her. I had to sink into her. I had to have her. But she was my stepmom. The closest I would ever get was step mom reality videos that I had quickly become accustomed to.

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My Hot Stepmom

But God, I needed more, and it all came to a boiling point one day when dad was gone on a business trip and I was left alone with Holly. I was in her bedroom, going through the laundry basket she had on the floor to find the sheets she had washed when she came out of the en suite. And she wasn’t wearing a fucking thing. Her long, blonde hair was wet and her eyes were closed as she tousled her locks and sent drops flying. My cock hardened so damn quick. I eyed her body, looking at her big tits and hard nipples and her perfect, bare pussy. I licked at my lips, wondering what her pussy would feel like wrapped around me.

Her eyes opened and I expected her to kick me out. To grab me by the ear and throw me into the hallway. But she smiled at me. Then she looked down at my cock hardening behind my shorts and smirked. She stepped towards me, her hips swinging as she moved, her wet hands landing on my chest before she pushed me onto the bed.

“Holly… Holly… What?” I frowned, confused and ready to cum right then and there. Her tits were right in my face at that point. I wanted so badly to lean in and wrap my lips around her nipples… But Holly closed the gap for me.

“Shh,” she said before she got settled on my lap, straddling me. “Shh, baby. Don’t you want this? I know you do. Mm, I know you do, and I want it too. Come play with me. I’ve been waiting so long for this cock, honey. Can I play with it? Please?” she asked with a pout.

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Who was I to say no to that? With her tits in my face, she yanked down my shorts, letting my stiff cock pop right out. I hissed as she grabbed me at the base, her soft hand wrapping around me before she began to pump me up and down. Her little pussy slit was dripping and my cock twitched at the sight. The sensation was something Holly seemed to love. I pumped my cock harder and faster before pulling me into a messy, heated kiss.

She pushed me back on the bed as we carried on kissing and she kept playing with my cock, with her other hand reaching down for a second to cup my heavy, cum filled balls.

I moaned into Holly’s mouth at that. Fuck, I was so lucky to have a hot mature mom like her. As Holly grasped my cock she aimed me right at the entrance of her cunt. She pressed my tip against her clit for a second, rubbing my cock head up and down her slit before she finally pushed my cock into her.

“Fuck,” I grunted. “Oh, fuck.” I felt like I had been waiting for years to fuck her. To fill her up. But fuck, it was so fucking worth it.

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Holly was so fucking tight. I pushed into her, filling her up to the hilt with gritted teeth before Holly gripped my shoulders tighter.

“Mm, no, baby, you let me do all the work,” she said with a sultry smile.

So I laid there. I laid there while Holly rode my cock and worked her pussy up and down my shaft. This was wilder than any MILF Porn video I had ever seen. And my hot stepmom was my costar!

She had her head thrown back before she cupped her tits, pinching at her hard, pink nipples. My stepmom kept squeezing at me, kept clamping around my cock while she fucked me. Each time she lowered herself down my length I felt my heavy, cum filled balls slapping against her ass. The smacking sound was filthy.

She leaned down, my face buried in her perfect tits as she brought her ass up and down my cock. She was letting me pump my cock right into her, with her little pussy dripping all over me. My cock felt so fucking wet from her juices. I couldn’t help but grunt at the feeling.

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“Oh, honey,” whined Holly. “Mm, your cock feels so fucking good. It’s so fucking big. Oh, fuck, what a big cock. What a perfect fucking cock.”

Her dirty words were getting to me. I felt my cock twitch inside of her as she bounced harder, her tits jiggling in my face. My lips wrapped around one of her nipples, sucking the bud into my mouth as she let out a squeal. Gently, my hands lowered and I cupped her round ass, kneading at the supple skin there. My stepmom had such a nice, plump ass. With increasing pressure, my fingers dug into her skin, pulling her cheeks apart. I enjoyed the view as I pushed my cock into her. A gasp left Holly’s mouth. A gasp that told me she hadn’t been expecting that. As much fun as it was to have her do all the work, I needed to pound into her. I needed to fuck her. I needed to make her mine.

So I grabbed at her ass harder, and her pussy clamped around me tighter. Then I began to slam my cock in and out of her, filling her up to the brim with each thrust. My swollen cock head kept pressing into her sweet spot, and she would let out a pretty squeal every time. A squeal that went straight to my cock. As I rammed into Holly her eyes rolled into the back of her head, all the while her cunt gushed around my cock. She was so fucking wet. Wet for me. Wet for me and my cock.

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“Mm, baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum, oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

I fucked her harder at that. I was close too. My balls were so full, so heavy, so full of cum that I couldn’t wait to spill myself inside of Holly. I pumped into her nice and deep, thrusting into her so her pussy lips were wrapped around every inch of my veiny cock. My heavy balls pressed against her pussy slit. My fingers kneaded at her ass. I gave her nipples one last, long suck. And then it was it for her.

Holly was squealing and shaking while her cunt lips squeezed at me. After giving her a deep, hard thrust, I reached the pinnacle of my sexual lust. Soon my cock was pumping out rope after rope of cum. She was so fucking tight after cumming that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull my cock out of her sweet pussy. My seed filled her up, with her little hole just dripping with my spunk. I had so much cum to give her.

“Oh, baby,” Holly said with a happy, borderline lazy smile. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that kind of orgasm. I’ve had fucking dreams about having that cock inside of me.”

I was pretty sure my cock twitched inside of My Hot Stepmom at that.

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