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Ebony Mature Mom Monica scrolled through her gallery as she sourced for pictures to send to her son’s friend. Was it so wrong that she found happiness fucking much younger men? Monica figured she was just making up for lost time getting pregnant at such an early age herself. Back in her day, Polaroids were one of the few discreet ways to send naked mature pics. Now, a simple smartphone selfie of her fingering her sweet black pussy could provide immediate masturbation inspiration. Anytime she went through her recent photos though, she always had this feeling, as if she was going through an ebony mature gallery.

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“These should do,” she smiled and mumbled to herself as she clicked some pictures and forwarded them to him. Her son stepped in at that moment, he had been out playing basketball with his other friends.

“Hey mom,” Jaden said breathing heavily as he opened the refrigerator to have a drink.

“How was your practice?” Monica asked as she kept her phone away, Jaden didn’t have to know that she was seeing his friend.

“It was fine mom, I shot a lot of hoops,” Jaden smiled as he bounced up to his room. He definitely needed a shower.

Monica brought out her phone and continued from where she left off. As a single ebony mom, life hadn’t been easy raising Jaden alone. In fact, it had been tough most of the time. Emotionally, financially, physically and all around, raising him had been super demanding. He has grown now anyway, about twenty years old and the stress was easing significantly. She now had time for herself and the chance to somewhat feel like a woman again. It wasn’t her fault that she chose Jaden’s teammate friend, Ben. Moreover, things like this just happened. She loved how she felt with Ben, like an ebony cougar. He always said it though, she was pure “ebony mature” and just perfect for him.

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Monica heard her son showering up in his room, and she immediately felt the urge to shower too. She walked over to the fridge, drank a glass of water before heading up to her room. Monica then turned on the speakers in her bedroom, ‘Mariah Carey’s’ soft voice blasting from the speakers as she twirled and moved her body to the melody.

Monica peeled her clothes off her beautiful ebony skin slowly, the chill of the room hitting her bare skin as she walked to prepare her bathtub. She came back to the bedroom, picking up a bottle of red wine she had kept in her drawer and a wine glass before heading back to the room.

“Yes… that’s it.” Monica sighed with absolute satisfaction as she sank into the warm tub. She fell even deeper, the water almost reaching her face as she opened the wine. She poured herself some, sipping it slowly as she splashed around in the tub. Simultaneously, thoughts of Ben filled her mind as she closed her eyes to savor the great taste of the wine. She remembered the first time she saw Ben, Jaden had invited him over for a sleepover when they first kissed.

Monica had been going over some documents in the kitchen around midnight that day when Ben came down to grab a snack. She had fallen in love with him immediately, his tall, lanky frame drawing her to him. Monica had approached him, engaging him in a little discussion before things got steamy between them and she kissed him. She had taken his number off her son’s phone, and they had been in contact ever since then.

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Monica’s thoughts began to stir away from normalcy as she started to picture Ben naked, his semi-erect cock dangling lazily in between his legs as he came to her. Her hands moved to play along with her thoughts, fingers trailing around her body as she sank deeper into the water. She started from her neck, her hands dancing down as she fondled her ample titties. Monica tweaked her erect nipples, rolling them around her fingers as her body shuddered lightly. She took her hands further down, bringing them in between her legs as she bit into her lower lip to stifle a moan.

Monica traced her inner thighs. Teasing herself up a bit as her body tingled in anticipation of what was to come.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Monica exclaimed as her fingers connected with her pussy, twirling around her pussy lips as her toes curled in the water. As a result, she was very wet now. Her body hungry for the slightest touch, any touch. Monica moaned even louder as her finger connected with her clit, the erect organ responding immediately to her touch. She started out slowly, caressing and flicking her clit as she tried her possible best to suppress the loud moans.

Monica moaned out loud, her son almost hearing her as she thrust a finger into her hot ebony mom pussy. She sank the finger in, splitting her sleek, wet walls apart as it nestled in her. Monica built a rhythm here, finger fucking herself slowly as she curled and twisted the finger all around in her. Soon, she added a second finger, stretching her cunt muscles even wider as she pleasured herself.

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Ebony Mature Mom

She flicked her clit too, performing the two actions simultaneously as she threw herself into a whirlpool of pleasure. She upped things and increased her tempo now, her hand racing as she finger fucked herself with reckless abandon. The expression on her face was priceless, her mouth was just open, no sounds coming out, it was merely exquisite silent pleasure.

By the time she added a third finger, her moment of climax was almost upon her, driving her closer and closer towards the edge as she lost herself in the passion of the whole episode. She went even faster as her fingers curled up to hit her G-spot, applying intense pleasure to that area as her body moved involuntarily.

“Damn it!” She couldn’t keep the words back as she literally yelled out, her body hitting its peak. Her free hand grabbed the edge of the bathtub for support, her knees trembling and going weak as her body trembled and shook. Monica, squirted in the water, her juices flowing out freely as she brought a fantastic end to a tremendous experience now. She was tired now, tired but satisfied as she finished off in the tub. Monica wiped her body, throwing on a bathrobe as she headed back downstairs. Finally, she met Jaden in the dining room, he had a fruit salad ready for them to share.

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“I wanted to talk to you about something mom,” he babbled, the words rolling off his tongue with ease.

“What is it, son?”, she asked as she took a seat opposite him.

“Do you mind if Ben came for a sleepover?” He asked as he ran his hand through his low hair. Monica pretended to think about it for a minute before responding.

“Of course baby,” she smiled as she replied, the weekend couldn’t get any better, could it? Only if you were an Ebony Mature Mom!

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