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This Ebony Mature needs to spice her life up in many ways. What better place than Jamaica? “I’ve got a strong feeling you won’t be spending much time in bed, Karen.” My husband was annoying me again. I loved Dennis dearly, but I could hardly put up with his bossy nature.

“I’ll be fine. It’s just five days for a convention at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.”

“What time did you say is the flight?”

“5:00 pm this evening.”

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“Ok.” Dennis wasn’t the loving, intimate kind. For well over six years, he had barely touched me. We did it maybe once per week for the first two years. Then as the last four years went on, the lovemaking got less and less. It was one of the disadvantages of marrying an older man, ten years her senior. It had been three months since he touched me. I had dabbled in watching Black MILF Porn and some of those huge young Big Black Cocks (BBC) but I needed more than masturbation. I felt a yearning for more than what was their normal sexual encounter of late.

The kids were away, Janet in Costa Rica and Dennis Jr. still trying to finish up his Master’s in Jersey. The calls were short just for catching up. The trip to the airport took less than 10 minutes, and the long plane ride to Jamaica was a sleeping opportunity she needed. A chauffeur picked us up at the airport, and the coaster dropped them off at the Pegasus in Kingston. All uneventful, all boring, and I couldn’t wait to leave. The first session was due to start at 12:00 pm in the afternoon, and I only had a few hours to organize myself.

By noon I was down the stairs and walking into the conference hall on the left wing. As I entered, I saw him, young and beautiful to look at. Furthermore, he was standing with Dr. Fenton and Mrs. Cynthia Boss. Walking in and softly sitting in the delegates’ section while observing the ambiance, Boss summons me, and I make my way to the trio.

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Brief introductions are exchanged, and I learn he is Dr. Paul Bennett, a young Jamaican surgeon with a successful private practice and pharmacy. He was scheduled to speak in the morning session. As they poured out a conversation like tea, I stood there bedazzled by the sheer black beauty of this man. Dark skin like coffee, and I could imagine him pouring all over me for a second. Consequently, a deep voice invaded my subconscious, bringing me back to reality with a jolt. It was him.

“Mrs. Trowers?”


“You seem to be in another world.”

“A lot on my mind, kids and husband, and medicine.” He chuckled.

“I have no kids yet, but I am dating someone.”

“Some young charming Jamaica girl I suppose.”

“No, I prefer my women older and more mature.” A long pause sucked the conversation from between us and left nothing but bare silence.

“Well, how is it working out?”

“She migrated to the states, and I haven’t seen her in over a year.”

“I guess—-

Before I could finish, we were summoned to the conference. The loudspeaker bellowed out his name, informing him of his need to present. As I looked at the podium, I felt a sweet, gentle pinch on my arm.

“I will see you later.” With a flash of perfect teeth, he walked up the hallway in his grey jacket and black skinny-fitted pants. He looked so young, yet he had a thing for women of my age. I wondered if, for once, I’d get lucky.

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By 4:00 pm, the program was finished, and the intermingling before dinner saw me meeting the Minister of Health and some other distinguished people on the island. Through all of that, my eyes wandered over him, and just as if he sensed the spying eyes, he looked in my direction and smiled. Flushed, I looked away and continued working the crowd. As the evening waned after dinner, he made his way to me and introduced a friend, another tall and attractive young doctor.

“What are you doing tonight?” He was looking down into my blouse and eyeing the new young stud beside him.

“I’ll be resting. I stay in room 345.”

“My friend here and I don’t have any plans. You wanna join us later?”

“Sure, where are we heading?”

“Could show you the sights”, he lingered a bit on the last word, “And then you show us.” He was looking lustfully into my face and squeezing the bed of my hands. Shocked and a bit turned on by his forwardness, I blushed.


“I’ll think about it.” We parted, and I couldn’t believe what just happened. Not one but two young studs could be pounding the shit out of my inactive pussy tonight if I just willingly let them show me the sights. Thoughts of being cheap and cheating crossed my mind, but I pushed them aside quickly. I owed this to myself; I hadn’t had a good dose of sex in so long my pussy was dying for the action. As I thought about it the room phone rang, it was Paul. They would pick me up at 8:30 pm.

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The time came so quickly. A new black dress provides a fitting cover for my body. I wasn’t a thin petite woman. After two kids, “things” changed, but I had stayed in shape, and my curves hugged the dress. I met them in the lobby, and Paul ushered me out. A black BMW was waiting for us at the front of the hotel.

They took me to Devon House and Emancipation Park. Then they took me to a place called Water Front on the seashore. The black coldness of the sea rolled in, and the place was empty. The wind whistled through the trees and raged through my dress, blowing it up and exposing my thighs and ass.

“Wooooow! Sexy!” Paul hurriedly ran over to me and smacked me square on the ass. “I like a woman with meat on her bones, worst a woman with black sweetness oozing out of her like honey.”

His words made my pussy ooze much more than honey.

“Ever had two cocks before?” Double Penetration?

“No, but I think I might like it.”

“I’m gonna ensure you do. No true, Jeremy?” He called to the other guy who was leaning on the car, watching us all along.

“Yeah. Pull her dress off.”

“In the public?”

“Yeah, no one is down here.” Swiftly he moved the zipper down the back of my dress and pulled it down my legs exposing my bra and panties. Hence, the cold wind bit into my skin, and I shuddered.

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“Cold? Let me warm you up.” He used his lips to circle my shoulders and bite gently into my skin, sending new warm sensations through my body. As he circled ebony mature my body with his hands, I felt two more slip in between my thighs and move up to the “V” of my MILF pussy and down again. He toyed with my thighs. Squeezing and pressing, massaging as he went along till he was back at the “V” of my pussy.

Parting the lips of my pussy he rubbed from front to back, massaging the soft sensitive spots and causing a fresh wave of warmth to surge through my body. His fingers danced between my pussy lips, leaving me to beg for him to slip his strong long fingers inside. But he didn’t. While he played with my pussy Paul was kneading and chewing away at my breasts. Every blow of his breath over my breasts sent a pleasure blast to my pussy, and my juices started flowing down.

Jeremy eagerly pushed two of his fingers up my hole, and a sweet moan escaped my lips. This felt so fucking good. While he fucked my pussy with his finger, Paul dropped his hand over my asshole and started to probe the entrance. Suddenly his hand was gone, and a cold drop of some form of liquid oozed down my butt crack and into my asshole. As suddenly as his hand was gone, it was back and pushing so deep into my asshole. In contrast, his other hand and mouth groped over my breast.

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Jeremy grabbed the next breast and finger fucked my pussy. He flicked my nipple till it stood erect from arousal. The sensation rocketed through my body like a current of electricity. With each quickening finger fuck up my ass and pussy, I drew closer to a climax. They drove their fingers deep into me as they pushed me over the edge. I bellowed into the cold sea as the pussy juices ran all over Jeremy’s finger.

Wheeling from the orgasm, my standing position became really hard, and I felt a hot sting on my ass. Paul assumed a dominant position, instructing me on patios to lie down on a beach chair they had placed nearby. I quickly move to it and sat down. Before I can hold up my head, two large black cocks were in my face, ready to be sucked. I grabbed Paul’s cock and pushed it to the back of my throat. Gulping down the whole cock in one go.

The sudden intrusion forced me to cough, sending saliva all over it. I pulled it back in and wrapped my tongue around it and slurped on that big black cock while I used my hands to jerk off Jeremy. Switching the focus, I headed over to Jeremy and sucked his monster cock while jerking Paul. In between sucking and slurping the slaps on my mature ebony ass stung like hell and sent my pussy convulsing long before any cock entered my holes.

Paul turned me around to kneel on the beach chair with my face turned towards the back of the chair.

“Come bitch, suck it! Mature raas bitch! Suck me cocky and drain it!” He forced his cock deep into my throat, and I choked on it. They laugh at me as they see my reaction.

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“Cocky so big it a choke yu!” I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. It was so long since I’d sucked a cock that was so big. Spitting on it I sucked on it again and bit it gently. Shocked by the sensation, he squirmed as I sucked it to his contentment and he slapped me on my ass. Hell-bent on sucking the cum out of him I sucked harder and forgot Paul momentarily.

He quickly reminded me of his presence as he shoved his cock up my pussy. My gaping hole captured every inch. The sudden intrusion was so sweet and painful that I cried out in ecstasy and pain. Thrusting deeper and deeper, more cries of pain escaped my lips as he filled my hole. The pounding continued for another few minutes. My hungry black pussy gladly accepted the beating till it exploded around him. I totally drenched his cock in fuck cream and hot pussy juice.

“Yow Paul yu need fi come get some a da pussy ya!” She couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but she couldn’t care less.

“Yu go mek she suck yu dick again?”

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“No yute! Go double up this shit now!” By the sound of the double-up, I certainly know I was in for double penetration. Paul next removed his dick from her mouth and told her to ride him. I got up from the chair, and he lay down, and she climbed on that dick. “Oh fuck” she thought, “he’s bigger than Jeremy!”

Up and down his fucking shaft like a horse. I loved every damn minute of it. Likewise, feeling the tingling and burning in my pussy. I screamed into the night air as Paul drove it deep into my pussy, bounding my cervix. The pain was excruciating, but I didn’t care as long as my pussy was pounded. The more he pounded me, the more I came on him.

Hard and fast, I kept cumming in quick successions until tears flooded my eyes. I loved it. The ecstasy was too much. Never before had I experienced anything quite like that! My naked back was cold in the night air till Jeremy came up behind me and eased my face down and pushed his cock deep into my ass.

Another scream echoed through the night air. My ebony mature ass stretched wide over his cock. The deeper he went, the more I felt like my shit hole was tearing apart. “Holy Fuck,” I thought. “I won’t be able to shit or sit after this!” Their throbbing cocks went hard and fast into my holes at a steady rhythm. I couldn’t hold it together. As a result, I felt like a fucking sex slave as they tore through my mature ebony holes. Pushing me steadily to another breaking point.

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Thrashing like a mad woman, I cum again, screaming out.

“Eh, Paul, if only her kids could see her now!”

“Yow, dem wouldn’t believe she a dem madda dis!” They laughed. I wanted to ask what they were saying. But I couldn’t as I came again and again and drowned in my own cum.

“How many kids you said you had?”

“2,” I muttered between breaths.

“Yu one horny Black MILF, or do yu prefer Ebony Cougar?!” I tried to force a smile, but I couldn’t muster it.

“Fuck, I go cum all over u raas!!” Paul was about ready to explode inside me. Groaning under me, he blasted all his juices in my hot pussy and shouted, “Bomboclaat!” As if similarly working off the same time, Jeremy dug deep into my ass and came inside me. Spent juices dripping out my black hole. Even more, as he eased off, he slapped me on my ass and held his cock in his hand with a look of satisfaction on his face. Under me, Paul pulled out, and I bent down and sucked the last bit of ebony mature cum off his enormous cock. Sweet as fuck in my mouth.

“How long yu staying for?”

“Till the conference is finished.”

“First of all, I want more of your Ebony Mature pussy before you leave Jamaica. Can I get more?” He had a teasing look on his face. “Yes.”

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