Ebony Cougar

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Ebony Cougar was not only her online dating screen name profile, but it was also how she lived life. “Oh crap,” Julie tossed and turned in bed as the alarm kept buzzing. She sighed, pushing aside her duvet as she moved to turn off the alarm. Julie took her fingers to massage her temple as she finally managed to pry her eyes open. It was already morning. She still felt tired, and it was as if she had just closed her eyes and opened them. The night felt too short. She had to get out of bed though. It was almost time for her appointment with Nick. Julie really looked forward to that. She played several different sexual scenarios through her creative mind. No matter what, Nick would leave with drained balls from her signature MILF blowjob.

Ebony Cougar

Julie finally stepped out of bed, her feet hitting the cold floor and she slipped into her flip-flops. She dragged herself to the bathroom, stripping away her nightie as she soaked up in her bathtub. Julie washed up for a while, even masturbating a bit before stepping out of the bathroom. She paused in front of her full body mirror, smiling and taking her time to admire her beautiful body. Even at the age of forty-two (42), she was sexier than most women out there. Her clean, radiant ebony skin was forever unique, and her body was banging. She turned around in front of the mirror, her ample bosom swaying gently left and right as she admired her equally enviable ass.

“I’m going to be late if I keep admiring this wonder,” she whispered to herself as she giggled. Julie cleaned up herself, picking up a short gown that showed her cleavage and exposed her thighs before applying makeup. She ate a light fruit salad and drank a lot of water before stepping out of the house.

“Keep the change,” she smiled and waved at the cab driver as she arrived at Nick’s apartment. She knocked on his door gently, adjusting her dress as she heard his footsteps from behind the door.

“Hey baby, come on in,” Nick’s voice was deep, the words rolling off his tongue with ease as he ushered her in.

“What would you have?” He asked as he shut the door.

Ebony Cougar Goes Down

there is nothing better than getting a wet blowjob from an experienced MILF

“Fruit juice please,” she replied as she settled on his couch. Even at this early hour, Nick opted for beer. Both of them discussing things of little matter as they drank. Julie had seen Nick for a while. Though he was much younger than her, she really enjoyed his company. She wondered why she enjoyed the company of younger men though. Actually, Julie knew it was a young big hard dick, plain and simple! She enjoyed her command over young cock. It was a badge of sexual confidence and honor. Maybe that explained the whole thing.

She mover closer and closer to him as he talked, covering the gap between them as she stared into his eyes. The MILF blowjob she thought of earlier playing around in her head. She placed her palm close to his crotch, leaning in as she pressed her boobs to his warm body. Slowly, Nick got the message, allowing his woman to do her thing. She kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as they came together in a beautiful French kiss.

She took her hands to his belt, unbuckling him and undoing his zipper as she knelt before him.

“Relax babe; there is nothing better than getting a wet blowjob from an experienced MILF.” She smiled as she went down on him. She tucked her fingers under the elastic band off his underwear, bringing out his massive dick as he adjusted for her.

Ebony Cougar Blowjob

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“Oh… yes,” he moaned out as she swiped her tongue all over the tip, twirling her tongue around it as his body shuddered slightly. He gasped as she dived in, taking all his inches in her mouth as his cock hit the back of her throat. She started slowly. Bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock as she stroked his balls. Saliva was slowly dripping from the edges of her mouth as she coated him up. She deep throated him as he moaned, gagging on his cock as he dug his fingers into the couch.

She switched things up, upping her tempo as she sucked him harder and faster, his grunts and moans filling the air. Being the consummate oral sex professional, Julie knew his orgasm was growing close. She maneuvered to suck his bloated balls too as she drove him closer to the edge.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming!” He yelled out as he reached his peak, his whole body trembling as his balls tightened, ropes after ropes of cum flowing down Julie’s throat. She lapped up all his hot and sticky cum, sucking out the last remnant of man seed as his once fully erect cock grew limp.

Ebony Cougar Pussy

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“You were right, there is really nothing better than getting a wet blowjob from an experienced MILF,” he whispered in between pants as he planted a kiss on her lips. Julie smirked and quickly commented that while blowjobs were her specialty, had hadn’t yet sampled her succulent MILF Pussy.

Nick was blown away literally at how their date was going so far. Seriously they were only a few minutes into some quality time, and he had already busted a nut! While some men might be tempted to get selfish, Nick knew if he wanted round two he better build up another load of cum. Plus, he better get to work on eating some serious mature black pussy to earn his keep on the ebony cougar’s circuit of sex.

Nick the quickly put Julie on her backside, spreading her well used pink pussy lips in the process. There would be no sex lube needed for this fuckfest. Julie’s honey hole was dripping profusely. It wasn’t going to take much clitoral stimulation for her to explode in orgasm. Nick the took charge and sucked her engorged clit into his mouth. While well sexed during her lifetime, Julie’s vaginal walls still provided plenty of tightness. Nick’s probing fingers proved this fact.

Ebony Cougar Orgasm

While Julie certainly enjoyed Nick’s foreplay, this hot piece of black ass didn’t come here for a mundane pussy licking. She instructed Nick to rim her ass, something he had never done before. Little did he know but, Julie was auditioning all of her young studs one by one as potential anal sex candidates. “You better start rimming my ass better than that,” Julie commanded. Newbie Nick got with the anilingus program out of immediacy darting his tongue deep into the darkness of her anus.

Julie squealed in pleasure ever so briefly. She then stood up pushing Nick onto his back, telling him to watch some MILF Porn and practice his technique before her next visit. Julie then climbed on top Nick’s throbbing big black cock (BBC) and rode him to multiple orgasms. After Julie was done she lifted from his now soft and slippery shaft. Her parting words in true Ebony Cougar fashion were heard to say, “Like it or not Nick, this is really the only reason I “cum” here after all!”

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