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Ebony Mom in Paradise was how Vicki planned on rewarding herself after the divorce. She hated the plane ride but what the hell, she needed the vacation. Vicki slept through the trip to Jamaica and found her panties soaking wet when she awoke. She could almost taste the hunky black boar who pounded her in the dream, tall, dark and so damn big in his pants. Just the thought of that cock in her mouth made her mouth water. Vicki was in for a treat in Jamaica; at least, that was what she told herself. After all, this was the reason why she chose the island, the rumors of the studs and stallions that roamed these shores had stuck in her head and she had to get some. It was months since this ebony mom got any hard dick, and the sexlessness was unbearable!

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At the airport, Vicki made her way to the lobby at Sangsters and got herself a sandwich in the restaurant. All that tussling in her dream made her hungry. As she sat there and ate she noticed a tall, young man in uniform standing near the door of the restaurant. He was in a neatly pressed clean white shirt and a grey pants with a cap on his head. The shades hid his eyes but she could not miss the massive muscles clenched underneath his shirt. As if sensing someone staring at him, he turned around to catch her staring at him. A bit embarrassed she turned away but not before she caught him smiling at her. Within a few minutes, he made his way over to her table and asked if he could sit down. She certainly agreed.

“I’m Greg.”

“I’m Vicki.”

“First time in Jamaica?”


“You look like you need a tour guide.”

“It seems like, you are volunteering yourself?” Vicki was full on flirt by now, showcasing her big tits and white teeth through her flirtatious smile.

“Maybe.” He gently took hold of her right hand and traced his thumb from her palm up to her wrist. “I like a woman with flesh on her bones, especially a black woman!”

“What else you like?”

“Tell me which hotel you’re staying and I’ll come and find you.”

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“I’m staying at the —” A call from outside the restaurant interrupted her. It was a tour bus operator. He strutted in and told Greg it was time to leave, the passengers were all ready. Greg motioned a goodbye to her and headed through the door. What a disappointment she thought, he was so ready. She didn’t even get his tour bus name. As a result, she sat there and mulled over her options. She then heard the final call for persons going to the Grande Bahia Principe Hotel.

Quickly she jumped up and headed out the door to see the bus waiting just outside the airport lobby. As she made her way the conductor invited her in and sent her to the front seat to sit. Annoyed by the location, she murmured to herself absently minded. As she dropped herself in the seat her juggling breasts shook bringing her lacy blouse further down and showing more of her delicious cups. Still upset and feeling slighted because of her missed opportunity at the restaurant, she didn’t even look around to see the others on the coaster.

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“So Vicki, you’re going to my hotel?” Pulled from her thoughts by the new yet familiar voice a grin spread across her face.


“The one and only!”

“What are you doing after this?”

“My shift finishes.”

“Maybe you can take me on that tour.” He smiled and continued driving.

When they reached the hotel every one quickly climbed out of the bus, but Greg slipped her a paper with his number to call him. The excitement was clear all over her face and her pussy was already thudding with anticipation. “I hope his cock is big,” she thought as she hurriedly checked in. Within 15 minutes she was checked in and took up the room phone to call him. There he was on the other line, voice coarse and deep and inviting.

“I’m in room 67.”


“I’ll come to see you after dinner.” Without a second word, he hung up. Vicki couldn’t wait, why the hell he would wait till after dinner? That’s after 8. First of all, Vicki didn’t want to wait 6 hours to get the dick. She was already horny as fuck.

Slowly the evening dragged on. She put on a black skin sucking dress and a black thong and went down for dinner at 7. It was nearly 8 30 when she sat down on a bar stool and ordered a martini. As she wrapped her hand around the slender stem of the glass she felt a firm hand come down hard on her right butt cheek and clench it. It was Greg. She could feel as he dropped the other hand on her left cheek and gently caressed it through the silky black dress.

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Vicki could feel the tension mounting in her lower abdomen. Likewise, the heat between her thighs continued to rise. Consequently, Greg pressed his pants up unto her buttocks and she could feel his already prodding cock enlarged and ready. A brush of warm breath moved to pass her ear as he bent over and whispered: “How long you been waiting for me?” Mesmerized by the sound and smell of the man Vicki couldn’t find the right words. Therefore, no reply was given.

“Huh? How long?” He gripped her ass tightly forcing out a low moan as the force plummeted her deeper.

“Since dinner.”

“You love young cock?”

“Yes, will I like yours?” Greg laughed teasingly in her ear.

“Yes!” He was so assured it sent her blood racing even faster. “Get up, I wanna see your fucking ass shake as you climb the steps.”

“What else you want?”

“What else you offering me mommy? A good fuck?” Turning around on the stool to face him, she dropped a warm kiss over his mouth. Due to this action, Vicki slid off the stool without saying a word more. Vicki went up the stairs to her bedroom on the second floor, swinging her hips and licking her lips as she looked back at him with anticipation. She could feel his gaze all over her body, every curve he was digesting. Vicki could just imagine what pleasures rested inside his pants. Fuck! This Ebony Mom was certainly in for it tonight!

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He followed behind her and quietly walked down the hall and neared her door. In contrast, she heard the click of a door as someone closed up for the night. The hallway was empty. She took out her keys and fumbled and inserted it into the door. As she turned the lock she felt a rough jab at her dress as Greg pushed it up and slipped the string aside. He did it so quickly and so skillfully she only felt the finger up her pussy. Gasping with pleasure she pushed out her rump to allow him deeper access.

“You wet!” Another moan is released as he strokes her pussy while playing with her clit. Seems like as soon as the finger was inside her it was gone as he took it out and pushed it into her mouth. “I’m gonna fuck you right here.” He leaned over her and braced his cock on her pussy as he pulled the dress over her ass. Due to this technique, a fresh tingling surges through her body as the warmth of his fat cock cushions her round ass. He pulls her hipline closer to him and pushes her head down as she holds to the knob. Rubbing the head gently on her pussy and savoring the warmth he wets the head with her juices building up an intense longing for Vicki.

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With baited anticipation, she opens up her thighs more to him but he still lingers driving her nuts. He pushes in between her pussy lips and pulls back just as quickly as he entered. A loud gasp escapes her lips as tension builds in her walls. He does it again, this time going just a little deeper and pulling out almost instantly. By the third time, she was aching, panting and begging. Greg, sensing her readiness thrusts deep into her pussy. Hence, a loud groan of pleasure is echoed between them as her warm pussy surrounds his throbbing cock.

“Bomboclaat gyal, yu wet as fuck!” Vicki, a bit surprised by his sudden switch to patios pushes her ass out and starts whining on his cock. “Fuck!” He couldn’t hold it as she Quint her tight MILF Pussy over her cock. She could feel him stretching her walls and damn did she love it. Hence, Vicki arches her back to give him a deeper access as he rises up her right leg and wraps it around his waist and pushes deep into her pussy a second time. This time he hammered her pussy, deep hard and fast thrusts. Vicki’s vaginal walls screamed pleasure. Consequently, she screamed verbally in the middle of the hall. Greg quickly grabs her mouth and tells her to shut up rather forcefully. As he continued to stroke they could hear talking coming up the stairs.

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“Mek we go inside.” Unclear as to what he said, Vicki looked around him strangely. “Let’s go inside the room baby.” As a result, Greg removes his cock and pulls down her dress as she fumbles with the key. Still burning from the pounding in her pussy she scrambles into the room with Greg behind her. He closes the door and quickly rips off her dress.

“Lay down on your back at the edge of the bed.” His voice was hoarse and demanding. Still fumbling, Vicki was taking too long for him. “Rass, woman me ready as fuck!” He grabs her up roughly and throws her on the bed and spreads her thighs wide for the next round. Seeing the pretty pussy in front him, he couldn’t help but suck it. Because of this, Greg spreads her thighs wide and pushed his head in between her thighs. Now, even more, oral sex ensues as Greg uses his tongue to probe Vicki’s clit and lick the juices from her wet pussy lips.

Damn, this woman tasted good! He uses his fingers to open up her pussy and pushes his tongue into her while using a finger to play with her clit. Vicki could not help but scream at the pleasure as he licks, sucked and drained her pussy dry with his mouth. Moving up her bends over her and grabs her breasts and begins licking them. While he plays he pushes his cock again deep into her wet pussy and slowly grinds into her. As a result, Vicki cums again, and again and again.

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“Oh fuck me!” Every time she came it became more intense. Squirting all over his cock, she cums in quick succession. As a result, Greg’s cock is forced out every time she squirts. Ready to switch position, Greg lays down and puts her ebony mom black pussy on top as she straddles him. With her back turned to him she sits on it. For that reason, it’s the first time from they started having sex she actually sees his massive (BBC) monster cock. So enticing she slides off it and dresses back, arching her ass a little below Greg’s face and begins sucking on his huge cock.

He grabs her ass and starts sucking her pussy again. Oh, the taste of this man, Vicki muses to herself as she curls her tongue around his fat cock and slurps it. Spitting on it and deep throating it till he starts begging for more pussy. She gradually slides back unto him and rides him, switching the pace and rocking her hips in a slow rhythm as he slaps her ass. As her body starts climbing her pace increases, going faster and faster she feels as Greg clenches under her and stiffens.

“Fuck!” Like music to her ears, it sends her riding faster.

“Bomboclaat Vicki, me a go cum!” Meeting her thrust he begins to send it deeper inside her and she convulses over his cock. Finally, he cums deep in her pussy. Vicki can feel all his juices flowing down her walls. Throwing her head back, still sitting on him she exhales, spent.

“You satisfied?”

“Yes”, she responded with a look of satisfaction similarly on her face. “You above all, are a badass in bed!” Greg laughs.

“And furthermore, I’m a man who loves his Ebony Mom and fucking horny black MILFS looking to be satisfied!

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