A Lucky Lesson On St Patricks Day – I’m Not Your Mommy

Freya Parker, Mona Azar I'm Not Your Mommy

Juan Loco is searching for something on the couch when his stepsister Freya Parker pinches him from behind. Juan grabs Freya’s perky titties in return. Although she enjoys it, Freya eventually snaps back to herself and tells Juan to cut it out. She only pinched him because he was not wearing green. Juan counters that St. Patty’s Day isn’t an actual holiday. Moreover, he questions Freya’s tutoring session as an excuse to get her MILF teacher crush Mona Azar to come over to give them A Lucky Lesson On St Patricks Day!

A Lucky Lesson On St Patricks Day – I’m Not Your Mommy

A Lucky Lesson On St Patricks Day

Flustered, Freya leaves the room. However, Juan was spot on about the crush part. Later that day, Mona arrives for a very hands on tutorial. Freya and the big tits MILF have just had a seat on the couch when Juan joins them. Mona also pinches him since he’s still not wearing green, and Juan goes right for the mature boobs. Mona lectures Fryas stepbrother that that’s not the way to act on St. Patricks Day.

Juan then decides the proper response is to put a leprechaun hat on his big cock. Freya apologizes immediately, but Mona has to admit that this is way better than class. Juan has a great-looking cock! Not only is Mona into boys, but she’s also into girls. The payback for Juan’s inappropriate action is to make out with Freya while he jerks off. The only rule is Juan can’t cum.

Lesbian kissing, of course, leads to so much more. Soon enough, Freya’s talented tongue is deep in Mona’s mature pussy. After an eye-rolling orgasm, Mona wants to taste her pussy with a cum kiss. Although Freya is reluctant, the girls let Juan in on the action, tag-teaming him with a double blowjob. After the oral treat, he gets to fuck Freya doggy style while his stepsis returns to eating the big ass MILF out.

Then Mona goes for a milf hardcore reverse cowgirl ride before getting on her knees so Juan can do her in doggy. The consummate multi-tasker, she licks Freya’s teen pussy lips while getting pounded from behind. On her back and cradled against Mona’s ample bosom, Freya spreads herself wide open to fuck her stepbrother in the missionary-style sex position.

Freya Parker, Mona Azar I’m Not Your Mommy

Unable to control himself any longer, Juan pulls out to drop his hot load on his stepsister’s hairy pussy. Mona rubs the spent seed into Freya’s manicured muff, then savors the Shamrock sperm on her fingers. The girls share the Leprechaun cum with one last round of St. Paddy’s Day lessons in pussy tongue kisses.

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