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When MILF Teacher Aiden Ashley discovers how horny she is, she decides she has time for a quick masturbation session before Alex Mack arrives for A Very Hands On Tutorial. The fit mature woman is preparing to educate one of her students in sex education. She massages her clit over the top of her panties after sliding up her miniskirt.

Nubile Films – A Very Hands On Tutorial

A Very Hands On Tutorial - S43:E19

As Aiden inches closer to climax with two fingers buried deep inside her wet pussy, there is a knock at the door. Orgasm denied. Aiden tells student Alex to come in and sit beside her on the couch. They converse, and Alex confesses he’s failing sex education since he hasn’t had many opportunities to have sex with women. What’s lacking, according to Aiden, is sexual attraction. Simply put, Alex is pursuing women who are not his type.

Aiden offers to fuck Alex after he reveals that he thinks she’s a hot MILF. She believes it will help her deal with her horniness and make Alex more comfortable discussing sex. The fit mature woman bends in and feels Alex’s heart racing. After some deep kissing, Aiden pulls out his hard cock and swallows the lengthy shaft.

Aiden aggressively strokes Alex’s manhood and gets it nice and wet. Now it’s time to lie on her back for some reciprocal oral sex. Aiden is impressed with his cunnilingus as he pleasures her shaved milf pussy with his tongue. After Alex finally makes her cum, he has permission to slide inside and spoon fuck her. Aiden makes up for her interrupted masturbation by cumming multiple times on his cock.

After a strenuous and intense reverse cowgirl ride, it’s time to change position. Aiden gets on her knees for some pounding from behind doggy style. Alex focuses on impressing his tutor as Aiden takes it in stride, rocking back to meet each stroke. As the teacher and student near the final bell, it is clear why Ms. Ashley is so effective in helping her pupils learn about the “birds and bees.” Her MILF Fucking Boys‘ class is why she always wins Teacher Of The Year!

Aiden Ashley Nubile Films

As Aiden returns to her back for one final round of missionary position sex, she instructs Alex to deliver it to her hard until he passes his final exam. The now confident Alex pulls out just in time to shoot a hot load of cum all over his teachers sexy stomach. Impressed with his commitment to higher education, Aiden Ashley invites Alex back the next day for a very hands on tutorial refresher course.

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