Moms Lingerie – Family Swap

Jenna Noelle, Braylin Bailey Family Swap

Braylin Bailey sneaks into her parents’ room in this Family Swap episode because she wants to see what it feels like to dress up like a pretty milf mom. Braylin grabs her swap Moms Lingerie from Jenna Noelle’s dresser, caressing her tight teen body as she puts it on. Jenna enters her bedroom and catches Braylin in the act. She instructs her sexy swap daughter to remove her clothes. Adding, she thought Junior was masturbating in her lingerie all along. Not Braylin! Jenna is in the middle of scolding her when Will Pounder enters to see what is happening.

Family Swap – Moms Lingerie

Moms Lingerie - S5:E7

Sex-crazed Braylin becomes emotional, grabs her clothing, and leaves totally nude. Unbeknownst to Braylin, Will goes shopping for her own sexy underwear as he feels horrible for what transpired earlier that day. He calls her into his bedroom and hands her the surprise gift. Braylin immediately undresses to put on the two-piece yellow flower sexy outfit. Will glances, of course, which is exactly what she wants.

Braylin models for Will, asking him if she’s pretty, and quickly confirms she’s beautiful. The sexual tension builds, but Ricky Spanish, Braylin’s swap brother, enters the room before anything can happen. Wanting in on the nation, Ricky proclaims that this is where the party is. It doesn’t take him long before he yanks off his pants and hops into bed. Braylin joins Ricky and sizes up his big dick before sucking it hard. Will is forced to watch the oral sex display in dismay.

When Jenna enters the room, she is shocked to see Braylin and Ricky going at it. Will the predicts the swap kids are about to fuck, as Braylin gives a confirmation nod. Jenna has never seen anyone fuck in front of her before and decides to watch. Their swap daughter cannot contain herself any longer as she slides down reverse cowgirl onto Ricky’s cock. Jenna is getting hotter by the second. She is tired of being left out of this swap family.

She pulls Will’s manhood from his pants and rewards him with a hot milf blowjob. Next, Will bends his swap wife over on the bed and fucks her from behind to make it a milf hardcore foursome. Now it’s time for the girls to switch dicks. Jenna impales herself balls deep in reverse cowgirl, swallowing Ricky’s shaft while Will enters Braylin’s young teen pussy missionary.

Braylin Bailey, Jenna Noelle Family Swap

When it’s time to change sex positions for the final time, Jenna rolls onto her back for Ricky while Braylin gets down on her hands and knees for some doggy-style action. When the swap men can no longer control themselves, Will pulls out to splash a hot load on Braylin’s back. Ricky is not far behind as he gluts his swap mom with a milf creampie. As the cums oozes from her mature pussy, Jenna Noelle tells Braylin she can borrow her Moms Lingerie anytime she wants. Braylin also gets permission to use her swap dad’s dick at any time.

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