Way Better Than Class – Mom Wants To Breed

Bunny Madison Mom Wants To Breed

Jay Romero is acting up in sex ed, which means that his hot stepmom Bunny Madison has to go to his school to get him out of trouble. She lectures Jay about doing better in school, then sits him down on the couch. Encouraging him to focus on his sex education, Bunny educates her stepson with some homeschooling that is Way Better Than Class! Jay then tries to impress with his knowledge of human anatomy. He proudly rattles off the clitoris, vagina, and penis.

Mom Wants To Breed – Way Better Than Class

Way Better Than Class - S1:E4

Bunny can’t believe how naive the young man is regarding sex. She asks Jay to take his dick out so that she can explain to him the parts of the male anatomy. It doesn’t take long before she realizes that Jay is totally clueless about the birds and the bees. Now, there’s only one thing left to do properly. She must take matters into her own hands (and more) to educate the innocent stepson herself!

Leaning back, Bunny pulls her sexy thong aside and begins showing Jay the way around her MILF pussy. Jay takes the opportunity to get closer to his than ever before. He gets close enough to rub his throbbing dick on the soft folds of Bunny’s beautiful labia. Then, his big dick unexpectedly slips deep into her babymaker. Bunny is startled at first, but instead of having Jay stop, she shows him how babies are made.

Once Jay has his Big tits mom on her back, it is clear that When Your Stepmom Wants More, you give it to her! In fact, he gives Bunny an orgasm. After Bunny cums, she gives Jay the first MILF blowjob of his life. He enjoys Bunny’s oral expertise as she sucks her freshly fucked pussy juices from his cock. Bunny then climbs aboard and rides Jay in reverse cowgirl, then in cowgirl. This taboo tutor session is definitely way better than class!

A doggy-style pussy pounding lets Jay add this sex position to his portfolio. It has the added bonus Bunny instructs him to fill her pussy up with a milf cumshot. Unable to longer control his release, Jay fills her with a huge load of baby batter. Perplexed about what just happened, Jay asks Bunny if she is serious about having a baby with him. Let’s just say that Jay’s father will probably kill him in nine months! 😉

Bunny Madison Mom Wants To Breed

Buxom blonde MILF Bunny Madison is the free-use kind of Younger Mommy who won’t stop until she reaches the top of the mature woman category. Admittedly, the Top Rated MILFs team has been smitten with Bunny since her first scene. How can we not be? Be sure to catch her hot milf fucking videos at Bratty MILF, Family Swap, and Moms Teach Sex!

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