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Mature Boobs have always been my weakness. Ever since my first orthodontist appointment, I was hooked on a seductive mature with really huge tits. Her name was Nadine and I was smitten with Busty Moms. Her big mature boobs bounced as she walked in high heels. She had this look about her even while wearing professional attire. Seductive, mature, and with really huge MILF tits. Nadine simply couldn’t hide her ample bosom and spectacular genetics! Nadine’s firm mature tits were the stuff masturbatory moments were made of. I must confess to shooting my first load of cum fantasizing about the voluptuous MILF boobs possessed by this woman.

Mature Boobs

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Now, twenty-some years later, I oddly find myself in a similar setting.  Slipping back in time, I found myself fondly recalling Nadine’s MILF tits. I never thought a routine dental cleaning would stimulate my eyes so seductively. The dental assistant was stunning. She stole the room with her natural beauty. As I waited in the dental office for my name to be called, I sat and watched her. She talked on the phone and to co-workers. I watched her lips closely. Her eyes would wander as she would think before she spoke. Her personality showed, even when doing simple tasks.

The dental assistant’s MILF boobs rested just right under her V-neck scrubs. Her scrubs were light blue, with two embroidered hearts on her left breast. Her name, “Lilian,” was embroidered on the other side. Lilian wore pink contacts, making her eyes exotic and luring. Her lips were painted pink with color. Lilian’s teeth beamed when she smiled. She must have had them whitened a dozen times. A professional dental perk that was an obvious no-brainer.

As Lilian called my name, my stomach twisted up. I went to speak and nothing came out, so I stood up. She then led me to my room and sat me down. As Lilian left the room I watched her walk away, locking onto her huge tits as she turned the corner. What a body! Silently, I wondered just how this MILF babe kept such an amazing shape after all these fucking years. Seriously, Lilian’s body was in much better shape than women half her age!

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Lilian returned a few minutes later with some dental tools and an X-ray gadget. She then started asking me questions. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I said as I answered her. I was so infatuated with her. I had to focus on looking at her face to avoid the obviousness of my heart racing. It was difficult to avoid eye contact with her MILF tits and even more difficult to keep from getting sexually aroused. My heart raced as she reached towards me and wrapped the protective bib around my neck.

Before Lilian finished I grabbed her hand gently, and told her “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.” Lilian politely pulled away, smiling from ear to ear. She flipped her hair and pulled her chair a little closer. “Really?” She asked innocently. “Yes. You are an angel.” “No, I am definitely not an angel.” She corrected me, standing to her feet and going to the doorway. “Actually, most men prefer my devilish side,” Lilian said with an air of naughtiness.

Lilian shouted down the hallway to the dentist for a time check. “At least ten more minutes.” He said. “Perfect,” she mumbled, closing the door. Lilian then turned around and started to bend forward, letting me play peek a boo with her huge tits. “Do you want me to open my dental uniform top wide for you?” She asked. “I’m not sure of what you mean,” I admitted. “Let me show you why this angel is no angel.” Lilian then began to unbutton my pants and started to nudge into my boxers.

Two Lips Dental Care

Busty Moms Mature Tits MILF Boobs MILF Tits Blowjob

As she did, Lilian opened her mouth wide, and her gorgeous face fell onto my lap. Her luscious lips were so inviting. Her mouth was so warm and wet. Lilian sucked my cock to attention immediately. My dick felt so hard so quickly. “Relax. This procedure will only take a minute.” She explained, confidently. I rested my head back and closed my eyes. I could feel the sensations strengthening. My body temperature was rising. My heart was still racing. The rarity of the situation made it so thrilling. She was so passionate and giving.

Lilian started to pick up the pace. Her head bobbing up and down as she would wrap her lips around my head and then fall to the base of my cock. She wasn’t afraid to gag. In fact, it seemed to turn her on. Her throat took it like I’ve never experienced. Lilian knew every blowjob trick in the book. “Just like that,” I said, getting ever so close to jizzing down her silky throat. Lilian kept the pace steady and made sure to stimulate the head like I couldn’t believe. Her touch was electric.

Lilian smelled like vanilla and mangos. Her mature boobs pressed against me, alone, could set me off. Sure enough, she sucked my cock better than I ever expected. The blood rushed through my veins so intensely as I began to release my load. My mind flashed back to my youth and all my dirty fantasies about Nadine from the orthodontist’s office. Lilian kept deep throating, dragging it out. It felt as if time stood still and I was in pure oral sex bliss albeit with Lilian and not Nadine.

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Mature Boobs

She sat up quickly, closing my pants. Lilian whispered in my ear that next checkup I could fuck her MILF Pussy. She smiled, opened the door, and entered the room across the hall. She quickly swished some mouthwash and spit as the dentist entered the room. I must have been blushing. “Buddy, if you want my wife, you can’t have her. So, stop looking.” I was so confused. Did his wife seriously just suck my cock? “Shit, I gotta go,” I said kindly, pulling the bib off and handing it to him. The situation was much too awkward. It was worth it. I’ll always remember that perfect blowjob and those huge mature boobs!

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