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Katrina Colt My Pervy Family

Juan Loco is your typical stressed-out college student preparing for the midterms. But he has a secret power in My StepAunts Magic Hands. His step-aunt Katrina Colt’s magical hands can work wonders in releasing stress and tension. When his Uncle offers Katrina’s milf massage services, Juan is apprehensive at first. However, Katrina sets his mind at ease that she always does it and finally welcomes the helping hands.

My Pervy Family – My StepAunt’s Magic Hands

My StepAunts Magic Hands

As her magic hands knead the tension away, Katina brings up the subject of fraternities and college girls. Juan plans to focus on school, and he and his former girlfriend Natalie have decided to part ways. As the hot step-aunt continues rubbing and touching him, Juan cannot help but become aroused.

His step-aunt notices his erection as Juan runs off to his room, totally embarrassed by his boner. Katrina follows him to the bedroom and assures him there is nothing to be ashamed of. While discussing the sexual tension, Juan confides he has a secret crush on brunette milf Katrina.

She thinks it’s cute and offers to help him out as if he had received a massage parlor happy ending. Which he hasn’t! Her milf seducing teens plan is to finish him off with her magical hands. Then his pent-up tension will be released so he can study. Per her instructions, Juan pulls out his throbbing cock as she asks permission to touch it.

Katrina strokes his cock, taking the time to care about her speed and pressure as she compliments his impressive shaft. Juan marvels at the mature brunette mom massage and is blown away when Katrina proposes to speed things up if she rides it! Juan can’t believe his ears and worries about his uncle finding out.

Katinra promises to keep it a secret as she strokes his dick while massaging her clitoris. She then lets Juan finger her wet pussy in preparation for some hot MILF fucking. Once properly lubed, Juan’s step-aunt is now ready for more than a dirty mom massage. She grinds her pussy on Juan’s manhood before finally showing what a milf blowjob is all about.

She lets him split the folds and impales herself with his girthy pleasure pole. Juan enjoys MILF POV sex as Katrina encourages him, saying she wishes his uncle could fuck her like that! They switch to missionary as Katrina frantically rubs her clit to orgasm.

Katrina Colt My Pervy Family

Katrina Colt desires another climax as she concentrates on her love button while step-nephew Juan pounds balls deep into her manicured pussy. As the hot MILF completes her happy ending massage for women, she instructs Juan to fill her up with cum. Juan briefly hesitates but pumps his creamy load inside her. His pulsating cock, pleases his step-aunt as the CUM drips from her freshly fucked pussy. They agree that the best kind of stress relief for a young cock is a hot MILF creampie! Juan states, My StepAunts magic hands are great, but her mature pussy is the BEST!

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