Dirty Mom Massage

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Have you ever wanted to give a Dirty Mom Massage? Perhaps, you’ve fantasized about being a masseur and fucking a horny MILF client. If not, you’re in for a treat. If so, this Top Rated MILFS update will bring those fantasies to life. The other day, as I awaited my 3:00 pm client to arrive, I caught a glimpse of a dirty blonde, tightly toned woman dressed in black yoga pants and a bright pink tank top. She was getting out of her car, dropped her keys on the ground, and had bent over to pick them up. Yea, now you see why it caught my attention.

She quickly picked them up and started walking to my business’s door. My heart dropped. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m going to get to touch her.” My body filled with happiness as I greeted her!

Dirty Mom Massage

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“Hello! Welcome to Tiffany’s Touch Spa! I’m Tiffany and I’ll be your masseuse for today!” I said with a smile. “Hi, I’m your three o’clock.” She stated, then she paused. “I’m sorry, do you have a man available? I prefer a man to get really deep. I just have been really stressed going through my divorce and all.” I nodded and grabbed the clipboard for her to fill out. “I’m sorry, it’s just me here today, but I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference. I’m extremely experienced and love to perform deep tissue stimulation. Just fill out this paperwork and then I’ll bring you to the room.”

She quickly scribbled on the paper and hopped out of her chair. “Okay!” She exclaimed. I lead her to her room, which had an area heater on keeping the room nice and comfortable. Relaxing music played as I handed her a hanger for her garments, and showed her the massage table. “You can start facing up or on your stomach. Whichever you prefer. I’ll be back in a few with some warm massage lotion to start.”

I gave her a few minutes and knocked, followed by opening the door slowly. She was laying there on her stomach, the blanket barely covering her round, overly toned ass. “Are you ready?” I asked. “Couldn’t be more if I tried.” She said, sounding muffled from her face being planted in the headrest.

Masseur Fucking Horny MILF Client

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I started at her head; her hair smelled like vanilla. I worked my way slowly down her neck, being sure to get deep into her tissue. Her groans would make anyone horny. I thought maybe she’d stop moaning if we talked, so I tried it. “So, a divorce, huh? Do you have kids?” “Four,” she replied quickly. “I prefer not to talk about it, actually. He makes me so mad, I just need to separate from it. I need something to take my mind off him and, well, everything.” “Okay,” I responded, just trying to comfort her.

“Is this pressure okay?” I pressed my thumbs into her shoulder blades. “Yes, God… It’s perfect.” She said under her breath. I worked my way down her back. Her breathing, getting louder as I massaged near her hips. “No one has touched me like this for so long.” She whispered. “ Can I ask a favor of you?” She was hesitant. “I’m feeling really turned on right now. Massage me everywhere.”

I stopped in my tracks. Be professional or give in to the opportunity? I decided quickly and whispered softly, “Okay. Turn over.” She turned and exposed her large firm breasts. She gave me a welcoming smile. “Do I need to use my hands only?” I asked innocently. “No, whatever you feel will give me the most pleasure.” She responded, softly. My pussy throbbed. I never had this lust for a woman before. I never did anything resembling lesbian sex before but, knew what I liked done to me. Quickly my thoughts encouraged me to do the same to her.

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Dirty Mom Massage

I pulled down the sheets slowly, with the relaxing music still playing, and gently brushed her stomach and hips with my fingertips. I made my way down to her pussy and started to play with it lightly and gently. It was already so wet. It smelled like she just used some Summer’s Eve wash, and had it ready for play time. This MILF Pussy was about to get fucked in the best way.

Slowly, I started to shove two fingers into her honey hole and felt her pussy juice up more with every thrust. I looked up at her and didn’t want to wait to add more stimulation. My lips started to kiss her hips, and build the anticipation through my lips. I slowly made my way closer to her clit, one kiss on the skin at a time. When I got right above it, I stopped and blew on it. She went wild. “Please, please, just…” As she begged, I went for it. She shut up immediately. I looked up to see her face, in awe and expressing pure enjoyment with her dirty mom massage.

I kept my fingers steady, wiggling them deep in her. It didn’t take me long sucking on her pussy to find her sweet spot. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten as her breathing changed and got heavier, and heavier, and as I thrust my fingers in her and kept sucking her clit, she started squirting girl cum all over my chin. Her quivering pussy then grabbed my fingers so tightly as she orgasmed like never before. It was a moment of satisfaction that I will never forget; the day that I got to give a Dirty Mom Massage.

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