Cant Put Out This Fire – I’m Not Your Mommy

Busty blonde MILF Bunny Madison has landed her first job as a firewoman at the Cant Put Out This Fire House and is ready to report for duty. On her first shift, she walks into one of the bedrooms with two fellow firefighters, Kyle Mason and Apollo Banks. A slight problem arises as there are three of them and only two beds. The boys tell Bunny she can just sleep in the other room since she is a girl.

I’m Not Your Mommy – Cant Put Out This Fire

Cant Put Out This Fire - S2:E1

Bunny tells them that even though she’s new, they should go about their business like she’s not there. When the boys question if sleeping in the same room is appropriate, Bunny surprises them when she asks whether they are planning a circle jerk later.

Escalating the sexual tension further, the boys tell blonde milf Bunny that they will be taking off their clothes. When they do, she responds by taking off her shirt to unleash her beautiful Big Tits. Aroused, Apollo and Kyle act as if they’ve never seen mature boobs in their life.

Bunny’s milf teasing begins as she proposes they play a game pretending that a pussycat is caught up in a tree. Then she asks them how they would rescue it. The boys provide two different answers, then Bunny goes and rescues the stuffed animal from the top bunk herself.

Apollo and Kyle can’t help but check out the big ass milf while bending over bring the pussycat back to safety. Once back on the floor, she can no longer ignore their raging hard-ons. Bunny tells them she’s not their mommy, and they can suck her titties.

Both boys get a mouthful as the sexy firefighter is all smiles. Of course, Bunny can’t just take all the pleasure without giving any of her own. She gets on her knees and showcases her oral ability while proving she can handle two Big Dicks simultaneously.

Getting on her knees, Bunny keeps on sucking Apollo’s fire hose while Kyle rams her mature pussy from behind. Then she rides Apollo in reverse firegirl while blowing and stroking Kyle. Moving to her side, Kyle delivers a hot milf fucking to Bunny while she savors her p-juice from Apollo’s slippery shaft.

Bunny Madison I’m Not Your Mommy

As Apollo enters Bunny Madison one last time to extinguish her sexual needs, she takes a mom cumblast facial courtesy of Kyle. After a few more pumps, Apollo sprays a hot milf cumshot all over Bunny’s yummy tummy. Playing with the cum, she frantically rubs her big clit to orgasm. Sexually satisfied, she tells the boys they’d better get used to having her around. Even though they cant put out this fire, they will have to practice their fuck drills more often!

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