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Mandy Waters Moms Tight

Oliver Flynn is living every young man’s dream. He’s taking online college courses at home and has a hot new stepmom to perv on in curvy brunette Mandy Waters. All that’s missing is some serious sex. As My Dominant Stepmom Mandy gets increasingly flirty with Oliver, he realizes she’s coming on to him hard. MILF step mom sex might not be missing for long!

Moms Tight – My Dominant Stepmom

My Dominant Stepmom - S2:E3

When Oliver walks in on Mandy working out in a skimpy shirt and tight honeycomb yoga pants, he gets a full view of the big ass milf from behind. He comments that his hot stepmom is looking really tight as Mandy invites him to help her stretch out. She places Oliver’s hands on her hips while stretching becomes increasingly sexual.

Mandy grinds her ass on his cock until he can’t help but pop a boner. The mature brunette mom calls Oliver out for inappropriate actions. He has little time to react before she says it will work for her. He soon finds out what that means. The hot stepmom drops to her knees and licks the tip of her stepson’s dick.

The horny mom quickly comments on how much better Oliver’s cock is than his father’s. Furthermore, she reveals her mature boobs. He is shocked as Mandy swallows and strokes his lengthy shaft. However, Mandy isn’t done with her stepson’s cock yet. With milf blowjob spit dripping from her chin, she gets on her knees on the couch with her leggings pulled halfway down.

She invites him to sink his dick into her milf pussy from behind. After Oliver pounds the first orgasm out of her, she pushes him onto the couch to fuck him deep in reverse cowgirl, then in cowgirl. After the second and third climaxes, Mandy gets on her back in missionary.

Mandy Waters Moms Tight

Oliver’s listening cock obediently pounds her balls deep as Mandy Waters rubs her engorged clit to her final orgasm. All that’s left is for Oliver to pull out to splash a hot milf cumshot all over Mandy’s hairy milf pussy. Running her tattooed fingers through the spent load, she savors the flavor of a cum eating treat.

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