Mommies Game Plan – Younger Mommy

Younger Mommy Summer Vixen, Eve Marlowe

Summer Vixen and her stepson Nathan Bronson are planning a party and watching the #BigGame. They are joined by Summer’s friend, Eve Marlowe. While preparing pregame snacks, Nathan can’t help but perv on his hot stepmom’s best friend before the football game starts. Nathan keeps hitting on her and blatantly checking her beautiful milf tits out. As game time approaches, the milf sluts have cheeseballs and popcorn ready for kickoff in the official Mommies Game Plan blowup stadium. However, they don’t know what to do with themselves after the pregame festivities.

Younger Mommy – Mommies Game Plan

Mommies Game Plan - S1:E2

Nathan is really into Mommies game plan party, but Summer and Eve are getting bored. Eventually, Summer gets the naughty idea to steal her stepson’s football and play a game of keep away with Eve while Nathan tries to get it back. Nathan gets increasingly upset and accidentally grabs Eve’s mature boobs while trying to get his ball back. Appalled, Eve spills some chips on Nathan’s head as payback. He then heads to the kitchen for some more food.

Using the distraction, he sticks his dick and some cheeseballs into the snack stadium. Upon his return, Eve reaches in for something to eat and gets a feel of a young hard cock instead! Summer is pissed, understandably. Even so, Eve is ready to get even with Nathan for his gross prank and plans to deal with his actions. She tells Summer that she will see if her pervert stepson can keep that wood going when “shit gets real.”

She pulls Nathan’s cock out and then leans in to suck it while Summer tries not to watch. Not only does Nathan keep his wood, but he is impressed with the size of his manhood. Even though it’s inappropriate, Summer can’t deny how well-hung her stepson is. She can’t bring herself to break her marriage vows. Nevertheless, Summer can still watch her mom teasing boy BFF bang her well-hung stepson Nathan.

Summer coaches them both with some Moms Teach Sex instructions. Eve is certainly game for a little exhibitionism when it involves gagging on that young cock all by herself. After her enthusiastic milf blowjob, Eve pops her milfy fun bags out to give Nathan a titty fuck. Then, she strips out of her football uniform and lies back on the couch. Now Nathan can pleasure her milf pornstar pussy, eager to comply with Eve’s instructions.

Eve Marlowe, Summer Vixen Younger Mommy

Summer strips down and commands Nathan to look at her to enjoy the halftime masturbation ceremony while dreaming about banging his hot step mom. He enjoys real mature hardcore pussy as Eve straddles his dick. Unfortunately, it’s not quite a milf threesome, but Summer licks BFF’s tits as she rides in reverse cowgirl. Falling to their sides, they spoon together, still fucking. Eve Marlowe welcomes Nathan back inside one last time as he stands between her legs and pounds away missionary style. Pulling out, Nathan splits the uprights, covering Eve in cum. Summer Vixen proves to be the best milfs cheerleader a stepson could ever ask for!

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