Mom Teasing Boy

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Her shoulder-length curls bounced, as she walked to the office of the school. The security guard watched her closely as she strutted past him. What a beautiful and sexy MILF. She teased me, just with her looks. A hot mature mom teasing boy like that should be illegal. Her jeans, so tightly fitted around her perfect ass. A designer blouse buttoned just enough for the mystery to linger underneath. Pure natural beauty made her glow. It made my whole body weak with sexual desire.

Mom Teasing Boy

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“Jhonny, are you paying attention?” asked Ms.Tottle. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night,” I replied. “I will be sending your mom an e-mail,” she responded. After class, I saw the MILF leaving with her daughter, Sadie, who I ate lunch with on a regular basis.

The next day was interesting. Sadie and I sat there awkwardly until I finally asked: “What are you doing tonight?” “Nothing. My mom and I usually have a movie night.” She replied, invitingly. “Can I join you?” “Yea, sure. I’ll text you my address after school.” “Should I bring anything?” I asked, kindly. “No, it’s okay!” Sadie seemed excited, but definitely not more than me!

I pulled up to Sadie’s in my 2001 Honda Civic, rock music blaring. Sadie’s milf mom opened the door to see what the noise was. She smiled when she saw me getting out of the car. She stood at the door waiting for me, quietly. Sadie rushed to the door behind her as her mom just started.

Mom Teasing Boy (The Beginning)

beautiful and sexy MILF

“Thanks for having me,” I mumbled as I passed by her. The tension was building. I followed Sadie into the living room where there was popcorn already overflowing in bowls. I sat in the middle seat, unsure of which seats were their spots. “Do you want anything to drink, Jhonny?” asked Sadie’s mom. “Yes, please. Just some water.”

She carried over a glass of ice water and sat to my right. Sadie followed sitting to my left. I was in the middle, and it felt intimidating at first. As the movie started, I tried to tune into it, to escape the tension in the room. As I focused on the movie, the MILF of my dreams grabbed a blanket from the basket beside the couch and covered herself. “Are you comfortable?” she asked me, her eyes sparkling in the light of the big-screen television. I froze for a second, in admiration. “No, I’m okay, thanks.”

As the movie continued, so did her friendly gestures. Luckily, Sadie was deep into the movie. Her mom seemed fixated on me. As I sat there trying to separate myself from her, under the covers, she pulled my hand under, trying to hold it. Our eyes met, no words needed. I held her hand for a minute, then let go to grab my drink, using it as an escape. She was driving me wild, teasing me. I got back into position to resume watching the movie, and she started getting close to my neck, just breathing on it, touching her nose to it by accident.

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beautiful and sexy MILF

I stayed calm, and quiet, as I slowly closed my eyes, my penis throbbing. This wasn’t her first mom teasing boy escapade. She enjoyed teasing me so badly. “Where is your restroom?” I whispered to Sadie. “Just down the hall on the right. Want me to show you?”

“No, I can find it,” I said quickly, trying to avoid Sadie seeing my boner tucked into the waistband of my shorts. The MILF spotted it as soon as I stood up, and smiled at me as I walked across her to escape to the restroom. “Sadie, honey, I’m going to go lay down. I’m super tired, today.” the MILF told her daughter. “Okay. See you in the morning. I love you.” Sadie said. “Good night, sweetie.”

Her mom kissed her forehead and headed to the bedroom. In the meantime, I was in the bathroom trying to get my boner to go away. I finally opened the cabinet, found some lotion, and masturbated until I eventually jizzed a load of cum into the toilet. My imagination just kept picturing her naked, and I pictured her piercing eyes as I fucked her in my mind.

Mom Teasing Boy (The Reality Sinks In)

Mom Teasing Boy

As I exited the bathroom, I noticed the closed door I passed was now wide open. Naturally, I looked in the room as I walked by and… I stopped in my tracks. There she was, lying in bed. She looked at me, with the devil in her eyes and put her finger to her lips as if she was saying “shhh.” I stood there, quietly.

My heart raced, as she got up out of bed exposing her silk robe, loosely tied at her waist. She slowly began to pull at the rope. I couldn’t look away. I tried with all my might. My eyes just wouldn’t close, and my head just wouldn’t turn. I was locked in.

As her robe began to fall, her silk nightgown remained. It’s skinny straps rested on her shoulders, barely hanging on. Her smooth legs and MILF Pussy called to me. Her eyes were still locked on me. Then she slid back into her bed and turned the light off. I snapped out of my trance and continued down the hallway to return to Sadie. That MILF teased me so bad. That beautiful and sexy Mom Teasing Boy still teases me in my dreams.

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