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MILFMov was all the casting confirmation E-mail read. These girls, now veteran Dominatrix lesbian adult entertainers knew the ropes quite well. Jessica had giant tits. Her waist was small, and her hips swelled to round firmness. When she bent over to touch her toes, her ass flexed to perfection. She was bending over now, while decked latex with a heart-shaped hole cut out of the butt. She was taking a spanking. Although, it was strictly for the camera. She was an actress playing a Mature MILF mom in a MILF movie.


MILFMovs MILF Movies

“Bad MILF,” said Cortesia, the woman who played the top MILF.

“Yes ma’am,” said Jessica. “I won’t do it again.”

“Well I will,” said she and Cortesia spanked Jessica again.

That was a wrap. The director gave the signal, and they could get out of their positions. Her butt hurt terribly for even though they were acting, the pain was real.

“Ah poor baby,” said Cortesia. “I do have cream for that in my bag. Want me to help you out?”

Ultimately, they were making the entire anal play lesbian porn movie in the director’s house. With this in mind, he had everything set up. It was sweet rambler in the mountains. The MILF actresses changed into a spare bedroom. Under those circumstances, the women went in together to grab the cream.

“Lay over the bed,” Cortesia said.

She was still in her Dominatrix MILF costume, and Jessica was in her bottom MILF costume. Cortesia put cream on her butt through the heart shaped cut out which made her butt seem more butt shaped if that was possible.

“You know what would really feel good?” ask Cortesia. “Is a vibrator. Let me vibrate the skin here. It will dull the pain. Promise.”

She pulled out one of the prop dildos. They actually worked. They were all loaded with batteries. She twisted it to turn it on and applied it everywhere, not just Jessica’s butt. The effect was very moisturizing. The vibrations when to her cunt and made her incredibly wet.

“Can you put it inside of me?” asked Jessica.

MILFMov Lesbian


Cortesia leaned over her. Her long hair fanned as it fell forward. It tickled Jess’s naked back. The back of her latex was deep cut all the way to the rise of her cheeks. The suit was made for sex. In the event that she spread her legs, there was a hole in the crotch that was made for fucking.

Jessica spread her legs, and Cortesia penetrated her with the oversized dildo. Jess was not a size queen, but this felt good. The director entered the room. He was probably wondering why they were still there.

“Hey?” he asked.

He had the camera going.

“I smell sex,” he said. “Can I watch?”

That was the best thing about this guy who loved to make Bad MILF movies was that he did just like to watch and he didn’t interfere. Jessica guessed they were still on the clock.

“MILFMovs First Aid,” suggested the director as a title.

“I like it,” whispered Jessica. “I am talking about the dildo action.”

Cortesia bent over and kissed Jess’s ass. She traced the tip of her tongue in little circles on her butt cheek at the same time. Cortesia moved, dragging her mother down the backs of her legs. She took the dildo out of her cunt and kissed her between her legs explicitly.

MILFMov Dildo


Cortesia rolled Jessica over and buried her face in Jessica’s crotch. She stuck her tongue in Jess’s pussy through the fuck hole in the suit. Cortesia flicked her tongue on Jess’s clit. As a result, Jessica moaned. Accordingly, she pumped her hips up towards Cortesia’s mouth as she made love to her with her mouth.

Cortesia literally sucked her pussy. She slurped the wetness off the walls of her aroused channel while the director got every second of it on video.

“Ladies this might be the best MILF Movs video yet,” he said. “This is definitely my favorite, all things considered.”

Cortesia took out an enormous big black cock dildo which would be a tremendous unique prop since Jessica had such white skin. She watched herself on the camera before. Her pussy lips were almost lavender color. Her lips were like little wings. Cortesia moved the giant cock dildo in and out of her wet hole.

Jessica touched herself and masturbated until she came. She faked orgasms for the camera, but she didn’t in this case. She rolled over on her tummy and stuck her ass up on the air. Silently she begged to be penetrated in the ass with a toy. Henceforth, Cortesia got that and obliged.

It was a little tight at first, but they worked it out. Cortesia directed her to back into the adult toy so that she could be penetrated easily.

“Does that feel good?” asked Cortesia.

MILFMov Gape

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Moreover, Jessica had not eaten. Usually for movies, because anal play might be involved, she fasted and did an enema to clear out her body so that it was super clean for the movies. Cortesia was free to hammer the dildo in her butt while she made herself cum.

She came hard with a dildo in her snatch and one in her butt. Consequently, Jessica’s eyes went slack with the sweetest orgasm she had in a long time. Wetness flowed from her body. Her gape was award-winning!

“And that is a wrap,” said the director. “This MILF Porn was simply beautiful.”

Jessica’s MILF pussy was officially off the clock and reached down to her throbbing clit. Finally, she was able to rub her cunt with feather lightness and play with her wetness.

“The MILFMov certainly was beautiful,” she said. “It certainly was.”

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