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Mature cougars seducing other women at night clubs was not exactly a new thing, but to Anna, it turned out to be a pretty exciting experience. She preferred the word adventure, because the rush felt that much like one deserving of an adventure.

It was Friday night, and the stress from the week seemed to accumulate on just that day. Anna sat on her couch, the evening slowly drifting away. Soft music played from the stereo in the living and the fresh air stirred by the ceiling fan blew against her smooth black skin, and yet she still felt uncomfortable. She shifted on the couch slightly and sighed.

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“So fucking tired,” she mumbled and managed to pick herself up.

It’d been about a half-hour since she drove her “pimped out” Mustang through the driveway. Anna stumbled into her apartment and crashed on her couch. She dragged her feet across the floor and up the stairs. Pushing the door to her room and once again feeling the need to crash on the bed.

It’s Friday, Anna reminded herself and sighed heavily. I deserve something… real fucking fun!

Something fucking fun. Why did it sound so weird? Maybe because, at thirty-five, her life had gotten so monotonous. She worked typical Monday through Friday hours. Then seemed to barely exist on Saturdays and Sundays. Come Monday, the circle started all over again.

There were some exceptions though, those nights when she went out with her friends, but those exceptions were few and far between these days.

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Sighing heavily again, she slowly slipped out of her work clothes and was just about to saunter into the bathroom when her phone lit up and rang.

“What the hell?” She groaned at the sharp sound of her ringtone and cursed as she searched for the phone. She found it on the bed, not sure how it’d gotten there, and then glanced at the caller ID.

“Sheryl,” she gasped, and her heart thumped faster. She quickly answered the phone, a big smile on her face. “Hey Sheryl.”

The call lasted for a few seconds, and with each second, she felt a new wave of excitement rushing through her body.

“I’ll be there in thirty… no, make that twenty minutes,” she said in a high-pitched voice just before ending the call.

After a long boring week, all her friends were back in town. They were at a club. Could she meet them there for some drinks? Fuck yeah, she could. No more drab Friday after all.

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With her newfound energy, she rushed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She gasped when the cold water hit her body, and then laughed. That couldn’t ruin her mood. She thought of Sheryl, a steaming hot ebony cougar, and then her thoughts found her other friends, Janice and Sophie. The craziest times she’d had in her life was with them. Now, they wanted to hang out at the club.

Anna was done with her shower in five minutes. Ten minutes later, she’d finally settled for a knee-length, tight-fitting, sleeveless gown which showed off her curves nicely. She stood in front of the mirror and lifted her big tits with her hands, bringing her cleavage into focus.

The nightclub was just a ten-minute ride away from her apartment. With a sultry smile, she stepped into the soft lights of the nightclub and the enticing beats of music. Amidst the music was the excited laughter of people grinding against each other. Sweating and drinking, they swayed to the beat.

Anna stood for a moment and looked around for where her friends were.

“Looking good, sweetie,” said a familiar voice, while a hand simultaneously cupped Anna’s succulent ass from behind.

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Even in a chorus of voices, Anna could easily recognize Sheryl’s. She turned around, and her eyes met Sheryl’s. She smiled, taking in Sheryl’s flawless dark skin, her massive breasts bursting through the tight brown top she had on. The top was tucked into a tight skirt that rose a few inches above her knees. Each move she made caused the skimpy skirt to wrinkle and take on the elegant outline of her ass.

Anna couldn’t help it, she swung her hand and gave the ass a gentle squeeze as they walked over to the table where Janice and Sophie both stared into the space in front of them, apparently giving in to dirty thoughts as their eyes devoured the sea of dancing bodies.

Just like Cheryl, Sophie, and Janice were both African American. They were all about the same age, in their early forties, except Anna, who was the baby of the group.

“Please sit down,” Janice said, after blowing a kiss at Anna.

“About time you came,” Sophie said hastily and then leaned forward, as if ready to share some vital secret. The others did so too, and she spoke.

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“How about that one over there by the bar?”

Anna followed her gaze, and so did the others.

“The one in the red mini skirt?” Sheryl asked.

“Yeah, that one.”

“Nice legs, and those perky MILF Porn worthy tits… Janice licked her lips.

“I could suck on ’’em all day,” Sheryl chipped in. “I bet she’s got some tight panties under that skirt and an even tighter pussy.”

“That’s enough, girls,” Sophie snapped. “She’s mine, so I guess you girls shouldn’t lust after her so much, not in my presence.”

In truth, Sophie was the top MILF. The oldest and “sluttiest” ebony cougar mom of them all, so she always had the first choice of pussy. It didn’t matter though; there were other sweet, sweet pussies waiting for them.

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Sheryl and Janice groaned, and Anna just sat there, her fingers clasped together, letting her gaze travel from one cougar to the other. Sophie pushed her chair back, took a sip of her drink and then sauntered over to the bar. There she found the girl in the mini skirt. Then, Anna realized what they were doing, and it made her excited just thinking about it.

She wanted in. “I don’t know about you girls, but looking at all these young chicks high on whatever, makes me so fucking hot.”

Sophie spotted an empty stool right beside the one the girl of interest sat on. She sat on it and glanced at the girl who seemed focused on her drink. She sat quietly until the girl turned to look at her, and then she smiled.

“Hi,” she said in a soft voice, “I’m Sophie.”

The girl’s gaze went over Sophie, as if trying to place her into some category in her head, then she grasped her hand.


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It took a lot of self-control for Sophie not to reach for the girl, rip off her clothes, and dive in between her legs, to taste her pussy. The images were so fresh in her head, so much so that she felt her pussy tingle. Her fucking panties would be soaked in just a matter of time; she was sure of that.

They stared at each other for a while, Sophie’s eyes on the girl’s thighs and the way her miniskirt rode up high, tickling her curiosity. The girl seemed to stare straight at her melons. Eyes wide in that lustful way that Sophie was so used to enjoying when it came to her ample bosom.

“Fuck it,” Sophie muttered.

She leaned toward the girl who suddenly stiffened, her cheeks turning a shade of aroused pink.

“The bathroom,” she whispered and touched the girl’s thighs, running her finger along the inside. The girl parted her lips slowly and gasped, their eyes locked. She nodded slowly, and Sophie smiled, leaving the stool and heading toward the bathroom. She gave the girls a knowing glance and winked at them. A minute later, the girl followed.

“So fucking hot,” Janice said, her hand under the table, masturbating, frantically rubbing her pussy through her panties. She looked around and spotted a young lady dancing and swaying on her feet, possibly intoxicated. Tall and skimpily dressed in a tight gown, her boobs bounced as she danced.

Taking out her hand from her crotch, already smeared with her pussy juice, she turned to Anna and Sheryl. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so fucking horny right now, and I know just what to do.”

Both Anna and Sheryl exchanged looks as Janice left the table.

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“We better get some chicks for ourselves,” Sheryl said. Then she took a sip from her glass and stood up.

Anna being the youngest would no doubt get the last choice of pussy. However, with the club so full of eager young chicks, half-drunk and screaming wildly, she knew she would have her tongue deep in some fresh pussy that night.

She leaned back on her seat and imagined it, her hand slipping between her legs. The moans and screams, and the sweaty bodies grinding together, and the bed creaking. The images, fresh as she closed her eyes, drove her nuts as she fingered herself, masturbating in public. Her first climax of the night was imminent.

Just then, a young girl, short blonde hair and, as with the other girls, dressed in a short dress, came over to the table. Anna didn’t notice her at first, her hand busy with her pussy and her breath quickening, but then she heard the soft voice and opened her eyes to see the girl staring at her.

“Huh?” Anna asked.

“I said, can I sit here?”

A smile lit up Anna’s face and, with her hand still buried deep in her pussy, she nodded slowly. Anna’s Cougars Seducing evening was set.

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