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Hot mom Eva would be damned if her stepdaughter didn’t look as sexy as she did. She was known for owning the most exotic things, so it only fitted that the brunette new adult had a smoking hot body that could make a MILF a dripping wet mess in a split-second. The girl had a perfectly gorgeous face to go with her curves. She was just as juicy as those barely legal sluts Eva fucked for amateur MILF Porn websites where it was all about cougars seducing innocent young girls and riding young cocks. But was her stepdaughter just as naive as they? Or had she already taken a cock up there?

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Whatever it was, this top MILF was excited to find out.

“The boy who came over yesterday,” Eva said. That seemed like the perfect conversation starter. “Who is he?”

Monica glanced down at her exposed thighs. Dressed in a micro mini white dress made of sheer silk, she sat on her bed, with her back against the headboard.

“He is my friend,” she muttered.

“Boyfriend,” Eva corrected. “I saw you yesterday. Kissing him. He had his hands all over you.”

“Oh.” Monica swirled her golden blonde hair around her right index finger. “Well, I’m allowed to have a boyfriend, aren’t I?”

“Of course.” Eva chuckled. “I wouldn’t want any stepdaughter of mine being a goddamn holy Mary.”

Monica looked up at her, with a gleam of amusement in her eyes. Her icy blue eyes gave off an innocent vibe that Eva couldn’t get past. Eva leaned toward her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. It was impossible to resist the soft mounds peeking through Monica’s dress. Soft yet firm, Eva figured that they could use some fondling.

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She hooked her index fingers around the thin straps of Monica’s dress. Monica stiffened, looking up at her with an emotion a lot like fear. Eva knew, though, that it was anything but fear. At that moment, there was only one emotion that could overwhelm Monica—pleasure.

She wanted this, indeed. Eva could tell. The skimpy clothes Monica always wore around the house wasn’t all for nothing. Staring deep into her eyes, Eva yanked down the straps of her dress. Monica was all too eager to get rid of the dress. She slipped her slim arms out of the straps, and slid the skimpy outfit dress down her body, baring her sweet light skin.

“My turn,” Monica ran her tongue all over her pink lips.

She raised herself to a kneeling posture, and then she slowly helped Eva out of her front zipper Bodycon dress. Hot mom Eva’s porn-worthy boobs had been straining hard against the fabric, frantic for a way out. Now with the zipper undone, they sprang out of hiding, eliciting a gasp from Monica’s mouth.

It wasn’t the first time Monica had seen her naked, though. Countless times, the girl had walked in on her showering or moisturizing. Each time, she’d acted like it was unintended, but there was a gleam in her eyes that always told Eva that she’d had it planned all along. Monica had that same gleam in her eyes, so Eva knew she had her full permission to fuck her brains out.

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Eva was not wearing a bra. In contrast, all she had on were crotchless red panties. Like Monica, she was propped up on her knees. Her mouth was practically watering at the sight of the juiciness in front of her. She grabbed her breasts and leaned in toward Monica for a booby fight. Monica mirrored her move, leaning forward, so their breasts met at the center.

Breasts wiggled and jiggled, emitting slapping sounds as they crushed into each other.

Eva slowly slid her hands down her body and settled them on Monica’s skin. Her hands crept downwards, mounting Monica’s curves until she arrived at the waistband of her panties. Eva slid the delicate fabric down Monica’s thighs, savoring the beautiful view of her full frontal nudity. She tackled her to the bed and mounted her in an instant.

Beneath her, Monica squirmed as she hastily rid herself of the panties that had wrapped around her legs. Once she discarded the underwear, she flipped Eva over and pinned her to the bed.

Eva raised her head for a kiss, and then she rolled over, mounting Monica once again. She slid down Monica’s body, planting soft wet kisses. Unable to keep still, Monica trembled beneath her, her breathing starting to turn shallow.

Once Eva kissed her way to the crux of Monica’s legs, she grabbed her hips to keep her steady. She dove in for her first lick, and Monica’s legs flailed wildly. Her back heaved off the bed, and her bucking hips sought to escape Eva’s fiery tongue, but she didn’t stand a chance against the cougar.


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Eva held her in place, digging into her tight pussy with her tongue.

“Fuck,” Monica cried. “It feels so…”

Her words died on her lips when Eva’s lips suddenly clamped down on her clit. She gasped, reaching above her head to grab the headboard. Eva slipped a finger into her pussy, pounding hard enough to force gibberish out of her mouth.

“Keep going!” Monica moaned. “Keep going, please…”

Eva had no intentions of stopping until she worked her to orgasm, so she shoved her finger deeper until she couldn’t go any further. She added a second finger, pumping in and out of Monica’s wet snatch. Eva alternated between fast and slow, her pussy throbbing in response to Monica’s cries of ecstasy.

At last, she raised her head. Flooding her vision with the sight of Monica squirming and thrashing. Trusting that Monica could take an additional finger, she added a third finger.

Accordingly, Monica did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, her hungry pussy swallowed them all up like a hot knife through butter.

She jerked when Eva’s fourth finger started to pinch its way through her sphincter.

“No,” she pleaded, shaking her head.

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While her lips said one thing, her eyes said another. Eva chose to go with the latter. Playing deaf to Monica’s feeble protests, she wiggled her fingers inside of her, stretching her for the fourth finger. Monica breathed hard. She planted her feet on the bed and spread her legs further apart, with her toes digging into the mattress.

“Has he ever touched you like this?” Eva asked.

Monica shook her head.

“Words,” Eva demanded, spanking Monica’s pussy.

Monica whimpered.

“Tell me, slut,” Eva said. “Has that boyfriend of yours ever touched you like this?”

“No!” Monica cried. “No, never. No one has ever touched me like this.”

“And this?” Eva flattened her tongue against Monica’s pussy.

Monica shook her head again. As a result, Eva knew that was the slutty part of her asking to be sexually stimulated again. This time, she latched onto Monica’s clit with her teeth, nibbling the sensitive nub. She hummed softly, triggering a vibration that sent Monica squirming helplessly.

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A thud behind Eva caused her to halt. Monica was just as motionless, her gaze darting past Eva to stare at something behind her. Eva knew someone had just joined them in the room. In short, she could only hope it wasn’t her husband. The man had no qualms with her being a mature adult film star, but she doubted he would be okay with her fucking his barely legal daughter.

She glanced behind and found a teenage boy watching the scene with a bulge in his pants. In fact, he was the same boy who had come over the previous day. Eva found it amusing that he had snuck into his girlfriend’s bedroom through the window, only to catch her in bed with her horny stepmom. Consequently, it was a scene perfect for porn. Likewise, the boy had a body (and thick cock) perfect for porn.

“What’s your name, darling?” Eva asked the boy who stood frozen in his tracks.

“J-J-Jaden,” he muttered.

“Well, Jaden, come over here and eat out this wet fucking pussy. Henceforth, Monica is close to her release.” Eva pulled away from Monica’s pussy and crawled toward her head. Simultaneously, she peeled off her crotchless thong and tossed it at the now unclad Jaden. He caught it with a grin and took a long sniff of it before finding his place between Monica’s legs.

“Work her to orgasm without delay,” Eva ordered.

Monica’s fingers crept up Eva’s inner thigh. When they suddenly plunged into her pussy, she gasped.

“Finger her,” she said to Jaden in a breathy voice that brought a smirk to Monica’s lips. “Yes, yes, finger her if you must.”

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Monica’s slender fingers felt good inside of her, but the pleasure she felt was nothing close to what she would feel if her tongue was slipping inside of her instead. First, she straddled Monica’s face, lowering her dripping wet pussy to the thin lips beneath her. Next, she smothered Monica with her big ass, trapping in her screams of ecstasy. Although she barely made a sound, Eva could tell from her squirming and thrashing that she was closer to orgasm than she had ever been.

“Enough tongue now,” Eva said. “Shove that young cock inside of her and fuck her until she cums. Furthermore, I want to taste her juices on your young cock.”

Jaden was quick to yank out his tongue without delay. He seemed to have been waiting to plunge his cock inside of her sooner or later. Subsequently, he lifted her legs in the air and into her waiting hands. Once her legs were out of his way, he led his hard cock to her pussy.

“Have you ever entered her?” Eva asked.

“Enough to know the way to her pussy with my eyes closed,” he responded.

At this instant Hot Mom Eva lifted her ass, giving Monica a chance to breathe. She wanted to hear her cry out when Jaden entered her. And cry she did, gasping for breath as sheer pleasure knocked the air out of her lungs.

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