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I’ve always been infatuated by mature women of interest. The day I met this mature brunette mom, changed my whole outlook on women. Niki was the hottest brown hair mature woman I had ever laid my eyes on. I started working at the local grocery store a year ago. The question “paper or plastic?” offended her. She looked at me in disgust, as she pulled out her eco-friendly reusable shopping bags. “Use these, please.” She was so flustered. You could tell she was having a bad day.

Her five-year-old was on a kid-leash tied to her belt loop. She put six boxes of fruit snacks on the moving belt, followed by six bottles of sweet red wine. Her white button-up shirt had random buttons missing as if she was trying to play peek-a-boo with her full breasts. Her brown hair was down and wavy like she curled it that morning, but after a long day they “fell”. I could smell her over the counter… it was like nothing I had ever smelled before.

Hot Mature Brunette Mom

Mature Brunette Mom

The more she visited the store, the more she opened up to me. I made the most of our small talk, trying to find common interests. Anything to talk about and laugh over; I repeat, ANYTHING. I’d share a milkshake recipe, or tell her about a new wine even though I was barely old enough to drink. She enjoyed my input, and sure enough, the next time she’d shop, she’d buy what I recommended. This fueled the flame.

After many new wines and many months of watching her youngster grow and get independent enough for a slumber party, she finally came to the store alone. “Aubrey is at a sleepover.” She said as a box of condoms rolled down the moving belt, followed by some wine coolers. As I grabbed the condoms, a paper was folded up. I grabbed it quickly and opened it up. She started walking away, blurting out “See you then!”

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The note read; “The house is ours tonight. You’ve been more than patient. No more masturbation is needed. I can see it in your eyes and the bulge in your pants. Bring the items I brought to your checkout, and I’ll provide the rest. See you when you get off.” At the bottom, she listed her address and put a winky face. I went directly to my manager and asked if I could leave early. He okayed my early departure and sent me on my way. Quickly, I went home to shower and manscape.

I put on my strongest cologne and sped over to the sexy mature brunette mom’s house. Seriously, I was so excited to have a chance to finally plow this mom. She greeted me in a two-piece swimsuit and towel that drove me crazy. Niki had plans. We sat, drank, and talked for longer than expected with our feet in her jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. I paid attention to her reflection in the mirror because I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and I didn’t want her to think I was weird. Finally, I had enough drinks to scrounge up the courage to make a move.

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I leaned into Niki slowly and caught her by surprise. She jumped and her bikini bottom had no traction on the side of the tub, resulting in her sliding into the water. She fell in with a nice splash, followed by a smile. “Get in here.” She demanded, pulling my hands and guiding me into the tub. Our wet clothes clung to our every crevice. I tried to make a move again, leaning in for a kiss. This time, with success. She bit my lip and started sucking on my tongue. It drove me crazy!

The next thing is what made me look at women, particularly mature brunette moms in a much different light. She started taking off my clothes. It was a pretty impossible task, but we peeled off my layers anyways. As I got naked, she then removed her bikini top and bottom. I helped as much as she would let me. In mere seconds Niki was standing totally nude in front of me. I could see her beautiful naked breasts that had been playing peek-a-boo with me since the day we met.

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Hottest brown hair mature women

Niki splashed water on her face, washing all the makeup away. She was just so real, so raw, and so beautiful. She was the most beautiful brunette I have ever seen. So fucking hot! Her insides were just as pretty as her outsides. Niki’s intelligence gave her an edge and her worldly opinions made her invaluable. So refreshing and a nice departure from the bitches at college. From that point on, I was hooked on the hottest brown hair mature women.

The next thing that happened really carved our relationship into something more than lust. As I sat there in the water with her, she didn’t want sex. I mean, she did make it pretty obvious she wanted it, but she said something that has stuck with me all this time. She said, “You are so sexy, and I’ve wanted you for the longest time… but can we just cuddle tonight?” “I am…” I started to respond, but she cut me off… “Shhh. I’m just kidding” she said, straddling me.

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Niki then slid my underwater cock into her womanhood. My dick was already hard for the last hour (it felt like) or so. Her MILF pussy was so fucking tight like she hadn’t had sex in years. Perhaps, she hadn’t. She definitely didn’t mind putting in the work and wrapped her arms and legs around me like it was one of my favorite MILF Porn movies. In the heat of the moment, Niki realized we weren’t using the condoms for protection purchased at my store. Niki demanded that I pull out when I needed to cum. She then continued writing her hips impaled on my throbbing cock.

I couldn’t hold out much longer and started the most powerful orgasm in my life. Cock spurting, I tried throwing Niki off me to no avail and knew that I shot a load deep inside her Brunette MILF honey hole. Niki climbed out of the jacuzzi taking my hand and then dropped to her knees. Gently Niki took my still throbbing cock into her warm mouth, cleaning any remaining cum drops. Niki licked her lips, winked, and stated, “Now, we can cuddle.” Niki and I fucked many times while her daughter was away. With each occasion, my fascination, with the hottest brown hair mature women continued to grow. From now on it’s only brunettes and mature women for me. That mature brunette mom Niki is really something else!

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