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What a beautiful blonde mom she was. That soccer mom coach named Alex had it totally going on. The soccer dads (and even a few moms) all ogled her as this experienced hot mature mom with the blonde hair coached their kids. Her shorts stopped just under her firm ass cheeks, and her white coaches shirt stretched so tight. You could almost see every detail underneath, especially her massive tits. The team was never short of volunteers, and never short of parents showing up for games.

Her credibility was unquestioned as she was an All-American player in college, even winning a national title before getting married and divorced a few times. When the other teams saw her coaching style, they’d realize who they were up against and get serious. Alex made my children better players and I wanted her to teach me a thing or two as well! Even though she was attractive by beauty and body, she was even hotter due to her legit coaching abilities. Coach Alex took the kids under her wings and motivated them. She encouraged the parents to cheer as a group.

Beautiful Blonde Mom

Beautiful Blonde Mom

Alex scolded the kids when they were underperforming, and praised them when they were doing well. Alex knew without consistency, her ķids wouldn’t keep performing well. What a confident role model, and passionate teacher. Being a recent divorcee, I made several attempts to hit on her during practices and games. To no avail, or so I thought! A few weeks after the season ended, I received a phone call from coach. “I’d like to take you up on that dinner offer,” was the first thing she said. “Just tell me when and where?”

Alex caught me off guard, but I told her my favorite place and seven o’clock. I arrived and immediately spotted her at the table as I entered the door. She had glitter on her eyes, matching her silver sequined low-cut tank top. She sat at the table, and our eyes met as she took a sip of her wine. Alex then realized it was me, quickly setting her glass on the table to greet me. As she stood up, she revealed her tight black pencil skirt. “What a perfect ass”, I thought as I hugged her, looking down.

The evening was going well. We talked about our kids (she had a son), and sports. As we sat at the table she scooted her chair close to me. I could smell the wine on her breath as she said, “here!” Alex handed me a ball of black lace. I started to mentally evaluate, trying to figure out what it was without opening my hand. The ball was slightly damp and I quickly solved the mystery hiding it her removed wet panties in my pocket! “I guess I should get the check,” I said excitedly. She grinned and nodded, as she swallowed her last sip of wine.

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experienced hot mature women with the blonde hair

The drive home was a blur. “How pretty,” she said sweetly, as we pulled into my driveway. I opened up her car door and held her hand as she got out of the vehicle. “Thank you. You are such a gentleman.” “Not always,” I said in response, giving her a wink. I opened up the front door and guided her into my spacious living room. “Do you need a drink or anything?” “Some water please.” I went to my kitchen to grab her some water and couldn’t help but to get aroused just thinking about her sitting in my living room.

I quickly checked to see how hard my cock was. It was ready to go. I rushed back to the living sofa, trying to keep my cool, with her drink in my hand. My favorite soccer coach rehydrated quickly before asking where the master bathroom was located. Alex wanted to freshen up a bit. I took her by the hand and proceeded to go upstairs showing her my en-suite bathroom. She requested another glass of water which sent me trekking back downstairs. Not wanting to rush her I gave her five minutes or so to freshen up before returning back upstairs.

Gentlemanly patience was rewarded immediately upon entering my bedroom. She was now laying on top of the covers on her elbows and stomach. Toned skin highlighted her nakedness and was so inviting. Alex’s beautiful blonde hair resting on her back hiding only a small fraction of her skin. Her bare shoulders exposed her tan lines. She turned her head towards me. “Ahh, thank you. Now, please join me. I’ve been waiting for this moment all fucking season.”

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Alex sat up on the bed, her breasts resting perfectly on her chest. This beautiful blonde mom’s eyes were so beautiful in the limited lighting of my room, like stars shining through the sky after the sun has just set. Ever so gently, I arranged her on the bed, being extra soft and tender. I let her rest on her back, and caressed her face, making my way slowly down her body. I admired every inch of her soft skin, taking in all her beauty and perfection. She smiled as she started to feel my penis through my boxers.

“I love this gentle tease, but I really want you to fuck me like a dirty little soccer slut.” “Oh, don’t you worry. I will.” I assured her recognizing she had some sex freak in her for sure. The room got hot as I took my boxers off, revealing my rock hard cock. She grinned as she had me sit on the bed. She fell to her knees, and her face quickly consumed my cock. I looked down at her, just seeing her blonde hair. This beautiful blonde mom worked my cock like a MILF Porn star.

Alex’s blowjob technique was unmatched. Her tongue did this thing that I can’t even begin to explain. Alex surprised me to the point I could not control myself any longer. She sucked me until I came much too quickly into the warm suction of her mouth. Without hesitation, she swallowed every last fucking drop of semen. She then continued to suck on my cock, grabbing my balls for stimulation encouraging me to get hard again if I ever wanted to fuck her. That’s all it took to get me ready for the second half in soccer terms.

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“Time to put it in me.” She said, pouncing on me. I laid back to let her ride me. She knew exactly how to move her hips to get me really going. Honestly, I felt like Alex could read my mind sexually. I had been with plenty of women in my day, but none had a body or pussy control like Alex. She was the absolute perfect specimen for the term MILF. Suddenly, as a season worth of taking the kids to soccer practice was rewarded with a game-winning championship lay!

Much to my delight, she switched to reverse cowgirl, making my view that much sweeter. How did she know that was my favorite position? I watched her ass put in the work as she fucked me hard. Her head rolled back as she orgasmed on my cock, sending me into beast mode. I started really drilling her with full force, bouncing her up and down on my rod. Her MILF pussy welcomed my increased vigor squeezing my dick with another orgasm. The beautiful blonde mom soccer coach really fucked me good. She fucked me oh so fucking good!

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