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Mom Massage Hidden far away from prying eyes allowed a group of sexually active mature women to explore their deep inner fantasies. Racy Ladies was the name of the neighborhood MILFS group originally created for workout motivation. In due time, it expanded to a social club. They lived two miles from the beach, so they often ran to the beach and back. Recently, one of the particular drill sergeants added stairs and squats. “No pain, no gain” was both cliche and reality!

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It was kind of a sight to see women running up and down, some with sports bras on and some not, trying to catch their workout high. Their tits shook like crazy no matter what kind of support they wore. Afterward, they hit the beach and sunned and sipped margaritas that they packed in thermoses.

“This is the life,” remarked Ashley. “But I have to admit, one of those moves caused me to pull a groin muscle.”

“Oh you are being silly,” said Dani. “You couldn’t walk if there was anything that seriously wrong with you.”

Sure enough, Ashley touched herself in her groins and felt a knot.

“Not to be weird but,” she grabbed Dani’s hand right in front of her friends and had Dani feel.

“You need a MILF massage,” said Dani.

“And what do tell, is that?” asked Ashley.

Ashley nudged her friend backward and kneaded. At first, there was a lot of oohing and owing, but then it did indeed feel better.

A third woman asked, “Excuse me what is that called?”

“It’s a MILF massage,” smiled Dani. “We’re MILFs, and this is a massage. Because we deserve it.”

“Oh I see,” said the third woman. “That looks like a dirty mom massage to me.”

“Oooh,” squealed the fourth mom.

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Mom Massage Hidden

This was the mother who always had a little much to drink. She wasn’t drunk, but she was feeling no pain. Thus, she laid down and waited for her turn.

“You want me to massage you?” asked Dani.

“Yes but in secret. Do a Mom Hidden Massage,” said the fourth woman.

Ashley cackled.

“That doesn’t even make sense,” she laughed. Apparently, she hadn’t been privy to the entry into womanhood where a simple motherly massage turned into a lesbian cherry busting family affair. These rituals were hidden and secret from the general public. Not surprisingly, for good reason.

Dani had moms pair up, and soon after a pitcher of margaritas, they were all massaging each other on the beach.

“I have got to video this,” said Ashley after her knot was sufficiently loosened.

Some of the mothers were moaning, getting a little too into what was supposed simple, healthy contact. Ashley stooped and captured a close up of the action that was causing one mother to sound like she was cumming.

“Jeez Jessica,” said Ashley. “Get into it why don’t you?”

Everyone laughed and strangely, watched. There was Jessica, very sensitive to touch apparently. She was slowly lifting her hips, air-fucking against Dani.

Dani was openly gay in the first place. She had been married but was now divorced. Her husband said she broke his heart coming out gay, but when he reminded him of all the new pussy he was going to get, he cheered up.

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Few women, though, were as great looking at Dani. She was smoking hot in the first place. Dani was a tri-athlete and perhaps the most competitive of all the women there. She too had a look like she was super attracted to the horny drunk woman asking for her attention.

“This isn’t Milf Massage,” remarked Ashley. “This is MILF Porn.”

That remark kind of put a nix on the moment. Women stopped doing what they were doing, and they decided it was time to go home. It was probably time anyway. Someone was going to get smashed and go for a swim or worse, get caught fucking in public.

Later that afternoon, after Ashley, prepared dinner. Once the kids were fed, they went off to do their own thing.

With this in mind, she called up Dani.

“Hey,” she said. “You wanna come over for a grown-up dinner and share a bottle of wine? We can watch our mom movies.”

“Mom movies?” asked Dani.

“Yeah,” she said. “Like home movies but more specific. I think one or two of our friends are cumming in this one.”

Dani burst out laughing. She sounded like a guy when she did that. Or maybe Ashley’s reaction to her was like what she would have if she had been a guy. Deep down, Ashley admitted to herself that she was attracted to Dani.

Mom Massage Hidden Seduction

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“Sure,” she said. “Whatcha cooking?”

“I am making soup, salad and lots of bread, and of course white wine,” said Ashley.

“Carbs,” she said. “My favorite. I will be right over.”

Ashley found herself changing yet again. She picked out an outfit that would get her laid that night. She ran a brush through her hair and powdered her succulent body which was one of her favorite things to do. Seductive Ashley had honey dust that she dabbed the base of her neck and in between her breasts with. Under those circumstances, it had a lovely scent plus it was sweet.

When Dani knocked on the door, Ashley answered. And without thinking, they stepped forward and kissed each other hello. It was a kiss among friends. But Ashley was happy with it. She planned to keep her attraction to Dani all to herself. But Dani had other plans.

“Hello,” she said sharply and moved in for a second kiss.

With a bottle of wine in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other, Dani leaned forward and kissed her. This time it was not a short friendly kiss. Straightaway, this was a romantic kiss.

Ashley’s head was spinning, and her body flowed with wetness. Dani very smoothly set her gifts on the table, assessed the meal.

“These can wait, can they not?” she asked.

And she took Ashley by the hand and led her to her own bedroom. She was trembling though it was precisely what she wanted. Ashley wanted to feel Dani’s butch mouth on her twat and her tongue inside. She felt her channel clench up at the very thought.

Mom Massage Hidden Orgasm

mom hidden massage

She danced around Dani and very casually locked the door. Dani nudged Ashley back onto the mattress and pushed up her little summer dress. Soon, Ashley was simply wearing the slightest almost nothing thong.

Ashley lay back on the mattress. Her legs splayed forthwith. Dani stroked her while she admired her. Suddenly, she, had the most wicked look on her face. Ashley thought it made her hot.

Dani went down on her. In due time, she proved as skillful as Ashley thought she would be. Ashley was nearing the heights of orgasm in almost no time. She drew her heels back to her buttocks and let her knees drop open. Something about the position created the sweetest pressure the aided her pleasure.

Surprisingly, Dani puffed air on Ashley’s pussy. It was unbelievably erotic, indeed. She drew up, lifting her buttocks upward, squeezing as Dani licked. At the same time, Dani could tell that Ashley was about to cum. Likewise, Ashley knew it too. Ashley closed her eyes and waited, while she worked her hips against Dani’s magic mouth.

Up and down, squeezing and releasing until Dani was bursting with a sweet climax on Dani’s tongue. Dani was licking Ashley’s wet MILF Pussy juices. In the same fashion, Ashley could not move. She was equally paralyzed with pleasure.

“Oh my, oh my,” she mumbled totally spent.

Dani didn’t ask for Ashley to return the pleasure. They enjoyed a nice dinner and watched their beautiful movie. Afterward, Ashley had dessert and a second serving of a hot orgasm. Lastly, Dani tucked Ashley into bed.

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