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Kimmy Kimm, Ember Snow Moms Teach Sex

Asian hottie Kimmy Kimm and her boyfriend, Ricky Spanish, are arm wrestling when Ricky’s milf pornstar stepmom, Ember Snow, walks in. She watches Kimmy lose and then suggests that Kimmy could beat Ricky if they leg wrestle. When Kimmy doesn’t know what leg wrestling is, Ember demonstrates. However, Kimmy loses again. Ember offers that Kimmy should do squats to work out. The girls do a squat competition as Ricky watches from behind. It’s officially Game On Stepmom!

Moms Teach Sex – Game On Stepmom

Game On Stepmom - S18:E10

When Kimmy goes too low in her jeans, they tear open in the crotch. Not to be outdone, Ember goes so low that the crotch of her jeans also splits open. Turning around, Ember sees that Ricky enjoys the show and has become sexually excited. Ricky is surprised when she offers to help him with his stiffy. She accuses Kimmy of not wanting to lose another game.

In addition, Kimmy expresses her total shock that Ricky’s hot mature mom would even suggest it. Next thing he knows, Ricky has two women performing oral sex on him. Two hands and mouths all over his big cock as they compete to see who can give him the best blowjob. Why would the Game On Stepmom competition stop there? Ember then ups the ante, proclaiming she can fuck Ricky better.

She gets on her knees so her stepson can fuck her doggy style through the perfectly placed hole in her split jeans. Not to be outdone, Kimmy gets on her back so Ricky can fuck her Asian teen pussy hard. Ember allows Kimmy to practice her milf pussy licking skills as she sits on her face. The ripped jeans are by now long gone as Ember impales her milf pussy on Ricky’s stiff dick to ride him in reverse cowgirl.

Kimmy masturbates and licks Ember’s big tits in this hot milf fucking threesome. Then Kimmy enjoys Ricky’s throbbing cock from behind while perfecting her cunnilingus skills as she eats Ember out. Ricky continues to pummel Kimmy’s young teen pussy until he pulls out just in time for his hot stepmom to stroke him across the finish line on her perfect round ass. As the jizz flies, there is no doubt that MILF Teach Sex best!

Ember Snow, Kimmy Kimm Moms Teach Sex

The competitive girls kiss and almost immediately begin bickering again about who won the taboo fuckest. As Ricky’s dad walks in on them, the Game on Stepmom contest cums to a close in a three-way tie for victory! Ember Snow officially becomes a full-fledged milf seducing teens at 31 years old. The Top Rated MILFs team loves Mature Asian Women and can’t wait to see more of her hot stepmom videos. For more Kimmy Kimm, her performance alongside swinging hot stepmom Christy Love is a must-see at Family Swap!

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