How Is This For An April Fools Prank? – Moms Teach Sex

Jasmine Daze, Leana Lovings Moms Teach Sex

Nick Strokes adds some muscle by helping his girlfriend, Leana Lovings, and her hot stepmom Jasmine Daze move. As soon as the stacked shortie Leana leaves to pack up some stuff in her bedroom, Nick immediately starts checking out the tall milf from behind. Until she catches him. Busted, he offers Jasmine some water to deflect. At first, she’s grateful Nick is so kind and helpful. That is until he deliberately spills the water bottle all over her sexy white tank top and pervs on her natural breasts. When Leana returns and hears what her boyfriend did, Nick proclaims, How Is This For An April Fools Prank?

Moms Teach Sex – How Is This For An April Fools Prank?

How Is This For An April Fools Prank - S19:E3

Not to be outdone, the girls then plan an April Fools prank of their own, taping Nick to the moving dolly. Then Jasmine confesses that sometimes she and his girlfriend make out together. Taped up, Nick enjoys a front-row view as they give him a lesbian kissing show and fondle each other.

When Leana realizes Nick is getting turned on, she removes the duct tape and releases his restrained cock from his pants. While licking the shaft, she informs hot stepmom Jasmine that her boyfriend can remain hard for hours. Upon seeing his package, Jasmine is impressed, adding Nick’s dick is bigger than her husband’s!

Sharing is caring, so Leana offers Jasmine to try some young cock with her. The girls take turns sucking Nick off, but that’s not enough for either of them, particularly Jasmine. She pulls down her shorts and offers her milf pussy to Nick while still taped to the hand truck. Jasmine backs herself onto Nick’s throbbing cock, much to the delight of her stepdaughter.

Finally releasing Nick from his constraints, the girls lead him to the couch. Leana spreads her legs and welcomes his meaty manhood deep inside her teen pussy. Jasmine self-sucks on her mature boobs but craves more cock. She mounts Nick’s dick to ride him in cowgirl while Leana presses her freshly fucked young pussy to his lips.

Next, the milf threesome forms a taboo triangle for triple the pleasure. When Jasmine turns around to have a go in reverse cowgirl, Leana helps her out by frantically rubbing her clit, and sucking her naturally busty tits. After Jasmine experiences her orgasm, it’s time for Leana to cum again.

Jasmine Daze, Leana Lovings Moms Teach Sex

The April Fools fuck trio finishes with Leana on her knees with her boyfriend banging her POV doggy style while eating her hot mature mom out. As Leana Lovings climaxes one final time, Nick pulls out and paints her shapely ass in hot cum. Jasmine leans forward to slide her fingers through the big load and shares the creamy treat with Leana.

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