Theres No I in Pregnancy – Mommy’s Boy

Cory Chase Mommy's Boy

Cory Chase is a meddling stepmom who insists that her stepson, Codey Steele, and his pregnant wife, Laney Grey, attend prenatal classes. It’s clear that both Codey and Laney think that Cory is a bit much, but Cory seems oblivious to this. In fact, Cory insists on showing Codey and Laney some techniques from when she took Theres No I In Pregnancy prenatal classes years ago.

Mommy’s Boy – Theres No I in Pregnancy

Theres No I in Pregnancy

Laney is annoyed and doesn’t appreciate Cory’s constant “know everything” meddling during her pregnancy. However, she is eventually convinced to go along with it to keep the family at peace. Cory then tries to guide Codey and Laney through various breathing and massage exercises, but by the look of it, Codey is doing it all wrong.

She offers to let Laney take a break so that she can show her stepson how to give prenatal care properly. Cory quickly takes her spot, nestling herself solidly between Codey’s legs with her back to his front. Cory guides Codey through a massage, getting him to use his hands all over her, which unexpectedly leads to a sexual spark.

Laney notices this and becomes jealous, trying to get Codey’s attention but to no avail. Fed up with the events unfolding before her eyes, Laney storms away, leaving Cory and Codey alone together. Cory and Codey become more intimate and aroused while telling themselves it’s to prepare Codey to care for Laney. But, of course, they soon reach a point of no return… releasing some “Daddy to Be” tension!

It doesn’t take long before the big tits MILF is topless, and Codey is pantless. Cory wastes no time, leaning in for a milf blowjob, swallowing her stepson’s hard shaft with ease. Codey rewards his hot stepmom by licking her hairy pussy, paying special attention to the Little Man in the Boat.

Now that he’s rock hard and Cory is sex-ready, Codey eases his dick between her busty mom xxx meat curtains. He tenderly slides the shaft into her womanhood missionary style. Next, it’s time for the hot milf pornstar to do all of the work. Cory mounts her stepson in cowgirl and rides Codey aggressively as her mature pussy slaps his balls.

Cory Chase – Mommy’s Boy

After a few passionate pumps, it’s clear that the pent-up stepson cannot hold back any longer. The taboo twosome then switches position to enjoy some doggy-style rug-burn sex. After the hardcore milf fucking from behind, Cory lays on her side so she can enjoy one final climax before Codey busts his nut. Making eye contact, Codey delivers a milf creampie deep into Cory’s baby maker. As the spent baby batter drips from her freshly fucked pussy, Cory offers to help Codey and Laney out anytime.

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