A Sticky Situation – Moms Tight

Jessica Ryan, Maya Woulfe Moms Tight

Codey Steele has been living with Maya Woulfe, and his milf step mom Jessica Ryan for an extended period and has worn out his welcome. He has been masturbating like crazy and leaving his cum covered discards everywhere. Maya finds a bunch of cum-filled tissue paper while she’s on the toilet, while Jessica discovers some cum encrusted socks lying on the floor. Disgusted, they devise a plan to catch perpetually horny Codey in the act to see if they can straighten out A Sticky Situation.

Moms Tight – A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation - S1:E4

The girls sneak up behind Codey, but their plan is foiled. Surprisingly he’s not jerking off at that extract moment. Later, they hear water running, so they barge in on him in the bathroom. Later, they try again in his bedroom. They are out of luck until Maya walks in from school one day with Codey fapping away mid-masturbation. Busted, she tells Jessica about what she just saw.

Without missing a beat (pun intended), she tells Maya they will both have to give Codey a handjob, so he can keep his hands off his dick. Jessica takes matters into her own and (literally) as innocent Maya looks away. However, this Stepmom Goes Alpha and requires Maya’s assistance if she’s going to get Codey to finally bust his nut. Biting her sexy lip, Maya coyly agrees as she spits on her hand for lube.

Once she has her hands on Codey’s stiff dick, Maya becomes a willing participant, enthusiastically joining Jessica, stroking, playing with his balls, and sucking Codey’s hard-on. When he still hasn’t cum, it becomes clear the girls need to give it a more MILF hardcore approach. Jessica climbs aboard first to ride Codey in reverse cowgirl. Next, Maya impales her meaty teen pussy on his freshly fucked dick while Jessica diddles her clit.

Jessica Ryan, Maya Woulfe Moms Tight

Laying back, Maya spreads her legs so Codey can continue to pummel her hot teen pussy. Jessica Ryan gets on her knees and fingers Maya’s young teen pussy lips while Codey does her in doggy. This finally brings him to the point where he can blow his milf cumshot on his hot stepmom’s back. As the girls wind down from their taboo threesome, they remind Codey to stop leaving his dirty cum rags around. No more masturbation is necessary in Mom’s Tight House!

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