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Amateur Mom photos and videos spice things up for this married couple. Tori was spring cleaning and discovered a secret porn stash in her husband’s drawer. She was a hot mom who did her best to take care of herself. Tori wanted to make her husband keep his eyes on her and no one else. So this is why, at first, she was horrified. Once she settled down, then she was flattered. So what if her husband had a stash of MILF Porn. She was inspired. Tori then decided that she would surprise her husband with her own real-life MILFs sex photos and videos.

real life MILFs sex photos and videos

She went to her closet and selected her accessories. She was going to put her heart and soul into making an Amateur Mature porn stash of her own and put it where her husband could find it. First, she took a bath and shaved her whole body. She washed and styled her hair and put on centerfold makeup.

Tori had a makeup bag that she kept her sex toys in. She had a pink ribbed vibrator that was waterproof. She liked to masturbate, and it was critical that she had a waterproof toy.

Tori positioned her phone and scooted her butt to the end of the tub. She spread her legs underneath the flowing water and inserted her toy. Tori let the water run over her clit. She had to back off and set the phone camera time so it would begin filming when she was back in position. She timed it so that she came on camera.

The video captured her face as she came. It was sexy to her to know she was making a MILF porn video. She watched it. She noted how beautiful her pussy was. The Amateur MILF video came out great; from that point forward, Tori could not video or document her sex. In addition, she created a few stills from the video.

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Amateur Mom

Tori printed them out on the home printer and uploaded the video on a thumb drive. She put it in the equivalent of a male cosmetic bag. Then she put the pictures and the case in his drawer with the rest of his Amateur Wife sex photos and videos.

Now the next day, after she drove the kids to school and she went to her part-time job. When she came home, her husband was waiting for her. He had a dozen roses for her. He was so hot for her. As he came up behind her, she could feel his rod pressing into her buttocks as he grazed her body with his.

They went upstairs to their room. He bent her over the mattress and got inside of her. It happened quickly, or Tori would have suggested they video their activity. The great idea came to her while they were already fucking. She reached between her legs and masturbated herself as he fucked her.

Very soon, her cunt was hammering around her husband’s stiff rod. He came inside of her too. She was ooey and gooey and messy with hot, dripping cum. After their passion peaked and ebbed, Tori set up the camera.

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The conversation about videoing them having sex made them both super-hot and ready to go again. Tori convinced her husband to let her go solo again. For this reason, she spread her legs and let her husband take close-up shots of the aftermath of the sex they just had.

She spread her knees wide and let him take a picture of her glistening stick cunt. It was more than he could handle, and he fucked her again, this time on video. It was so amazing to know that they were fucking and making a movie at the same time.

“Does it make you hot knowing we are making a fucking movie?” he asked her.

“Un hunh,” she whispered.

Her husband drilled into her like a stud. He fucked her so vigorously that her titties shook. Her boobs wobbled as the tips of her nipples pointed to the ceiling. Her husband’s cock rocked her until they both came.

Tori’s second orgasm was like fire rockets; she saw stars as a rush pushed through her. She was limp with pleasure. Her husband’s hips swiveled into her while her body spasmed onto his cock.

Finally, her husband crumpled beside her as they were both spent.

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When they regained their wits, Tori rushed to get the champagne, and they cuddled into bed and watched their fantastic work. They had a gadget that projected their movie onto the wall, and they saw themselves having sex on a wall big as life.

“Oh, my goodness,” said Tori.

She was hot and ready to go all over again.

Revived and ready, the twosome took the champagne into the master bathroom. Tori filled the bath with lightly scented bubbles. They were unique bath bubbles in that they were edible. This was one product that delivered on its promise, as the bubble tasted like strawberries. The lovers sunk into the tub, grabbing their champagne. They sipped.

The couple set their glasses down, and Tori took her husband’s hardening cock into her mouth, sucking the strawberry bubbles from his shaft. They stopped, and her husband rushed out of the tub and grabbed his phone.

They set the camera rolling and resumed their activity. Her husband fucked Tori’s mouth. She closed her MILF lips around his shaft and bobbed her head up and down. She licked the flavor, savoring the bubbles off his wand.

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She mugged for the camera, making her eyes super big as she sucked him. She hummed while she pleasured him. Her husband’s hip took on the natural action as she knew the signs of his about-to-climax motion.

He was going to shoot in her mouth. She backed off of his massive swollen cock with her mouth. Tori worked his rock-hard dick with her tight grip until he squirted in her face. It was the money shot. Her husband’s hot shooting cum was a sperm fountain on her face, and she smiled, loving every second.

“Take it, baby,” he growled. “Take all of my cum.”

His sensual voice turned her own and encouraged her. Once he came to the last drop, she dunked her head under the tub and emerged so proud of herself that she had pleasured her husband so masterfully.

“Now it is your turn,” said her husband like a wolf.

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She loved it when her husband was an alpha male. Their passion and heat for each other were a beautiful part of her life. She had just fucked her husband silly, and she wanted to do it again and again. They sipped their champagne until their drinks were done. She hurried down to the end of the tub and let water flow over her cunt with her husband fingering her.

He zoomed the camera focus to just her twat showing his finger working back and forth over her clit until she was helplessly cumming. Her husband smeared bubbles over her chest, so her tits glistened in the bathroom light.

He pinched her pebbled nipples as her spasming cunt gulped the water that flowed over her. She moaned without abandon so that the MILF orgasm video made had significant sound effects.

Once again, they made a movie that was now a part of their growing MILF movie library. From that point forward, Tori and her husband rigorously grew their Amateur Mom collection with pleasure and imagination. Every blow job and orgasm and titty shot became a game to add. Thus, Tori became an amateur MILF Porn star for her husband’s viewing pleasure.

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