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Mature Amateur was her profile name. No doubt Cheryl looked good for her age. Cheryl is a hot, older woman with a bod that twenty-five-year-olds would kill for and sometimes they beg to fuck. She likes to take graphic pictures of herself and share them online. Then one day she unexpectedly sends a batch to an unsuspecting recipient by mistake.

Cheryl scanned over all the emails from guys online. WTF, she thought to herself. Her dating website used to be free. In contrast, she had to now pay to read the emails. Cheryl uploaded her $9.95 and read through them. She was so surprised to see the number of young men looking for amateur mature older women. Because they said they were looking for a “hot cougar.”

Mature Amateur

Amateur Mature

Cheryl was now officially an older woman but she rocked it. What these young guys didn’t know was that being an older woman she couldn’t be snowed. Sure they made her, made her ache for it but she knew that they were just young men looking for a sugar mama.

Cheryl was just looking for someone to send her pics too. So, Cheryl bought a little camera that had a timer on it and she could strike poses on it. Cheryl didn’t want a relationship; she just wanted someone to send pictures to.

Cheryl hated when people said she ‘looked good for her age.’ She looked great no matter what fucking age. Cheryl did yoga every day, took the stairs to her office on the tenth floor and jumped rope like a workout fiend. As a result, she looked great. Cheryl bent over for the camera and flexed her butt muscles so that they were spectacularly shapely and gravity-defying.

The best part of those shots was that her taint was totally the centerpiece – literally. Her butt muscles were so taut, that the curves of her buttocks as they flowed into the top of her thunder thighs were perfectly defined. Her pussy looked like an exotic flower with dusky petals.

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Cheryl got so that she could bend over, spread her pussy lips so that the camera would pick up her asshole and the hole of her cunt as she posed. She was so, so proud of her photography. Cheryl started an online relationship with a guy who was a few years younger. His name was Girard and he was French. She knew that as a French man he appreciate her female form. He always responded with a “so hot.”

So every day, Cheryl staged a new shot for him. Sometimes she sent him videos. She set the camera up, then posed. Cheryl liked them to be super interesting. She wore high-end underwear that made her smoking hot body look even more so and then wrapped herself up with her jump rope. Cheryl wasn’t really tied up but it looked like she was and then she would set the camera tripod, pose and take the naked shot.

Cheryl would make a series of shots. She ties herself up and then sticks the handles of her jump rope inside of her, one in her cunt and one in her asshole. Cheryl had a whole portfolio.

One day she stopped in a shop for coffee. It wasn’t something that she usually did. The shop advertised free internet and she saw everyone on their laptops. Likewise, she took a break and checked her dating website. She also checked her email.

“I don’t think these were meant for me,” he said.

Mature Amateur Mistake

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Cheryl thought she would faint. She wasn’t paying attention when she sent the pics out – she wasn’t sure what she was thinking – but somehow they went to her employment social network instead of her dating social network. A guy who had reviewed her resume previously was not the recipient of some of her most personal and best work.

“Apologies,” she wrote.

“No sorry,” he said. “I just wanted to know if I could thank you in person?”

Cheryl was instantly hot. She squirmed in her chair. She brushed her coffee cup to her lips and tongue it a little bit.

“Yes,” she said, checking him out online.

He was cute and he looked like he did okay but more importantly, he had a sense of humor. Cheryl told him where she was if it was time for a coffee break they could take one together. She dashed into the bathroom and locked the door. Due to this excitement, Cheryl knew she had to rub one out fast.

The rush of adrenaline floored her and made her mercilessly aroused. Furthermore, her MILF pussy throbbed with the need to cum. She set her phone up on the ledge. As she masturbated she filmed herself. If she liked the guy after coffee and things worked out, maybe she would give him a copy.

The orgasm was fast. It didn’t take much, she was that excited. Hence, her fingers were slippery and wet as she convulsed with the oldest, sweetest pleasure in the world. She quickly washed up; though she would love to cum again and fixed her clothes. When she went back out to her chair she saw a man who looked like her guy.

“Steve?” she asked.

Mature Amateur Meeting

Mature Amateur

Cheryl extended her hand. It was the hand she just used to touch herself. He shook it. He had a deep, sensual look in his eye. She wanted to spread her legs for this guy. She wondered if the pictures conveyed her age. Most of the shots were not of her picturesque face. And though she looked good for her age as she hated to hear, Cheryl was not afraid to show any part of her body.

“You are beautiful,” he said.

“Okay I’ll keep you,” she said.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked in his best Amateur MILF Porn movie voice.

Above all, he wanted to fuck her, Cheryl knew. She smiled because he was her age.

“Maybe in a bit,” she said.

He already had his coffee.

“I have to tell you,” he said. “I certainly liked what I saw.”

“Yeah?” she asked. “What did you do about it?”

The look on his face was priceless. Most noteworthy, he looked like he was suffering. She patted the couch and invited him to sit next to her. She pulled up her special file with all of her pictures and for the rest of the afternoon, they scrolled through her naked NSFW pictures.

At one point, he took her hot Mature Amateur hand and placed it on his pressing erection pushing against his Dockers. She stroked him lightly with her long fingernails, ever so lightly. Consequently, he put his coffee cup to his lips, pressed his eyes closed and came.

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