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The Top Rated MILFS™ team has received several thank you emails for introducing our readers to Black Queen Raven. We are honored to have made her acquaintance as well. It’s not every day you discover an authentic Saggy Tits MILF who not only embraces but, lives the swinging lifestyle. Besides that, she’s totally cool, as long as you submit to realizing She’s the boss. FinDomme¬†Black Queen Raven doesn’t play. Your submissive reward is cumming like never before!

FinDomme Black Queen Raven

Black Queen Raven

What’s a typical day like for you?

Wow, that’s a loaded question. Each and every day I live is completely different than the next with a steady undercurrent of sex, pleasure, and passion. 

When I’m camming, I wake up early and spend some time quietly as I prepare for My shift. I pamper Myself beforehand often allowing Myself the biggest and BESTEST orgasm I have of the day off cam. Just for Me.

Then I turn the cam on.

Afterward, I love to cuddle with My partner and make love passionately. Enjoying the sexual dalliances of the early morning with Myself, then clients, then with the m*n I love.

UGH, it’s devilishly sinful how many orgasms I have on a day when I’m camming.

If I’m building My website, I wear no pants (or panties either). It turns Me on to watch My porn, which is basically what I do as I’m adding content to the site. I touch Myself as the action builds. And then release when I feel like it. OR I’m on other porn sites. I mean HEY, that’s where I work. 

I love taking time out of My day to pleasure Myself as often or as thoroughly as I choose.

Oftentimes, I’ll play with My special boys on my private snap chat reserved for clients that have spent at least $100. Teasing them throughout their day, making them have hard-ons, and sending gifts of appreciation in the form of CASH to Me while they’re in the bathroom at work. *giggles* They’re such good boys.

Recently, I’ve shifted My focus to teaching Women that are interested in getting started in The Biz. Another passion of Mine, other than swinging My epic long saggy tits and delicious hairy pussy in the faces of My clients, is to empower Women to start their own online adult business.

I’ve been using various social media to promote, going LIVE showcasing My personality as well as My beauty to stand as a living embodied example of the blessings working in the adult industry has brought to My life. There are fewer full-bodied orgasms these days, however, My soul orgasms deeply as I work with My clients to reach new levels of empowerment and financial wealth!

After I’ve satiated Myself with orgasms and fun, I settle in to enjoy quality time with My family and loved ones OR I spend time all by Myself. Pleasuring Myself more or reading a book or reading up on the news and goings-on of The Biz.

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