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Mom Hardcore was the strategy that helped a sexually frustrated woman get back in her straying eye husband’s heart and into her MILF Pussy by making mature porn videos! Jordan surprised her husband at work with a visit. She was coming down the hall when she heard laughter. Her husband was living it up with another woman, the woman who was the office assistant for the business. Jordan backed off so that he didn’t know she had dropped by.

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Jordan raced home, her mind filled with a thousand different things. She could just pack up and run away. Jordan could keep things as they were and just not say a word. Or she could get so hot and sexy that her husband wouldn’t even look at another woman. Jordan was going to try for the third option.

She searched the internet for the best ways to turn on a man. The number one thing was to make a hot movie. She explored a message board with the question: “A mom’s sexy?” she asked. “Yes,” came the answer. “Look up MILF.”

So Jordan searched the term “MILF” and opened herself up to the world of MILF porn videos and MILF Porn Pics. Consequently, she was going to remake herself into a MILF porn star and get her husband back. The next woman he talked to, Jordan would rest assured he wasn’t interested in anyone but herself.

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Before she got started on any video, Jordan thoroughly cleaned the house. She wanted the home to look inviting when her husband walked in. While she cleaned, she put something on the stove, so the entire home smelled terrific. While dinner simmered, she stripped naked in the master bedroom and looked at herself in different positions to assess herself.

She got up on all fours on the bed and looked over her shoulder at her ass and pussy from that angle to check herself out. She liked the way her ass looked, flexing the way it did. Jordan was blessed with a great body. She was soft and plush. After she checked her ass out thoroughly, she looked down at her big tits in this position. She wore beautiful lingerie and a custom-made bra to push her titties up unnaturally so they were full, tight, and pert.

Jordan’s stomach was super flat, and she looked spectacular when she was on all fours. She set up her camera to capture her poses. Jordan was wrestling with trying to steady her phone – it kept falling over – when she heard the sound of a joint creaking. She looked over her shoulder. Her hair swept her face, her body in the final pose, and she locked eyes with her stunned husband.

“What’s going on?” he asked quietly.

“I was making something for you,” she said.

“Well, can I help?” he asked as he closed the door behind them.

“Can you set up the camera?” she asked. “I am making MILF porn videos.”

“Oh,” he smiled. “Are you are MILF porn star?”

“I was trying to be,” she said.

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Mom Hardcore

She was a little heartbroken that her surprise was ruined. But she heard her husband strip and the unmistakable feel of his hard cock brushing her behind as he reached for the phone. He took a series of fast shots of her twat. She giggled. That wasn’t in the script, but he made it work.

He moved her around to watch him fuck her in the mirror. The camera caught their activity, but they also watched themselves in the mirror, and it was just like watching themselves on video. Jordan focused on her husband’s cock as it drilled into her.

Jordan discovered that she liked watching that the best. In particular, viewing his cock go into her. Jordan’s husband spanked her bottom playfully. The jolt caused her vaginal canal to draw up tight around his dick. The tightening around him sent electric cords through her body. The tingles made her nipples hard. Her husband reached around and pinched her nipples.

Jordan cried out. She thrashed her head this way and that, flinging his hair like a wild creature. Her husband grabbed her hair and drew it back. He held her hair firmly but not so hard that she couldn’t move. In short, Jordan liked this form of bondage. She loved this side of him. He was dominant and commanding.

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If she had never walked in on him with that woman, she would never have experienced this. Consequently, this was the most exciting sex that she had ever had. She felt like a sex goddess. Her husband fucked her like a machine. He tumbled onto her back and plowed into her pussy like a hungry buck.

Jordan was incredibly wet from the rigorously fucking. She touched herself to make herself cum. Her husband held the camera so that he could capture her masturbation. He pumped into her slowly. His spine serpented lasciviously. He slowly fucked her, snaking into her with nastiness.

Jordan came hard. Her cunt squeezed her husband’s cock as she came. The spasms rolled through her, milking his cock as her orgasm triggered. As a result, she crumpled against the bed as ecstasy washed through her. She and her husband watched their movie. He smoked a rare cigarette after sex.

“So what happened?” he asked. “I never knew I had such a hot woman in my bed. I better not let my wife know.”

She turned to him with darkness in her eye.

“Your wife is well aware,” she said. “Furthermore, she will be the only woman in your bed.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said.

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Jordan never pressed him to find out whether he was with another woman. In this case, she didn’t want to know. What she did next was to make sure he was a marked man. Jordan’s mature pussy was going to mark him for hers, forever. She urged him on his back and jerked him until he was hard again. Jordan then straddled her husband and impaled herself with rock-hard cock.

Jordan lifted and lowered and sank all the way down until he was inside her. She rode him like she would an untamed steer bucking and pumping. Hence, the force of his thrust shook her titties. She was not a large woman, but her amazing curves and the passion with which their bodies came together made her flesh waggle.

Jordan pumped and bounced until her husband’s face wrenched up like he was trying to handle how good it felt. He sucked in his breath and closed his eyes. His hips lifted so his cock was up inside her as far as he could. She reached down and played with herself to bring back her climax to life. Lastly, Jordan hoped that the camera had caught every Mom Hardcore moment!

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