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Shay Sights Moms Teach Sex

Stepmom Drives Me Nuts begins as Codey Steele pretends to study hard for his driver’s examination. However, he lacks any real motivation to pass his test and has found every excuse possible to avoid getting his license. After all, he has the sexiest personal chauffeur ever in hot stepmom Shay Sights. The brunette MILF is determined that Codey will learn to drive no matter what since she is sick of being at her stepson’s personal rideshare app. Shay decides to take matters into her own hands. Literally!

Moms Teach Sex – Stepmom Drives Me Nuts

Stepmom Drives Me Nuts - S18:E4

Her magnificent mature boobs and erect nipples constantly divert Codey’s attention. Shay grows tired of him ogling her big tits and realizes the problem. His hot driving school instructor is the cause of his constant distraction. In fact, she’s so hot that Shay would totally fuck her too! She has the perfect plan to desensitize Codey so he can pass his test. Shay hands him a steering wheel and instructs him to pretend to be driving. She raises her miniskirt to reveal her sexy panties while telling Codey to keep his eyes on the road and crashes.

Try as he might, he can’t focus on driving while the big tits MILF is spread wide open. Fail! Next, busty mom, Shay, reveals her store-bought titties causing Codey to crash again. Frustrated, she eventually tells him to go jerk off so he won’t be horny for his test tomorrow. Codey is surprised, but his hesitancy offers Shay a better idea: She will fuck the shit out of him so he can walk in and nail his driver’s test without getting distracted by his second head. Shay invites Codey to get in there and lick his step mommy’s pussy, spreading her sexy legs wide.

Shay eventually makes Codey sit up straight for distraction number two. She leans in and shifts his gears while caressing his cock. Then she decides to give her distracted stepson a very hands on tutorial. Shay swallows his gear shift with a deep-throat milf blowjob, telling him to keep his hands on the steering wheel. Her oral skills prove too much for Codey to concentrate on driving. It’s time to focus on hot milf fucking! The mature brunette mom is ready to take the driver’s instruction course and turn it into sex ed as Codey enters her from behind.

Shay Sights Moms Teach Sex

Shay Sights then grabs the couch cushions for traction while she strokes her throbbing clit to orgasm. Moving positions, she impales herself balls deep on Codey’s manhood and bounces away in reverse cowgirl. Shay then collapses onto her back and raises one gorgeous leg over her stepson’s shoulder. Now, the MILF step mom is in the perfect position for him to piston her pussy as she rubs herself to one final climax. Unable to control himself any longer, Codey withdraws just in time to drop his hot load on Shay’s perfectly shaved milf pussy. As Shay licks the cum clean off her fingers, the MILF teacher is confident Codey will finally pass his driving test.

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