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Mature Mom Videos were only part of this lonely MILFS devious vacation plans. It was sheer adultery. However, Tricia needed a real cock to satisfy her lustless marriage-deprived MILF Pussy. “You sure you don’t want to come with us,” Tricia’s husband asked for the umpteenth time as they finished loading their bags into the car. “You guys can go without me. I don’t feel too well.” She pretended to wince as if she was in pain. Her husband bought it anyway, so it worked pretty well. Tricia needed an all-inclusive vacation between her well-kept legs; no other destination would suffice!

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MILF movies bad milfs MILF threesome 

“Okay then, we will be seeing you,” he kissed her goodbye as her teenage sons bid her farewell. She stood on the pavement, waving at the car as it disappeared. Tricia strutted back into the house, her lips turning up as she broke into a wide smile. She finally had the house all to herself. Tricia had waited for that day all year, and now, the day was finally upon her.

It was that time of the year when she and her family members usually took their usual vacation. This time, she had decided that she wouldn’t go with them. Tricia picked up her phone and dialed Arnold’s number. It was time to start the show.

“I will be expecting you,” she ended the call on a high note. He had agreed to come. They were going to enjoy a different form of vacation. Certainly, it’s not family-friendly by any means!

Tricia flopped on the sofa and took the remote as she switched between channels. Nothing was going on. So, she allowed her mind to wander as she reflected on the past year’s events. She had been married for about twenty-one years, and her marriage had produced two sons, Jon (19) and Harry (16). Tricia had begun to drift away from her husband immediately after the birth of their second son. But the distance didn’t peak until about three years ago when he got a huge promotion. The extra money was great, but it required him to travel a lot.

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It was as if he had just stopped caring altogether. Although the money kept coming in, the intimacy and care disappeared slowly like smoke. Even though Tricia was a forty-three-year-old mature woman. Like many mature women, she still wanted to be loved and cared for. That was where Arnold came in. He filled the void her husband failed to fill or instead created.

The sound of her phone ringing snapped her out of her thoughts, she checked, it was Arnold. He just called to tell her he was almost at her place. Tricia dragged herself off the sofa as she went to her room. It was time to prepare for their favorite episode. Anytime she managed to sneak him around, they always watched porn videos together. From there, they would have wild sex and climax together. Tricia went through her collection, sorting out some MILF movies, as she heard a knock on the door. It was definitely Arnold.

“Hey baby,” he smiled as she pressed her warm body to his. His hands were moving to grab and cup her butt as she planted a kiss on his lips. Tricia led him in, offering him some single malt scotch as she went upstairs to freshen up for him. She peeled her clothes off, slipping into the lingerie he loved. Tricia paused briefly to compose herself before picking up the movies and heading back downstairs to him.

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“You look sexy, like one of those bad milfs.” They both giggled as she nestled close to him on the sofa. The first of the mature porn videos involved a MILF threesome. The plot was typical pornography, two men who came for electrical repairs and then got involved with the MILF housewives. They were halfway through the movie when things started to get steamy between them. By the time they reached the hardcore double penetration part, moisture had already gathered between her legs. Arnold’s impressive cock was starting to come alive. He was already sporting a slight bulge.

Arnold made the first move. His fingers moved to graze her exposed cleavage as she pressed her body closer to his. She took the cue, setting things up from there as she, too, got touchy. Tricia received her hand to his crotch, massaging his bulge slightly as he moved in his seat. He leaned in, his nose grazing hers as she moved her face closer to him. She smiled as they kissed. She absolutely loved every moment she spent with him. Tricia tugged at his lower lip, seeking permission, which he willingly gave. He opened up to her, her tongue diving into his mouth as they came together in a beautiful French kiss.

Things started to get steamy from there. One hand moved to cup her face while the other hand held her waist as she laid her gently on the sofa. He stripped the lingerie off as she giggled. It was just perfect that he made her feel like a teenager again. Tricia was totally naked in front of him now. His lucky eyes feasted on her body as she succumbed to his touch.

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Arnold resumed kissing her, his hands moving to feel her over as she wrapped her legs around him. At the same time, he kissed down to her neck, her head automatically tilting back as she gave him more room to work. Eagerly, Arnold went further down, his lips rolling around her nipples as a small moan escaped her. He moved in between her legs. His warm breath settled on her sex as she spread her legs wide for him.

“Oh… Arnold.” Tricia moaned with absolute satisfaction as he swiped his tongue on her pussy. He started small, his tongue twirling around her MILF pussy lips as he tasted her juices. It felt like a jolt of electricity, his tongue connecting with her clit sharply as he threw her into a different realm of pleasure. He employed his fingers for assistance. His tongue paid attention to her clit while his fingers thrust in and out of her wet pussy.

Arnold went at her hard and fast. Tricia’s moans filled his ears, cheering him on as he worked his magic on her. As a result, she sank her hand into his hair, pressing his face deeper into her pussy. Her hips rolled all around. Tricia was lost in the heat of the moment. Her next climax drove her closer and closer towards the edge.

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“OH! YES! F-FU-FUCK!!” Tricia yelled out as she hit her climax. Her body jerked and spasmed sporadically as she coated his face in her juices.

“You wanna see another MILF Porn movie?” Arnold asked after she had recovered.

“Of course,” she replied in between short bursts of breath as he cuddled up to her again. Indeed, their Mature Mom Videos mini-vacation was just getting started. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Arnold ran and hid in the closet, fearing the return of a jealous husband. Little did Arnold know he would be part of a MILF threesome as soon as she fully recovered from her climax! Was it going to be with another man or woman?

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