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Step Mom HD Videos were the furthest thing from anyone’s mind during the period of mourning. It was a tough time for Cory. Even at not quite forty years of age, it still hurt that his dad passed on. Cory would potentially inherit lots of money as well as the estate with the tennis courts and swimming pool, but his dad’s passing left a big hole in his heart. 

MILF movies bad milfs MILF threesome 

Cory was tasked with going through the estate, as the estate executor. Besides a few awkward moments with his dad’s widow Lara – technically Cory’s stepmother who was younger than Cory – his stepmother was very cool. She wasn’t aggressive about possessions or cash. She was respectful of Cory’s grief. He hadn’t really spent much personal time with her except for pleasant greetings, and he could see besides being super beautiful, why his dad liked her so much.

Cory had been through just about all the house and saved his dad’s man cave for last. His stepmother had gone to spend an undisclosed amount of time with her sister. Lara was genuinely distraught. Cory’s continued search unearthed a stack of old DVD discs with homemade labels on them like “Bad MILFS” and “Milf Threesomes.” He laughed out loud.

“You dog,” he declared and popped a movie into the DVD.

The first image that spread across the big screen made Cory hard as nails. He pitched a tent faster than any boy scout. It was his stepmother playing the part of a bad milf, taking a spanking from her much older husband. She was so beautiful.

Cory was mesmerized by the hardcore nakedness of his stepmother. His palm was on his rod. It was a good thing he didn’t take it any further because he had the sense that he was not alone. His head whipped around and saw his stepmother, gawking at herself on the big screen.

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Cory did a double-take. Being sure was awkward.

In this particular movie that they were watching, Lara gets scolded by her older husband when another woman appears. Hence, the MILF threesome label. There were other milfs in the flick – Cory’s dad was clearly into milfs as much as he was – they were definitely having a milf threesome. However, none of the other milfs were as gorgeous as Lara was.

“It’s okay,” Cory assured her.

“That’s personal,” she said. “I rushed back because I forgot all about them and I didn’t want you to find them.”

Her face was as red as an apple.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “Come here.”

She turned like she was going to leave the room. Cory was inspired by the movie in which the milf was dominated gently, and took control.

“Lara, I said come here please,” he reiterated.

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She turned on her heel and silently obeyed. She stepped as close to him as she could without pressing her body to his. Without any forethought, he took her face in his hands and pressed his mouth to hers.

“You made MILF Movies for my father,” he murmured.

“I made them, and he liked them. It’s how we met,” she whispered.

Cory pressed his lips to hers again and swept her mouth with his tongue. They toppled over the edge of the couch onto the couch itself. Lara’s pussy was flashing on the big screen, big as life. Lara’s hand found his steel rod. She crouched down and slipped his pants from his hips. Her hot mouth wrapped around his shaft.

She hummed on his cock, making noises like he was tasty. The vibration of her tight lips on his dick made him even harder if that was possible. The combination of looking at her beautiful naked body on the television while she was blowing him made it quite the challenge to not spew in her precious mouth.

Lara’s moans were emanating from the television. Cory pretended he was the young pornstar. The sight of a giant cock probing her glistening pussy pushed him over the edge. He shot his load in her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she purred.

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It wasn’t lost on Cory that he had just cum in his stepmother’s mouth. She was younger than he was and God knew she was hotter than he was but she was in charge of the estate, though he was the executive manager. She had the final word. He had to do as she told him. The reality was sinfully perplexing.

It took no time at all once she swallowed his load for him to be hard again. He was not so anxious this time. He laid back on the couch watching his sweet stepmother take it in the ass in her milf video while she straddled him. Cory was seeing double in the best possible way.

She was so tight around his throbbing shaft. Her lightweight sank down as he penetrated her fully.

“My God you feel wonderful,” he said.

Lara’s body was sexually exquisite. She weighed next to nothing. Lara had stripped her clothes off to reveal a perfect body. Her tits were just right and firm, her nipples were semi-erect poking into the air. He pinched them gently.

She rocked on his cock, back and forth and again it crossed Cory’s mind that he was fucking his stepmother. If he thought about his other stepmothers, he might lose his erection, but this woman was smoking. She was the quintessential milf.

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He drove it into her but good, fucking her so vigorously that she bounced on him. She pressed her foot to the ground and pumped up and down, helping things along. Her firm titties giggled but not much. She was spectacular in detail. In other words, his father had been such a lucky man.

The last bounced nearly did Cory in. He was going to shoot again, and he said so. She leaned over, spread her fingers on his chest, and humped the hell out of his rod. Cory closed his eyes much as he hated to because there was some excellent stuff on the television. The sight of his stepmother getting rigorously fucked would never get old. In fact, he probably could watch that all day and just might.

She rode him as hard as the guy in the movie was riding her. She fucked Cory with everything she had. He felt her wetness flow as she worked it. As she bent over, her big tits brushed his chest. He fired over his cum, shooting deep inside his stepmother. Finally, she kissed him.

They didn’t get much done in the way of packing up Cory’s dad’s stuff. Instead, they went through the complete library of Step Mom HD Videos and MILF Porn showcasing Lara in all her glory. With this in mind, Cory fucked his stepmother multiple times that night and for days after. This was the best possible inheritance an heir could ever receive!

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