A Souvenir From Vegas – Mommy’s Girl

Kendra James, Reagan Foxx, Katie Kush Mommy's Girl

Beautiful brunette MILF Reagan Foxx arrives home from a Las Vegas business trip. Her excited 21-year-old stepdaughter Katie Kush rushed to greet her. After exchanging I missed you pleasantries, Katie cuts to the chase and asks if Reagan brought her back A Souvenir From Vegas. She awkwardly answers that she brought her a surprisingly BIG one.

Reagan explains that on her trip with a coworker, Kendra James, they shared a room together. And they got to know each other well. Really well! The milfy couple bonded, and things got really crazy their last night there. Katie interrupts and asks Reagan if they got matching tattoos. The big tits MILF then confesses that she and Kendra got married! Katie is in total shock. Even more so when Reagan opens the door and introduces her new milf mom.

Mommy’s Girl – A Souvenir From Vegas

A Souvenir From Vegas

Reagan and Kendra say that they originally planned on getting the marriage annulled. However, they decided to give the marriage a chance. Katie can’t believe that she suddenly has two mature lesbian stepmoms. Nevertheless, she sees they are happy and agrees to keep an open mind. Several days pass when Katie arrives home from school and finds that Kendra has mended one of her favorite dresses.

She realizes Kendra has been doing so many nice things since moving in. Katie plans on telling Kendra how happy she is to have her in the family and wants to call her mom. Seconds later, she arrives at her big tits stepmom’s bedroom. Much to her surprise, she catches them having lesbian sex together. Katie immediately stops before Reagan and Kendra notice her presence.

She becomes a voyeur, enjoying the view. Katie can’t help but get turned on by the sapphic sight before her eyes. Katie writhes in the doorway as she masturbates while watching the milf lesbians. She remains discreet until she releases a faint moan before running away. Reagan and Kendra notice Katie’s solo female masturbation and invite her back for a talk. Katie quickly explains that she came to say she loved having Kendra around.

She’s caring and kind and has been a great asset to the family. She also hints that she was turned seeing the mature housewives having sex together. Reagan and Kendra are delighted that Katie finds girl-girl sex hot. Now they can all be one big happy family. After a few more personal questions, it’s clear that Katies is willing to explore her sexuality as Reagan and Kendra resume their lovemaking.

Katie gets comfortable and masturbates while watching Reagan and Kendra lock lips and tongue kiss passionately. As hot stepmoms fondle their mature boobs and finger each other, the horny stepdaughter frantically rubs her clit in approval. As the mature women resume their lovemaking, Katie can no longer control her horny urges. Kendra leans over with Reagan’s approval and gives Katie her first milf lesbian seduction kiss.

Her new milf step mom devours her tongue as Reagan fingers her milf pussy attentively. Kendra works her way down Katie’s stomach. Now her hairy young pussy awaits its first lesbian lick. Seeing that Katie is receptive to pussy licking, she decides it’s time to join in to make it a lesbian mature milf threesome. The caring stepmom begins toe-sucking before lapping her from behind as the scene goes into milf seducing teens mode.

Kendra James, Reagan Foxx, Katie Kush Mommy’s Girl

The beautiful lesbians enjoy several sex positions before Katie gets a taste of her busty mom while she 69s with Kendra, taking turns on Reagan’s engorged clit. The girls share a final hot mom kiss as their orgasms subside. Then Katie Kush suggests planning a trip to Sin City. Maybe she will have the opportunity to bring a souvenir from Vegas herself!

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