A VERY Unprincipled Family – Mommy’s Girl

Kendra James, Reagan Foxx, Hazel Moore, Chloe Surreal

High school principal Kendra James has asked milf teacher Reagan Foxx and two students, Hazel Moore, and Chloe Surreal, to meet her after school in a classroom. All three are perplexed. What could Kendra possibly want? They contemplate volunteer and weekend work, but the girls are nervous. When strawberry redhead milf Kendra arrives, they soon receive their answer. It turns out that Kendra has discovered a secret everyone at school knows about except for her. They come from A Very Unprincipled Family!

Mommy’s Girl – A VERY Unprincipled Family

A VERY Unprincipled Family, Mommy's Girl

And that secret is that Hazel and Chloe are stepsisters. Not only that, but Reagan is their stepmom! Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, Kendra has also received numerous reports that Reagan gives her two barely legal stepdaughters special treatment.

Brunette milf Reagan is taken aback by this, claiming she’s done nothing wrong. Kendra wasn’t born yesterday. The mountain of evidence of Reagan turning a blind eye to their numerous indiscretions cannot be ignored. This inappropriate behavior will not be allowed in her school.

Reagan backpedals, realizing she has allowed the eighteen-year-old girls to pass notes in class and cheat on exams. In over her head, the hot stepmom promises Kendra that she’ll discipline Hazel and Chloe properly when they get home.

Kendra has identified that Reagan is the breakdown of discipline and doesn’t want her to punish them at home. How can she trust that she’ll even take appropriate action? She hasn’t been able to trust her thus far. Reagan must discipline her girls immediately, right before Kendra.

It’s the only way Kendra can verify that the girls have indeed been taught a lesson. Reagn gives the girls a good tongue-lashing, but the sorry display of discipline won’t cut it in her classroom. A good old-fashioned spanking is in order!

The two naughty teenagers bend over the teacher’s desk as Reagan spanks their asses softly. The sexy principal is not impressed and wants it done harder. Much harder! As they hike up their skirts, Kendra’s continued spanking gives Chloe and Hazel a case of serious red ass.

This proves to get everyone Hot For Teacher. As Kendra pulls down their panties, they all agree that a much more ‘hands-on’ approach is needed for this unprincipled family. By Reagan having taboo milf step mom sex with her daughters!

Then Kendra confirms the rumors that she is a lesbian milf and that she likes to watch. The only way to continue their punishment is by making it a milf fucking girl foursome! The mature lesbian instructs the girls to get on the desk and spread their legs.

Kendra James, Reagan Foxx, Hazel Moore, Chloe Surreal, Mommy’s Girl

Now Reagan Foxx is going to make love with both her stepdaughters! It’s not long before punishment becomes pleasure. After Chloe cums, courtesy of sister Hazel’s talented tongue, they form a daisy chain of cunnilingus. Then Chloe showcases her rimming skills, tonguing Reagan’s brown eye while the big tits mom licks Kendra to climax. Finally, the milf sluts make the dirty school girls cum as they rub their clits to orgasm. Even though the girls promise to be good, Kendra James will have to keep an eye on all three.

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