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Lexi Luna, Syren De Mer Mom Swapped

Syren De Mer is tidying up around the house when she receives a sexually explicit text message. Imagine her surprise when she realizes it’s a dick pic from her son Nathan Bronson. Syren isn’t pleased, to say the least. Busted, Nathan insists it wasn’t supposed to be sent to his mom. Nonetheless, he won’t tell Syren who the inappropriate photos were meant for. Syren insists on seeing Nathan’s cell phone. She then realizes that the milf pics were meant for Nathan’s best friend’s mom, Lexi Luna. Cradle robbing Lexi is closer to Syren’s age, not her son. Still in shock, she sends Nathan to his room in total disbelief.

Mom Swapped – What Moms Want

What Moms Want - S1:E2

A few days later, Syren invites Lexi and her son Rico Hernandez over to do some baking. The Mature Women Of Interest are chatting about Lexi’s marital problems when Rico asks whether he can go to the mall. Syren stops Rico and offers him a blowjob before he leaves. Lexi is appalled, but Rico is totally down with it. Nathan then enters the room to find his best friend’s dick in his mom’s mouth, which is an understandable shock. That’s when Syren tells Lexi that she knows all about the sexy selfies Nathan has been sending.

Moreover, she has proof that she’s been sending to Nathan in return. Lexi isn’t about to let Syren get away with having all the fun in this scandalous situation. So she spreads her legs and calls Nathan over to pleasure her pink porn pussy. Once the two couples begin this game of sexual one-upmanship, they aren’t about to stop with just oral sex. Both moms are horny for cock, so it’s only natural to end up deep-throating cock and delivering titty fucks.

Then the pornstars get on their hands and knees so Rico can fuck Syren doggy style while Nathan enters Lexi from behind as well. Upping their sexual antics game, the Big Tits MILFs move to reverse cowgirl to showcase their command of cock. Hopping off the glistening young cock, Syren gets on the couch for some reciprocal oral sex. She plants her dripping wet pussy in Rico’s face to enjoy an older/younger 69.

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Lexi Luna desires more cunnilingus and does the same for Nathan. Laying on their backs with their heads close to one another, the moms both spread wide for a final round of pussy pounding. Rico quickly busts his nut delivering a well-deserved mature creampie to Syren De Mer. Now, its Lexi’s turn to enjoy the sticky white stuff as Nathan blasts a hot cum load all over her sexy stomach. An appropriate ending to an inappropriate mother-son taboo foursome!

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