A Summer Barbeque For My Swap Family Gets Hot – Family Swap

Lana Smalls, Lexi Luna Family Swap

In this episode of Family Swap, Lexi Luna and her sexy swap daughter Lana Smalls are getting ready together for some fun in the sun. Lana can’t stop checking her swap milf mom out in her new bikini. Meanwhile, Vince Karter and his swap son Tyler Cruise are prepping for a backyard BBQ that will delay the ladies’ time on the beach. It won’t be long before A Summer Barbeque For My Swap Family Gets Hot!

A Summer Barbeque For My Swap Family Gets Hot

A Summer Barbeque For My Swap Family Gets Hot - S7:E7

As the men prepare the burgers, the ladies grow impatient as they apply sunscreen to their hot bodies. When the food is finally ready, Lexi and Lana confess they aren’t even hungry and don’t want to eat. All they want to do is go to the beach. In an effort to speed up dinner, Lexi knows What Moms Want and admits she’s getting hungry for something else, and Lana is right there with her.

The girls decide to get on their knees and climb under the table to suck the guy’s dicks as retribution for cutting into their beach time. Lana goes and swallows Tyler’s lengthy shaft while Lexi gives Vincent a milf blowjob. The guys shrug it off and attempt to eat their burgers. However, they can’t resist the oral appetizer.

Hard as a rock, Vince and Tyler admit they’re no longer interested in eating, prompting Lexi and Lana to lead them to the sofa for some real swap family fireworks. Pushing the guys onto the couch, the girls fondle themselves while stripping and preparing for the main course of cock. Then Lana leans on her back so Tyler can fuck his swap sister missionary.

Simultaneously, Vincent eats out Lexi’s naked milf pussy and does her doggy style from behind. The consummate sexual multi-tasker Lexi and Lana lesbian tongue kiss passionately. All while the MILF In The Middle frantically rubs the teen girl’s clit to orgasm while she diddles herself.

Swapping partners, Lana Smalls enjoys a doggy-style pussy pounding courtesy of her swap dad while Lexi rides Tyler reverse cowgirl. She cums so hard it pushes his cock out before putting it back inside to complete her climax.

Lana Smalls, Lexi Luna Family Swap

Hot brunette milf Lexi Luna then finds herself on her back with Vincent filling her pulsating mature pussy with a creampie. Not far behind, Tyler gives his skinny swap sister the same My Family Pies treatment. Sexually spent, the girls lick the creamy dessert from their fingers, admitting this was better than any backyard barbeque. Now, it’s time for the beach!

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