St Patricks Day With My Swap Family Gets Sexual – Family Swap

Katie Monroe, Angel Youngs Family Swap

In St Patricks Day With My Swap Family Gets Sexual, Katie Monroe finds herself disappointed in her swap husband, Steve Holmes. Katie was hoping for a swap family that would be into swinging. However, Steve is only interested in playing things straight. Katie’s swap daughter and swap son, Angel Youngs and Kyle Mason, are totally on her side. The trio finally gets to consummate their taboo swap family on St. Patrick’s Day when they decide to throw a St. Paddy’s Day party.

Family Swap – St Patricks Day With My Swap Family Gets Sexual

St Patricks Day With My Swap Family Gets Sexual - S2:E8

Reluctant Steve emerges from his room dressed in conservative clothing, only to be greeted by Angel and Katie dressed in sexy shamrock pasties and green thongs. Steve tries to lay down the law of no family hanky panky, but the horny girls are having none of it. They seek Immediate Relief sexually!

They tell Steve to get dressed in something festive and fun, or they’ll undress him themselves. Making good on their sexy promise, the girls cluster around Steve to relieve him of his clothes. He tries to argue at first. But when Angel opens wide and starts sucking her swap daddy cock off with Katie’s help, his objections fade away.

With both girls on their knees, it doesn’t take long for Kyle to whip out his thick hard-on and finally slide his cock into his swap sister’s hot teen pussy. Just like he’s always dreamed of doing. Steve realizes he’s outvoted and finally relents and gives Katie the St Patricks Day Sex she needs.

He pulls the blonde milf onto his lap while Kyle sits down so that Angel can mirror the sexual position. Rocking their hips in unison, the girls each ride a hard-on facing frontwards and then with their big tits pushed into their respective swap lover’s faces.

Next, Katie moves to her knees while Angel lays on her back. Now that their partners can plow into their dripping twats as they exchange sensual lesbian kisses. Next, Katie gets to lick Kyle’s girthy fuck stick while Steve enjoys some certified Nubiles-Porn teen pussy.

Angel Youngs, Katie Monroe Family Swap

Finally, the girls wind up on their backs as Steve drops his nut, giving Angel a lucky load of cum. A moment later, Kyle is ready to blow as well. He fills his swap mom’s milf pussy with the Leprechaun cum. Ultimately, the swap family receives A Lucky Lesson On St Patricks Day better than any pot of gold at the rainbow’s end!

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